The Universe is prosperous and abundant beyond what you could ever imagine…

The Universe is prosperous and abundant beyond what you could ever imagine,
you are a part of this ocean and never separate from it

‘Allowing’, is about relaxing and releasing the resistance. It is actually about letting in the natural wellness than ‘trying’

The trying will come naturally, when you release the resistance you will be naturally uplifted anyway, your natural inspiration will flow through and you will be INSPIRED to take the right actions and be at the right place at the right time

You know how sometimes when you forget a problem it solves itself? That type of thing. Or when someone has had an argument with someone but they get distracted by something else and the argument resolves itself?

The Universe is all around you and within you and WANTS to bring the wellness to you, it’s about letting go of the thoughts that don’t let it in. Sometimes that can be by thinking good thoughts or relaxing, but certainly taking attention off that which is not letting it in, eg worry, fear, whatever it may be. That’s why good thoughts actually serve as a distraction away from that, regardless of them being good in and of themselves also

Everything you want is actually ready to come into your life, it’s a process of letting it come in. We do not actually have to ‘chase’ it, the Universe knows what you want because you have asked for it in your vibration, you just have to align to it with your thoughts and match it vibrationally and the Universe will orchestrate the rendezvous

Law of Attraction for “Bigger” things

A question that was asked about a recent post of mine on “Law of Attraction and YOUR Flow” was about someone who could attract “smaller” things but questioned “the Law” for “bigger” things, my comment reply was…

“The Law” or the Universe do not make distinctions between larger or smaller – WE do.  You will find there is a difference in how you think about the smaller and the bigger things, how you represent/believe them internally

People will have different beliefs about them and in likelihood more ‘resistance’ or less expectation about attracting the bigger things. For many people their expectation of the bigger things is not the same as the smaller ones. When it is, the bigger things will be in your life as well

The thing to do is either work with your beliefs and expectations in expecting those ‘bigger’ things – such as by visualising or practicing thought – or keep playing with the small things and build them up (progressively towards bigger things)

Essentially everything is energy and vibration, it is human minds that distinguish between large and small. If right now you saw £1 million as the same as £10 you would attract it the same way into your life


Law of Attraction and YOUR Flow

Law of Attraction and Flow are totally related.  Law of Attraction is the universal ‘mechanism’ of ‘like attracts like
and the flow is your personal experience when you are attracting things
easily and effortlessly – it’s almost like you can’t miss at whatever
you do and things work out for you in the right way and right time

We have all had these experiences and of course many are striving to make these more regular!  

Clouds and sunlight

A way to get into your flow is with the expectation of good things.  No matter how things are around you, start with the INTENT of what you want, this is a good starting place.  Even if you do not fully believe you can have what you want yet, you can start with an INTENTION to have it – the beliefs will come as you practice your thoughts and vibration around it, you will build your vibrational familiarity around it which will lead to you manifesting it into your life.  Start with the intent and let go of the ‘how’, let the Universe orchestrate that, your job was always to set your vibrational tone

So you start with your intent and you trust and allow it to happen – that means not doubting or contradicting it.  If you plant a seed do you doubt or question it growing?  Why would you do that? 

Ideally when you set your intent and/or focus on what you want you do it for the JOY of it – that is the best place to be, to be in your flow and to be attracting more and more

You will find that when you are in your flow you are focused in your present moment and at what is happening and usually with very little judgement and very little resistance.  You don’t let things unsettle you.  If things happen that you don’t enjoy then in your mind you have a positive outcome or intention for that situation which you are focusing on regardless of what is happening around you

Law of Attraction and your Flow are really a matter of focus rather than luck or waiting for the planets to align.  Just as with everything else, it is all vibrational.  You do not attract things which are not in vibrational vicinity to you and your vibration is determined by your choice of thoughts and feelings

So ask yourself,
What do I want to Focus on today?
What Feels Good to me?
Want to I Appreciate?
What do I Love?
What do I EnJOY?
What can I find in my Past or Recent Past that FEELS GOOD?
What Dreams, Desires, and Goals FEEL GOOD?

It is never about the reality that you are experiencing but where you are putting your attention – that is setting your vibration and what you are attracting more of.  It’s just sometimes you use your present reality as a reason for you not to focus on good things, it is so easy to get ‘sucked’ into the reality happening at the time – but it is always about your focus (hence vibration). 

