As I mentioned to you yesterday, based on requests sent in, this week on Manifesting Excellence we are covering “Flirting & Romance“.

We have flirting threads where we have been sharing flirting & romance resources, experiences as well as fun pick-up lines and much more.

One of the questions sent in which I will be covering on Saturday’s call/audio includes:

“I would like to have tips for confidence in flirting and keeping things light in dating/meeting new people… I’m either too serious (like a job interviewer) or too non-serious in using my time /attention on guys I know are not really for me.  If they seem like they have potential, I get too serious and probably way too uptight. If not, I can stay calm because I really can care less.”

We will talk about:

– How to take the pressure off yourself in situations (whether in dating, relationships, work etc)… and WHY to do that

– How to put out the right vibes – doing this on an energy level so your body language reflects it as well as your own personal ‘energy’

Any other questions you have?  Join us today and send them in!

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