How to Have a Successful Career AND a Successful Marriage/Relationship


On last weekend’s Manifesting Excellence call there were questions submitted by someone looking to attract a job which included dealing with fears and challenges she was working through.  One of the dilemmas she was having was an internal conflict in believing that if she had a job with job satisfaction, she wouldn’t have money, and vice versa.

How would you deal with this conflict?

Can you think of others?
How about:
– Can I have a successful career AND a successful marriage/relationship?
– Can I have independence AND a fantastic and amazing relationship?
– Can I have someone that I am deeply attracted to AND who is good for me?

And so on…

This was towards the end of the call and if you’d like to access it via Manifesting Excellence you can do so by clicking here.

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When you have an internal conflict between two (or more) things, you are creating a dichotomy – a split – in how you see things about what is possible and what isn’t.  That split creates boundaries between the two things that you want.

This could be obvious such as some of the statements above or quite subtle such as “Shall I do x or y today?”

When you decide to do something, do it.  Don’t split your energy over it.  

When you split your energy over something you are diluting your resources in the manifestation and the inspiration to it.

The skill is to bring those two outcomes/goals/realities together and integrate them into one, i.e. –

– A life with a successful career AND a successful marriage/relationship
– The feeling of self (within which is ‘independence’) AND a fantastic and amazing relationship
– Someone that you are deeply attracted to AND someone who is good for you

When you start to SEE something, you start to make it happen.

When you see a split in what is possible, or see it as impossible, it’s harder to create it, unless you happen to take your attention off the conflict (/resistance) and allow in what you want.

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5 Thoughts about What is Happening in your Life


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5 Thoughts about What is Happening in your Life

1 – Realise that things will change…

They always head in the direction of improving, even if in the short term the scenery appears to suggest otherwise.

Use the scenery to determine where you are on the map and alter your course. Assume you are always on your way to better pastures…

2 – You have a relationship to everything…

Your partner, your children, your money, your health…everything.  Every-thing and every relationship responds to your energy about it…

3 – There are even more possibilities for you than you may realise…

Your situation may seem limiting or there may be limiting parameters, that is because of the perspective you are looking at it from.  Step back. Let go of some of your assumptions about it.  See the possibilities.  Sometimes we can’t fall in love with what’s possible because of the limitations we construct about it…

Love and limitation are like oil and water…

4 – You don’t have to be shy or limit yourself…you CAN ‘have it all’…

You are a child of this world and an aspect of it.  In you ‘having it all’ – with the right energetic viewpoint (towards your divinity) – you provide the alignment and inspiration for this world to be ‘richer’ and ‘better’.  You become a conduit for the natural prosperity that exists (oftentimes dormant) in your life and in other’s lives.

5 – No matter what is happening, it really will be ok…

Things may get scary.  These are indications of situations traversing outside of your beliefs.  So, what happens next?  You and your beliefs expand and grow.  You rise to the situation – otherwise it stays scary and painful.  You grow, you rise, you learn, you expand energetically.  As you expand, you attract ideas and inspiration and manifestations that correspond to this growth.

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