Finding the Energy of Your Manifestations



Trying to manifest money? Trying to manifest something in your life? Find the things that get you EXCITED and ENTHUSED about what you want (that’s what we do on Manifesting Excellence – join us!). Put emphasis on those things that excite you. Let them even ‘distract’ you away from your fears, anxieties and disappointments.

In your moments of excitement and enthusiasm the manifestation of what you want gets CLOSER.

What happens for many/most people is they then resume their stress, anguish, anxiety afterwards and it stops the manifestation and it never comes in. The fears create a boundary around them preventing what they want coming in or making it difficult for it to do so.






“How to Lose Weight and Love Myself”


This is a question sent in….

I don’t like how I look and use a photo of myself online from decades ago. I am overweight and want to lose weight before I update my photo. They say that the weight won’t go unless you love yourself completely. I can’t say I hate my size, I have overcome that part, but I do not like being the size I am presently…it’s not the real me inside. The weight problem is probably also closely related to the lack of cash flow I am experiencing right now too. I hope you can help me.” (Paraphrased)

This will be addressed on Saturday’s Manifesting Excellence call/audio.


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Money in Your Life and in the World Within You

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Money has been on many people’s minds recently and we will be covering it on this Saturday’s Manifesting Excellence call/audio (if you are reading this after the call date, you can still register and access the audio via the archives) and possibly on some subsequent ones also:


Money is the label of an agreed commodity for economic exchange. It is one means – one of many means – with which the universe can bring you what you are a match to.

If you are open to believing that the economic and physical world is NOT everything there is (and it isn’t), there is a lot more happening underneath the surface of what you see in the world around you and in your life.

It’s about getting in tune with the undercurrent of your relationship to money and abundance in your life.

The undercurrent is shaping what degree of prosperity (not just money, but ALL prosperity) you allow into your life as well as the aspects that you experience of the world around you – whether there is a constrained flow and experience or an expansive one.

An expansive flow is available to you not by what is happening in the world around you but by what is happening in the world within you.

~ Hemal Radia


On this Saturday’s Manifesting Excellence call/audio I have received some questions about dealing with hurt from relationships in the past, getting into the flow of abundance in addition to others.

We will be addressing those as well as covering:

– De-identifying from your past

– Working with your ‘form’ around money to flow more abundance

– How you can inadvertently have hooked up “money” to what you don’t want

– Unhooking past momentums of negativity

– Why the ‘how’ isn’t necessarily important for you to know


If you’d like to access the call or the audio download afterwards you can do so at Manifesting Excellence.

Want to Improve your Cashflow?


Want to improve your cashflow? I received this testimonial a few days ago:


I am a happy teacher with a set income. I bought your book about two weeks ago. Who would’ve thought I would have an almost immediate change in cashflow after reading and re-reading your book. Good stuff!!!!
– Kelley Chandler Kammerlocher


She got my book and joined Manifesting Excellence….if you haven’t yet, check them out! : )

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Step into your Eternalness and your Infiniteness as a Creator…


When you attach a ‘needy’ and lackful meaning to form, whether to possessions, people and situations, the attachment binds you to something that is fleeting over a small span of time, withholding you from your freeflowing infinite eternal self whilst in the frequency of the attachment.

There is nothing wrong with abundant possessions, people and situations, but the requirement of them for you to be happy is what mixes up many people’s energy.

It is realising that no matter what situation is happening or has happened is a small glimpse in the span of time. Step into your eternalness and your infiniteness as a creator and focus on what drives your spirit wild.

No situation defines you other than how you choose to label yourself from it.
~ Hemal Radia
From Manifesting Excellence

What Are You Not Letting Go Of That You Need To?


