How much do you use your intuition?

Those on Manifesting Excellence will know I talk about this, particularly when it comes to manifesting and using the Law of Attraction as well as in everyday life.

You using your intuition is a natural and inherent part of you…not using it is like choosing not to use a hand of yours – it is a natural part of you.

Some people don’t fully trust theirs and others don’t believe they are intuitive or that it isn’t there.  This would be like you not believing that you have a right arm – you wouldn’t use it if you believed that you didn’t have it!


What are your thoughts and beliefs about your intuition?
What experiences have you had in using your intuition?
How would you encourage others who want to use theirs?

Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.


Intuition candle


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  • Kathy Hadley says:


    I am very much aware and listen to my intuition. I could write a book just about all the things it has guided me with that kept me out of a negative situation or toward a positive one.

    Even if I have absolutely no physical Universe reason to believe what my intuition is telling me, I just go with it because I’ve found that they ONLY times in my life that real negative stuff happened is when I DIDN’T follow it. Never from following it.


    Great post.



    • Hemal Radia says:


      It sounds like perhaps you should be writing this book!

      That’s great about trusting your intuition even when it doesn’t seem like there is a rational reason for doing so…and it working out better for you!

      Thank you for sharing, Kathy! We look forward to hearing more of your experiences!

  • Diane @ Me, Him And The Cats says:

    I really need to be more in touch with my intuition. Sometimes I feel it, other times I dont!

  • Janice says:

    As a creative person I have to be in touch with my intuition and believe in it. In everyday circumstances I sometimes forget!

    • Hemal Radia says:

      Yes, when someone is being creative they are generally accessing other aspects of themselves than the rational and can be more connected to the intuitive side.
      Thanks, Janice!

  • I’m very intuitive and have struggled embracing it throughout my life. When I don’t resist it, I find myself flourishing (like I am right now!). I think it is a very powerful thing if we are mindful and appreciate it.

    • Hemal Radia says:

      Thank you for sharing, Jocelyn, and lovely to hear you are flourishing!

      Any particular ways you have found yourself resisting it?

      I agree, it’s very powerful 🙂

      • I find myself resisting things when I’m not quite ready to make the leap. I’m just as equally left-brained as I am right-brained so it’s hard to let go of my rational brain sometimes and just trust my instincts.

  • Kate says:

    Hi ya Hemal, something I found when helping others regard trusting intuition, is for them to just make it up, Ive not met anyone who was wrong yet when *making it up*. The intuitive brain and our imagination are in the same part of the brain. And making it up stops the inner critic.

    • Hemal Radia says:

      Hi Kate,

      I think this is a really good point and I agree, thanks Kate.

      When you ‘make it up’ it has to come from somewhere, and like Kate mentions, it’s the same part of the brain. It also stops people ‘thinking’ too much about it and to keep on intuiting.

      When people stop and ‘think’ they may get themselves tangled up, the thing is to keep moving and the intuitive flow flowing.

      Thanks for sharing this good point, Kate.

  • nandini says:

    My intuition is pretty strong where incidents and are concerned. I get this strong hunch that something will happen or why something happened in a particular way. I am able to analyse that but my intuition regarding people’s behaviour is still not that developed.
    Once when my Dad tore his achilles tendon while playing badminton (I was twelve then), I knew instantly that something had happened to him, even though I was not present at the site.

  • Hemal Radia says:

    That’s really interesting Nandini about picking up incidents.

    Regarding intuition about people’s behaviours, I often find when people have a challenge on that it’s because they might be mixing it with rational thinking and emotions and beliefs around that, so the ‘intuition’ isn’t cleanly coming in as easily.

  • cheryl FosterCharles says:

    Hi Hemal,

    I learned from quite young, on embarking on my spiritial path, to use my intuition and that is my focus, so i would say i use it mostly. i wouldnt leave home without it hehe. when we really want to do well by ourselves, meaning, well for ourselves, the best for ourselves, we are prepared to listen and use our intuition…way to go!

    • Hemal Radia says:

      That’s great about using it mostly, Cheryl. Lol re: not leaving home without it!
      Yes, when we are attuned/focused/’ready’ to listen to it, it’s there. Thanks, Cheryl 🙂