I shared this on the Manifesting Excellence private group and thought you might enjoy this from a friend of mine who was ‘coaching’ her elderly dad to some goals. He attracted three goals, all using a similar way/method, this was one of them, to attract him and his wife taking a trip/vacation. It was quite something for him at this stage in his life to start to use the power of his thoughts to attract something he wanted into his life –


With regards coaching my Dad …. it really has been quite amazing …. at the time of him thinking about the ‘trip’ goal (he wanted to go away on a trip) … I suggested that he research the location, create a mind map … start a savings jar especially for the holiday where he could put his coins etc …. and basically suggested he should prepare as if they were definitely were going …. and the money would come …. well he did all of this and the money did come … unexpectedly : ) ….



Elderly couple holding hands



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  • Jo McKillop says:

    It’s never too late – beautiful xx

  • Baker says:

    This is great, It really is never too late to start applying loa principles and manifesting your dreams!

  • click here says:

    When we go through something challenging, it can sometimes serve us in so many ways, besides the hindrance it may appear to be, in the grander scheme of things.

  • Princess says:

    Dear Hemal,
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
    Thank you so much!
    God bless you.
    Love and more love.

  • Hemal says:

    Thank you all for your comments 🙂