Can Stepping Away From What You Want Increase Your Attraction To It?


Three Questions – What do YOU think are the answers? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below…


1 – How can “stepping away” from something increase your attraction to it?

2 – How can increasing the ‘space’ to something lead to it getting closer to you?

3 – Do you have to keep thinking about something to attract it?


These will be answered on Saturday’s Manifesting Excellence call along with other questions.
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Manifesting Excellence


“How to Make Money Doing What You Love”


If the Universe is truly all energy, then how can we often end up making money with something that we DON’T love but can’t make money with something that we DO love?

Many have the challenge of moving from something that has been paying the bills to transitioning to something that they love AND making a living from it.



In my own journey, although I have been in this field since the early 90s, my work came online around six years ago. For me, early on, it was very much about following my inspiration and desire and things organically (and quickly) blossomed from there.

I started this blog at the start of 2008 and wrote articles and people loved them (it now has well over 300 posts!).  My work was spreading across Facebook and other networks, people translating my quotes into other languages, wanting me to co-admin various groups and collaborations with them, Facebook groups were initiated and kindly created by others in my ‘honour’ such as the Universal Law of Attraction Group and the Hemal Radia Appreciation Group where they would share my work and quotes, my quotes to be used in board games, and many other projects, invites and happenings.

A book from me was also very much sought after (and I am now being approached for more!), which came along a few years ago, as well as live events and get-togethers, which we have had in Las Vegas, Australia, London etc.

This doesn’t go anywhere near even touching upon the many happenings and day to day synchronicities, but it gives you an idea of some of the happenings.


In my experience I followed my ‘love’ The rest found its way to me and me to it.  The right people, the right situations etc. I am working on more, and I enjoy the now. My approach, including from a marketing sense, has evolved over the years, but the ethos, spirit and “love” are still the same for what I do, for myself, for those I work with, etc.

How can YOU make an income from doing what you love?  I will be on Kelly Galea’s “From Corporate to Creative” Radio Show next Wednesday 29th May at 12pm ET/5pm UK time talking about this in How to Make Money Doing What You Love“.

For more information about the show next week, click here: “How to Make Money Doing What You Love


Hemal Radia on Kelly Galea show

The Goosebumps are an Indicator….


Below is the some of the content from Saturday’s Manifesting Excellence call.  A lot of great content was shared. If you’d like to access the audio of the call in the archives you can do so by registering at


– When you do the visualising and feeling it, it is getting you into alignment and the allowing of what you want – the getting into the frequency of what you want
– Two ships getting into alignment analogy
– The goosebumps are an indication of you expanding energetically.  Other indicators could be tears, face colour flushing etc
– It is not about how often you think about what you want, it is about getting into the allowing of it, however it takes
– The reason sometimes when you step away from what you want that it comes into your life is because you are no longer resisting it
– It can be helpful to do energetic practicing with something that you are not energetically familiar with
– Example of when people have a lottery wins and they as an identity haven’t changed and they sabotage and lose what they have
Focus on the flowing of the energy than on the goal
– Let go of the attachment to the physical outcome, focus on the energetic aspects and use the physical outcome to do that

– Having a regular practice to build your energy around what you want
– Getting more specific and expanding your energy on each subsequent session you have with yourself
– As you integrate with your goal it becomes more and more real for you
Creating energetic platforms which lead you to further insights about what you want
– As you get into the energy of what you want you will experience insights, inspiration, synchronicities etc
You are energetically ‘voting’ for what you want…when there is enough of a consensus within you, you will have what you want….

– We can be out of our flow if we are ‘continuously’ asking
As energy, you are constantly expanding, you cannot stand still
Asking is good!
There is an ebb and flow – asking-alignment-asking-alignment etc
– Look at it as having PREFERENCES for what you want
– Is there a nervousness/anxiousness/fear of trusting oneself?
– What would happen if you got it wrong? What would happen if you ‘failed’?
– When you listen to those outside of you, you are getting further away from listening inside of you
Those outside of you have no idea of your connection with yourself energetically – only you can know what to do to close that gap and enable that connection

– We are the physical manifestation of energy
– Although everything is changeable and malleable with our thoughts, why are you wanting to make those changes? What is the intention/sponsoring energy behind it?
Is there an easier way than what you are asking, the path of least resistance?
– Can you be the pioneer in the sport/discipline who achieves despite the perceived ‘shortages’?
– Regarding working with an ailment/condition:
– Is there a reason for me having this? Did it serve me in some way?
– Does it still serve me? If so, how?
– Unconsciously taking on behaviours/emotions earlier in life which we perceive serve us
– What are your beliefs about creating this change/healing yourself?
– What are the positive and negative consequences of this change? Are you ok with it?
– As you let go of the old notions, you create space for the new…

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Manifesting Excellence

When You Fall in Love…. (Something for YOU)


Hello : )

I hope you are keeping well…

This is something that came to me intuitively this morning that I thought I would share with you….


When you find what you love, whether it be a person, a goal, a dream, don’t think twice about it… embrace it, imbue your energy with it. Mesh your existence with it….