When your attention and focus is in a good place and it is purely on it (i.e. without contradicting it with thoughts that don’t match it) you will attract things that are a match.

The irony and paradox is, when you are in your flow you do not think about the flow because you are too busy being in it and enjoying it – you are too busy ‘being’ to metacomment ‘about’ it.   So get yourself to a place where you are experiencing and being than having to think too much about it ‘from the outside’

Your Flow is as ready for you as the first good feeling thought you are about to take which will lead to another and another and another and so on…


You are Perfect Being You

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There is never within any of us such a thing as flaws or distortions other than the masks we have given ourselves.  Deep down from an energetic perspective you are actually ‘perfect’ other than the patterns you have practiced to see yourself with over the years.  You are essentially pure positive energy in a physical form, you are the manifestation of that energy, and moment by moment you are deciding (whether consciously or unconsciously) what the manifestation of that energy is in you being who you are

Your attention can be on the present, the past, the future, or wherever else.  Regardless of where your attention is your point of attraction is in your now moment.  That is what you are attracting more of, whatever your vibration – via your thoughts and emotions – is in your now moment

If your attention is on the lover that scorned you or if it is on the business partner that wasn’t so wonderful, what are you attracting more of?  Or if you haven’t experienced a ‘perfect lover’ but you are envisioning how it might feel, and how it might feel to have your millions and what you will do with them and how your body will feel being how you want it to be – although you may not have yet experienced these but in your now moment you are envisioning them very clearly and deeply and feeling from them, what is your vibration and what are you attracting more of?

What matters most

Don’t spend time justifying why you are where you are at now, don’t blame the lover or the (ex) husband or the (ex) wife or parent or the business partner or friend or whomever.  Take your attention away from that, sooth any hurt around that, and put it towards WHERE YOU WANT TO BE

When your attention (and hence vibration and intention) is on where you want to be you are attracting experiences that match that.  Initially it might be something small that manifests that catches your attention and that makes you think, and then something else happens, and something else.  Your attention – your conscious attention – starts shifting towards it more and more, and your expectation builds; you expect it more and ‘allow’ it into your life by being more and more from that place

And of course, if your attention is on those good things that are trickling in, what is your attention NOT on?  Where you came from!  ‘The past’!  You wouldn’t have time to think of where you came from because you’d be TOO BUSY ENJOYING THE NOW!!!!  Love and enjoy your NOW so much that you don’t think about anywhere else and don’t care about anywhere else, and everything will take care of itself.  Create and mould and shape your now.  Take your attention away from what you are coming from and what you don’t want (that in itself will create a huge shift) and naturally your attention will be drawn to those things in your now moment that you can love and appreciate and enjoy


In doing this you will be adopting all those spiritual principles that you’d been reading about for all that time and were figuring out how to implement: detaching, letting go, allowing, creating, attracting and everything else.  You will be applying ALL OF THOSE just by making the most of your now moments.  In you enJOYing each moment you are not being attached to what you want because your attention is on the now (detachment, letting go), and because you are feeling good you are allowing, creating and attracting

Remember not to beat yourself up.  It is ok if things happen (or happened) that aren’t how you like them or want them to be.  Sooth yourself around that, sooth your vibration around that.  If you give yourself a hard time for too long you are building THAT vibration (and then don’t be surprised if you attract matches to that via recrimination!)

So make peace with the way things are, that will soften your perspective to what you don’t enjoy, it will create the space for what you DO enjoy and your attention will naturally go there.  As it goes there that will build – Law of Attraction – it will attract more thoughts that match that and it will grow and grow and grow and you will see physical manifestations.  If you do not contradict or doubt yourself along this process you will see more physical manifestations and it will grow and build and build and build.  It is loving your now moment but wanting to expand and grow more and have more. 

Your now moment is as rich and abundant as you see it to be, and seeing that will show you more abundance.  There is no corner or spot in the Universe that is not abundant – the Universe is abundant EVERYWHERE – period!  The Universe is not playing a game and has said that just for you – just for you – it will withhold some of its abundance!  It has not decided that just for kicks it will withhold it from you!  The Universe adores you as you are a part of it and it expands THROUGH you – if you win, it wins!

