3 Quick Manifesting Thoughts for You


I thought you might enjoy some manifesting tidbits in keeping you connected to the energy to keep on creating good things in your life!

Below are some thoughts for you (some of them have come about from the interactions on Manifesting Excellence):


1 – The reason most people don’t manifest what they want is because on some level they have feelings or conflicts about what they want which are outside of their conscious awareness.

They have become accustomed to that type of thinking and do not realise it is blocking them from having what they want. Become conscious about ALL of the thoughts you have on what you are wanting.

(This is what we do at Manifesting Excellence. It is about us becoming conscious of our patterns and tweaking them to allow in more of what we want. Click here to find out more about Manifesting Excellence)

2 – Your body is an antenna for your goals.

With your mind and spirit when you line up your thoughts and emotions about what you want you are ‘charging’ your body up in resonance with what you want.

If you have mixed thoughts you will get mixed experiences (which is when people ask “Why doesn’t this work?” – it is because ‘garbage in, garbage out’).

3 – A quote from earlier today

The key thing to remember is that there’s an energetic flow in everything which is constantly moving. When we feel bad we are holding ourselves separate from it.

It is an abundant universe able to return more than what we may have lost and the most valuable asset you have in this universe is your flow because without it you don’t last very long and with it all things are possible” ~ Hemal Radia

(Quote from Manifesting Excellence www.hemalradia.com/manifesting)


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3 Quick Manifesting Thoughts for You

Want to Have Manifestations Happen More Easily in Your Life?


Can you remember a time when things happened easily and naturally for you without having to think much about it?

We are talking about how to make that happen this week on Manifesting Excellence, come join us by booking your place at www.hemalradia.com/manifesting

This will be covered on Saturday’s call as well as you being able to download the audio!

We will be covering:
– Letting go and not having to ‘try so hard’
– How to let things happen ‘automatically’
– Understanding why at times you struggle with some things and other things come in easily – and how to allow that to happen!
– And much, much more!

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 Want to Have Manifestations Happen More Easily in Your Life?




Moving from Ego to Flow/Letting go of Masks


AUDIO DOWNLOAD available by registering at www.hemalradia.com/manifesting

Do you often find yourself chasing one thing (or person!) after another and spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere?

Oftentimes we are chasing symbols of what we want than what we actually want deep down. This is especially indicative when we actually get what we are chasing and feel it doesn’t make us very happy.

Most people actually don’t really know what they want. If that’s the case, how are they going to manifest what they want?

When you are confused about what you want, what sort of signals do you send out to the Universe?  And of course when that’s the case we either don’t get what we want or we get very mixed results and become disappointed with our possibilities, our lives etc.

Moving from Ego to Flow & Letting go of Masks

(Image for ‘masks’ courtesy of Elisa Fox)

This week on Manifesting Excellence we will be talking about this and moving towards manifesting from your authenticity – who you really are (and what you genuinely and naturally want) – this is where you true ‘power’ is and how the manifestations come quickly.

When we get trapped by the masks we create for ourselves – often by societal expectations – we live an illusion, and this very much diffuses our natural energy and flow to manifest, as well as our levels of happiness.

We don’t live as authentically as we can, which is where our natural power is.  We end up chasing one illusion after the other seeking happiness but not actually finding it.

And of course when we genuinely find it within ourselves, this radiates outwards and the manifestations come flying in. But when we lack inside, we work harder as we ‘chase’ things on the outside to compensate for what we feel is lacking ‘inside’.

It is about letting go of the illusions and the things that really aren’t important to us and connecting to our core, which is where our true ‘power’ and fulfillment is.

As well as any questions you’d like to send in about any topics, we will talk about:

– Finding your authenticity and your ability to manifest powerfully and naturally
– Moving from Ego to Flow
– Why do we have masks?
– Letting go of masks and fear
– Letting go of attachment to (fears about):
    – What others think/relationships/people
    – Your physical body
    – Money
    – What will happen/won’t happen
– And much much more!

We will be talking about this and much more on Manifesting Excellence – do join us via www.hemalradia.com/manifesting!