I wrote to you earlier last week about free new podcasts of mine that my friend and podcast expert Ali Wylie had been putting online, within a few days they went to number 4 position on Podomatic website’s Spirituality category!

There are two ways to access them:
1 – On iTunes at http://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/manifesting-law-attraction/id544488188 – do be sure to rate and comment on them!

2 – The specific podcasts on the Podomatic website. More are going on there all the time, here are some so far:
“Hemal Radia Quotes”
“Aligning Energy to Your Goals”
“Money Problems? How Do We Stay in the Flow?”
“Getting in the Flow”
“Raising Confidence”


podcast top 10



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  • I really impressed from the meter of law. Thank your for share your information.

  • Emrick says:

    the Law of Attraction can also be named: the Law of Creation, since we have the divine in us, and the Universe working for and with us, when we are in complete sync, we attract and create anything we want! Also, for the Law of Attraction and Creation to work, we need to live in intuition.

  • Emrick says:

    I had no idea how the Universe could work for me. One day, I attracted $100 out of thin air. After a trip, my wife and I counted how much I had left. The next morning my wife counted again, adn found that we had an extra $100 dollars cash!
    Blessings of Happiness and Peace to You!