What served you to get to where you are may not be what you need to get to where you want to be…

The paradigms, concepts, situations, thoughts, emotions and constructs – all transitory – that got you to a point, you need to relinquish so as to enable the new to grow around you and within you…

The past that is overdue is a shell preventing the new from fully emerging…

A decaying past held more than it is needed to will cause pain, whether in spirit or in physical, requiring you to let go of it…

Your spirit, your eternalness, is all about continuity and flow. Not about form and attachment…

What are you scared of letting go of? What are you scared of NOT happening – these too are also indicators of fears and attachment: attachment and fear to who you think you won’t get to be (do/have)…

When you create space for your spirit to inhabit your now, miracles and magic happen beyond your wildest dreams…

There will be much more about this on Manifesting Excellence.


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If You Aren’t Getting Mutual Love… (And Other Questions)


We will be covering the following on Saturday’s Manifesting Excellence call/audio:


1 – If someone is having trouble attracting “mutual love”, as in they attract those that they are not attracted to, and those they are attracted to are not interested in them, what would you suggest? What should they look to address?

2 – Is it ‘selfish’ to manifest? If so, why? If not, why not?

3 – What are the differences (and/or similarities) between “visualising” and “daydreaming”?

4 – What suggestions do you have on best ways to “visualise” or “daydream”?

5 – If someone says they can’t imagine or “get a picture” when they try to visualise, what would you suggest?


What are YOUR thoughts? Share them in the comments below!

I will be answering them on Saturday’s Manifesting Excellence call – click here to register


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A True Story about Finding Abundance within 3 Months…


I received this just now from someone via one of my Facebook pages sharing what has happened in his life in the last 3 months in following what he has learned from me… he wanted to share this so others could be inspired to their abundance…


“To my dear friend Hemal. I know you don’t know me personally, but I feel that you are a dear and close friend.  Your quotes align my vibration with all I desire. It has not been that long that I have been following your words and yet it seems like I have been connected to your thoughts for years.  I want to share my story with you because I understand that as I tell the world about the abundance that has come into my life it will only create more for myself and for others.

I will go back to November of 2012 as this is really the point at which I started to truly practice the Law of Attraction in my life.  The company that I work for was opening a new yard in Calgary, Alberta which is very close to my place of birth.  I decided that I needed to be there to get it started.  I have been a witness to the chaos in the Toronto yard and I believed in all my being that it was my purpose in this company to get to Calgary and grow this new facility to its most wonderful potential.  So I put in for my transfer and was told that although I would be missed in Toronto I wasn’t going to be held back.

Now you understand how the Law of Attraction works Hemal so I won’t go into the finer points here but needless to say my vibrations were still not focused on the abundance I had or on the gratitude I had in my life.  Two days before I was supposed to transfer I was told I couldn’t go.  My attendance at work had been poor and they didn’t want that in the new yard.  I re-focused my thoughts and energy and within 3 days the answer had come to me. I made a phone call and corrected the situation.

Once I reached Calgary, it was a hard go at the beginning.  I almost got fired for making many mistakes and indiscretions against the rules.  I know this was because my focus point was not on what it needed to be.  But I again re-focused my energy on what I wanted to achieve here and believed that it would become reality with time and effort.

Since these trying early days here we are now the model yard in our company.  All our procedures are used in all the other yards.  I have been promoted to supervisor and I am being offered a managers position in our neighbouring Edmonton yard.  The team that I have built here is like a family.  We love each other like we are brothers (well I am more like the father!! ) and when one of us is down we all get together to help raise that person up.  My children have come out here to live with me as well as their mother has left Toronto and moved to lethbridge which is only 2 hours from here.  I have a new life mate who I truly love and cherish.

This has all happened with a 3 month period.  I wanted you to feel my gratitude, Hemal.  Your thoughts help keeps eye on the prize so to speak and I know that the abundance that has come into my life is due to my re-focused passion on the “Law of Attraction “.  Thank you Hemal for sharing with me the secret of an abundant life.  Share my story if you want.  I would love to give to the world some of the success and joy you have given to me with your wonderful thoughts.”



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