So be kind to yourself, know that there is abundance around you, today, and every day, where you are, and everywhere

In your kindness to yourself the Universe will match that, and you will see things around you, and it will get easier, you will see reflections of your love for yourself and it will expand and grow

Remember to appreciate who you are, there is no coincidence you are here, you came here to do things and experience things.  Appreciate you are here to be you, and you are perfect the way you are

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Appreciating Life with the Law Of Attraction

Many of you will remember Dora Crow – ‘human mommy’ of Tatiana the dog.  She is a great friend and has also been a client

I thought I would let you know of a post she has just written on her blog about how working with the Law of Attraction has enabled her to appreciate the things in her day to day life that in a way many often don’t realise to do,

Whilst we can appreciate our loved ones, we don’t always remember the wonders in our day to day experiences and when we see the magic we attract more of the same

You can find her post titled The Wood Burning Stove and LOA on her Barefoot Pony Whispers blog

Dora blog pic

A Relationship with someone with an Addiction

Related post: From Drug Addiction and Poverty to a Life of Abundance and Happiness

“I’ve been spending some frequent times with a long time friend and it seems that the path we are on it is probable that our friendship is growing into an intimate relationship.

In getting to know each other at a deeper level, yesterday he confided in me that he is a habitual drug user. Whilst I’m not anti-drug in total as I have had my experiences in the past, a few years ago I made a decision for myself to be drug free and all is well there. In my conscious awareness I never imagined I would be attracted to a man that does these things.

In all your understandings of how this world works, is it possible for a spiritually aware person to hold a relationship and loving space for somebody who isn’t yet aware and involved in self abuse?

Is it possible for one person to love another that it inspires that person to start having self-love?

Thanking you in advance for your help”

> Is it possible for a spiritually aware person to hold a relationship and loving space for somebody who isn’t yet aware and involved in self abuse?

Yes, and you do it by focusing on the aspects in that person that you love and appreciate and you take your attention off those things that you don’t. You do not contradict or mix your attention of love with that of what you don’t like

The thing is whether you can keep your attention off those things that you want to keep it off. The vibration of the love and appreciation of the other person can be built by focusing on what you love and adore about them (without contradicting those thoughts with what you don’t like or that scare you), and that attracts more of the same and the things that you don’t like you will tend to focus on less and less

So what happens if this person furthers their self abuse? There is the possibility of that and you could say to yourself right now that you don’t want to go down that road by not going into this relationship. Or, you could say that you love this person and you’re willing to take whatever path things go in the future and you love them unconditionally. Neither is right or wrong and is totally a choice you can make. There is nothing wrong with either choice, in fact there is never anything wrong in any decision we make in the Universe, the Universe/God never makes a judgement, only we do

> Is it possible for one person to love another that it inspires that person to start having self-love?

So now I guess this is talking about whether you can change his behaviour? Well as you focus your love and attention and appreciation to him, that itself will be a drug for him. That is what we feel when we are in love.

What I would say to anyone going into any relationship is to focus on what you love about that person and not on the things that you would like to change and don’t like. Through your love that person can change, but you should be in such a place that whether that person changes or not you are at peace with it. That is unconditional love and that is alignment.

In you being in that place, whether that person changes or doesn’t won’t matter to you, and ironically it will create the most fertile ground for them to change – but that is also a choice for them to make

Rainbow flower

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Miracles in Your Life from your Present Reality

The only reason your reality isn’t the way you want it to be is because on some level you are keeping a vibration of that which you don’t want

When you think of what you want, it is on its way.  At that moment you are emanating the vibration that is a match to it.  When you then doubt and question it or look at what is around you and how separate or different or far away you are from what you want, you are mixing up your vibration, and thus the ‘pull’ on what you want isn’t the same

Allow yourself to dream, allow yourself to fantasise about what you want.  Don’t put pressure on yourself, allow yourself to gently build the vibration of what you want.

If it is a car, a lover, a house, money in your account or whatever else, go to it from a place of inspiration and how good it will feel to have it in your life, rather than a place of ‘needing’ it and how it will fix things in your life and how you believe you will as a result be able to do things you believe you cannot do right now.

When you are wanting to attract something to ‘fix’ something you are in likelihood starting from a place (and vibration) that is not a match to what you want.  Want what you want because it inspires you, because you love it and are in love with it


But how can you get there when you need to pay the bills?  Or that your lover has just walked out on you?  And that you feel terrible as a result of something like this.  Gently take your attention away from what has just happened Sooth your vibration around that.  Make peace within yourself with what has happened.  It is not the end of the world, even though it may seem like it at the time.  It is one of life’s contrasts, although knowing that may not make you feel better at the time.  But thinking of it as the worst thing in the world is not going to solve it or make it better either.

