Below is something I shared on the private group for Manifesting Excellence earlier that I thought you might enjoy…


Just like a seed changes form in its evolution to a flower, so will your intention. Just as a seed is bathed in rain and germinates in the soil around it, so does your intention from your energy to the environment around you.

Have the knowingness that your outcome will be blossoming and that everything that is happening is the process of adding solidity and groundedness in the shaping of your outcome, perhaps even a solidity that is essential in the manifestation of it.

You have an end-outcome in mind; everything else is an outcome on the way to that outcome. There is never really one fixed outcome, but a process comprising of one continuation after another.

Enjoy the whole process and realise that it is all beneficial in your growth and evolution, than waiting for the one flowering outward manifestational moment.
~ Hemal Radia


The Way to With Love....

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