Not compromising your sense of identity, but expanding your sense of identity and who you are with the promise and excitement of your divine spirit expressing delight to you and through you…

You came here for the expression of your spirit and the experience of it than of the second guessing and of the egoic thinking…

You are spirit expressing itself through every joyous portal than a mind calculating the fears and constraints. One leads to ever expansive and exponential expansion, expression and joy, the other to contractive and cautious movements and a potentially declining and uncomfortable existence…

When you fall in love it is not about the object of your desire but the indication that what you feel is the path to who you are. Make the most of it…

Embrace and fall in love with this moment that you are in love…

“I Love You”

~ Hemal Radia


Rose and petals

“Asking & Receiving” When it Comes to Manifesting


Do you realise that one reason why you may not have what you want is because you are in ASKING mode rather than RECEIVING mode?

This is a question that was sent in for this coming Saturday’s Manifesting Excellence call/audio download:

I’ve just been listening to a talk and they say that when we continuously ask for help we give our power away … could we discuss this … please! The concept stems from going outside ourselves for answers and not journeying within to find those answers … what is outside is also inside … so why would going outside for help be giving our power away?


I will answer this on the call/audio and talk about how ASKING is good!

It is about asking AND receiving – ebb and flow – when it comes to your manifestations.  Like an in-breath and an out-breath.

Are you just asking or are you ready/receptive to the answer…are you energetically ALIGNED as a match to receive the answer you are wanting?

Are you tuned into the frequency of the ANSWER of what you want?

I will talk more about this and also share techniques and methods of doing this!

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Manifesting Excellence

Are you Living Less of a Life Than is Possible For You?


Are you living far less of a life than you are capable of because? Perhaps not even being aware that you are?

Saturdays Manifesting Excellence call was about “Authenticity, Self-Esteem & Self Value” as well as answering questions that had been submitted.

We often become conditioned to our mental patterns and how we see ourselves.

For example when we grow up in a family situation where we may consistently be served last or a school situation where we are treated as not intelligent or capable or if we have been in an unhealthy relationship, we can inadvertently take on notions that we are not deserving of being happy or having what we want.

This can become very ingrained within us and we have no awareness of it because we are too busy living from those paradigms to even realise them.

Self-esteem and self-value can impact:

    – Your income
    – Your relationships and friendships
    – Your health
    – Your manifesting abilities and what you allow in your life – ie your quality of living


We also talked about authenticity on the call.  It is about alignment in what you say and what you do, as well as in relation to the energetic aspect of who you are.

When this is NOT in alignment we experience emotional pain and lives where what we want doesn’t happen.

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Authenticity, Self-Esteem & Self-Value

When You Truly Manifest You Wont Need to ‘Think’ About It

Manifesting is an expression of your being rather than an activity of your rational mind.  When you are drawn to something it pulls you towards it, rather than you having to ‘think’ your way to it.

This coming Saturday on the Manifesting Excellence call/audio we will be covering “Authenticity, Self-esteem & Self-value“, next week I will be sharing a method I developed in getting your daily thoughts into alignment to what you want so that it happens quickly in line with what we are talking about here.

What happens for many is daily they find themselves in a whirlpool of thoughts and emotions and they can’t think of what they want, it is too much against the tide of fear and anxiety and other emotions they are feeling.

They can’t sleep, they feel tired, they feel other symptoms. I’ll share a way of changing this and moving towards what you want.


When you truly manifest you don’t need to ‘think’, the energy ‘pulls’ you (like a magnetic experience). The right thoughts, ideas, manifestations and happenings pave the way to what you want.


For most people this doesn’t happen because their thoughts are going in mixed directions so very little tends to happen or if there is inspiration it is crowded out by noise and not realised in physical manifestation.

When you have thoughts going in different directions it’s like trying to lift or pull something with your arms and legs pointing in different directions – that’s not ‘alignment’ because you are diffusing and your effort and energy.

It’s the same with manifesting, you want alignment with your thoughts.  The reason things feel hard when your thoughts are in different directions is you are ‘splitting’ your energy.  When you lift something with alignment it’s easy, it doesn’t feel like hard work.

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“From Heartache to Your Heart’s Desires” Telesummit

Relationship Expert Gladys Diaz has asked me to be amongst 20 speakers to speak in her upcoming “From Heartache to Your Heart’s Desires“relationships telesummit.

The telesummit is free to access and starts on May 6th. We recorded our call last week and it will be broadcast on May 17th at 7.30am Eastern Time/12.30pm UK time.

Some of the things we spoke about included:
– Dealing with Blocks and ‘Heartache’
– Manifesting a Relationship
– Creating Space for What You Want
– If you are in a Relationship then Honouring it and Treating it and your Partner as Sacred

– Not Confusing ‘Love’ and Finding Safety from an Unhealthy Relationship

It was a spontaneous and fun conversation in which we covered a lot in the time that we had.

Do check out the telesummit and let me know what you think of what we covered!

You can register for it for free at

From Heartache to Heart's Desires Telesummit with Hemal Radia