Make peace with what happened (or is happening).  Realise there is far far far far more for you in life, it’s not over, there is far more ahead for you.  As you gently do this your feelings and attention will shift towards what you want.  Towards the future and what you want and where you want to be

Allow yourself to daydream.  Allow yourself to think about what you want.  Allow yourself to imagine it in your life, just for the fun of it.  You are doing this for the fun of it, not because ‘you want it’.  Sometimes ‘wanting it’ can have a need.  But have you noticed that when you enjoy something the results take care of themselves?  The reason is that when you are having fun, when you are appreciating, when you are loving (including yourself), your vibration is very pure.  What does this mean?  It means it is very much on what you want and feels good, it is very much in tune with the divinity within you, the God within you.  It is from this place that miracles happen for you.  And miracles DO happen for you

Miracles often happen when we are doing something and we suspend our judgement on what is possible and stay in the moment and create.  For when we suspend our judgement on what we can do and what is possible we are in the moment and creating without ‘thinking’ and ‘judging’, we are purely moulding the clay so to speak.  When we are doing what we are doing for the love of doing it, very present moment oriented, we are creating magic 

You will know this experience from when you have been in love with someone (or something, such as a pet), been involved in an activity (such as painting, playing music etc), or something else where you were totally in the moment, captured by the moment, intoxicated by the moment for the sake of the moment and that’s all.  With no care or attention on anything else but the moment. 

This is where you create your miracles and magic from

When you get to this place, you won’t even be thinking about your reality because you’ll be too busy creating miracles in your life


A Quick Thought on ‘Karma’

Karma can have different meanings for different people.  Essentially it is a momentum of energy that is based on vibrations from previously.  There is only ever the now to work with, and so prior momentum – wherever it may be from – can only be ‘active’ in the now

You can set your course in your now moment, whether it be from prior momentum (wanted or unwanted) or by deliberate intent of what you would like, and that is through your focus of attention on what you would like more of.  As you do that you are creating momentum for that, and you are setting your course

Tatiana the Dog talks to you about Making the Law of Attraction work

Tatiana the Dog (below) would like to talk to you about making the Law of Attraction work and tell you about a “great Law of Attraction blog”

Tatiana tells you how bad stuff was happening to her and how she used Law of Attraction to attract good things

Of course, she is referring to my Manifesting and Law of Attraction blog that you are reading.  Remember, if you like what’s on here you can email subscribe to it via the form in the top left corner on it, you will then receive a confirmation email which when you click the link within it will CONFIRM you getting email notifications when there are new posts on the blog (within 24hrs of the post going up)

My good friend Dora Crow who created the video with Tatiana is an author of a book
called Winky & Wonder which talks about children following their
inner messages through the story. Dora also has a blog called Advice 4
Kids by Kids
, you can check both out at,

Do leave a comment below and let Tatiana, Dora and I know what you thought of it

If you are reading this via the email notification then it is likely you cannot see the video below, click here to access the post on the blog and watch Tatiana talking to you about Law of Attraction

“Vital questions”

A friend on Facebook, Elmari Fourie, wrote a note titled "Vital questions" with some questions to consider and tagged me on it, I wrote a comment with some quick answers and thought I would put them below for those that value the perspective,

Her note,

"Am I this body, mind and intellect? Do the pleasures of this world give real happiness and peace? Are the objects of this world permanent? Are my actions bringing happiness, joy, peace and harmony to others, or are they bringing them pain, unhappiness and misery? Reflect thus and enjoy peace.

- Sri Swami Sivananda

What a nice way to start the new year. These questions are vital to find out what we really want to gain throughout this year. Inner peace is the most important. With inner peace you can reach all your goals and bring more joy and happiness to this planet.

May you all have a blessed 2009!"


My answers,

> Am I this body, mind and intellect?
Yes you are all of that AND MORE (much much much more, you are far far far more than you can see from a physical body perspective)

> Do the pleasures of this world give real happiness and peace?
The real happiness and peace you find is within, that can be as a result of or despite the world, the choice is what you do within

> Are the objects of this world permanent?
Only as long as you focus on them, put your attention on something else and that becomes 'permanent'

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