Just to let you know that the download of the Self-Esteem/Self-Love call is available in the archives of Manifesting Excellence along with other topics such as Money, Relationships, Letting Go, Fear,  Emotions, and many others. 

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I've listed the content below from the email that was sent to the group on Saturday.
The content included:
- You are questioning the unquestionable about yourself
- It's really about how you deny your own light and love to yourself
- It is a sense of disconnection, rather than moving to a place of connection
- Learning and modelling someone else's sense of disconnection and disempowerment
- As you shine the light, the shadows disappear
- When you are in your divinity you don't question these things because you are BEING it
- Abusive situations
- It is often a victim that creates another victim. However it is your choice how you see a situation and in going forward
- We question whether we are:
    – Lovable
    – Likable
    – Capable
    – Valuable
- What is your language with yourself like, what are the things you say to yourself
- Using physical situations and conditions to define ourselves, and them being transient
- Notice the vibration/energy of when you are unkind to yourself – it implies disempowerment, such as hopelessness, despondency etc
- Releasing blockages to self-love/self-esteem
- Unintentionally creating an invisible 'ceiling' in your energy. Flea and elephant analogies
- What this means on a Manifesting level
- Expectation and allowing
- Living each moment with your presence
- Make a list of why you deserve or don't deserve something. Deal with what's on that list, that is what prevents the manifestation of what you want
- Self-forgiveness
- Denying others and the Universe through us not forgiving ourselves
Questions included about:
- Is money correlated with self-esteem?  Are they intertwined?
- Is there a way to 'test' how high or low your self-esteem is?
- How do you get around when you procrastinate or make excuses or get too busy to doing the things you adore and love and feel are your 'path'?

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Have a wonderful week ahead!


P.S. As mentioned above, just like the content above on Self-Esteem/Self-Love, there is content on other topics such as Money, Relationships, Letting Go, Fear, Emotions, and more as well as over $250 in bonuses!



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