Are you going through some situation right now, it may be recent, or it may be long-standing, and you wonder when you will be rid of it or how you will resolve it?  Consider how the situation can actually serve you…


The challenges you think stop you having what you want may be exactly what are needed TO have what you want…


When we go through something challenging, it can sometimes serve us in so many ways, besides the hindrance it may appear to be, in the grander scheme of things.
For example, the financial challenges someone is experiencing may be exactly what they need to more clearly notice the opportunities around them…
Or the person you think is an obstacle may be giving you information about yourself that may serve you in making changes within yourself to be with the love of your life…
It's like the farmer who finds a strange vegetation besides his crops…at first he fights it, but then realises that it is actually edible and can add it to the rest of his harvest to sell it and make a profit…
What possibilities and opportunities exist in your life right now that you haven't noticed yet?  

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