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Getting into the JOY of the activity

This was a reply I wrote in a group in Facebook to a budding author who was finding frustration in writing her book.  She was a full time teacher and frustrated that her first novel hadn’t been taken on to be published yet and in despair that her agent had suggested her writing another novel instead:

My reply:
Get into your novel writing such that you enJOY it so
much that time flies by and you’re not wondering about publishers and
agents and books but loving what you’re doing so much, practice your
mindset/vibration towards it such that it’s the joy that thrills you,
that is your reward.

The other thing I’d add is realise the
universal stream is infinite. That’s why you don’t need to ‘push
harder’ to make it ‘go faster’, you just need to line up with it (in terms of thoughts and feelings being in line with it) and
the momentum (including Law of Attraction) will speed it up, and it
will get easier and easier and more and more fun. The results will find
you and you won’t be looking for them, but of course your reward would
be the thrill of it anyway… 😉


Hi Hemal,
Thanks so much for your words. They are so encouraging and
you are right – enjoyment is the key. Feel free to post what you wrote
in response to my thread – the more people who can benefit from what
you said the better!

Ruth x



Using the Future to tap into your Feelings and gain Wisdom & Insights

I’ve often said about GET INTO THE FEELING OF WHAT YOU WANT, here’s a way of doing it…

Firstly, determining your sense of time…

You have a sense of your past yes?  i.e. a collection
of memories, going back over the years?  It doesn’t have to be vivid
necessarily, but just a sense of it.  And you have a sense of the
future?  And right now you are at Now.  Can you imagine a sort of
timeline with that?  You have a way of differentiating for example what happened last week to last year, and also what you expect next week to, say, next year for example.

Working with the Future

I’m going to go through a few steps, you may want to try them all initially and then later use the ones (of the later steps) you particularly enjoy and have a feel for, essentially they are giving you a new perspective, a new way of looking at, or rather FROM, your goal.
So in future this can be a quick process because you know what you like
and enjoy, initially I’m giving you a few ways you can use this.

1. Ok, think of something you want in the future.  It could be a specific goal or it could be an intention, so for example you could say ‘I have the solution to my financial/business challenges
because currently you don’t know what the answer is, or even that there
might be a possible answer, because you are in ‘problem’ mode, you
could be finding it difficult to contemplate a solution, so you find it
easier to set an intent than try to think of a specific solution. 

On the other hand you could have a specific goal too
which you know you want.  Anything is fine, this process is really for
helping you in ALIGNING VIBRATIONALLY with what you want.  You can use whatever form you want, and as you practice the vibration you’ll have experiences and thoughts which will make it clearer anyway (and you can do this exercise as much or as little as you like, in whatever way feels best)

2. Float up above Now in your time line,
so you’re above Now looking down seeing yourself down there in Now.
You can do this closed or open eye, whichever you prefer. 

3.  Now go forward in time to when you feel you will have this goal or outcome or intent.  You don’t have to be precise in terms of timing if you don’t want to, you can just get a sense of when.
It’s important you feel comfortable (and possibly excited or better
when you finish).  How soon you can have things is based on your
ability to ‘allow’ and as you work with your thoughts and beliefs, what
you can do and how quickly will always be evolving and improving anyway.

So now you’re above your timeline, above the event or outcome or intention (not ‘in’ it, yet).  Look down and see what you see, hear what you hear, feel what you feel.  You can see yourself down there with your outcome. 
you want to get some distance on it you can float higher above your
timeline or if you want to get closer you can go down and into it
(which we’ll do in a moment))

Describe to yourself what is happening down there.
So you’ve gotten your goal, how is it for you?  What are you seeing?
Hearing?  Feeling?  What is happening around you?  Describe it in as
much detail as you like.  If it feels good then spend time on it, milk the thoughts vibrationally, let the energy flow from the feelings.
If it doesn’t feel good then adjust it so it does.  You may want to
work with your thoughts separately and come back to this exercise with
something you DO feel good about.


4.  Step INTO the outcome and experience it vividly.  Feel the emotions.
If you’ve acquired something then how does it feel to have it or own
it.  What does it feel like when you touch/hold it, what is the texture
like?  The colours?  What do you hear?

Spend as long on this as you like.  This could be a
fun place to be!!  Remember, when you’re feeling good you are flowing
life force.  Your thoughts were always your way of flowing energy and
when you’re doing it you feel great.  So milk it, use this to feel as
good as you like.  Keep yourself in this place for as long as you can, at least 17+ seconds (so your vibration adjusts to your thoughts), and minutes and longer if you like.  Play with it than thinking of it as an exercise.  Manifesting, like most things in life, it works best when it’s fun and a game than when it’s a jobPlay!!  Lol

5.  Now this is a key step, go back above your timeline again, like you’re over the event, and go to AFTER the event has occurred.
It can be an hour, a day, a week etc, whatever time period you like,
but it’s AFTER THE SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION of the event, it’s all done
and over and you have what you wanted.  Notice I said ‘wanted’, because from this perspective it will be something that has happened,
i.e. you are AFTER the event has occurred.  Now, look down, how does it
feel?  How does it feel to be being, doing, having what you wanted?  To
be living FROM it?  You can also step down into the event (i.e. after
the goal has happened)

From this perspective, you’re not wanting or looking for something, because you already have it!
You’re not only BEING, DOING, HAVING, but because you are further in
time in having it (from when the goal was achieved), you’ve been being,
doing, having for some time, so in fact the absence of it isn’t even
there because you’ve had it and the vibration of having it is very familiar to you.

Other uses for the Perspective of the Future

This is also a great process for removing anxiety
about something.  Because if you are truly seeing yourself from a
perspective of having something, from beyond its successful completion,
how can you be anxious about it?  It (anxiety) can’t exist because YOU
HAVE WHAT YOU WANT, you’re looking from a perspective of beyond having

And if say you don’t know if you can think about
having it then why not?  Why would you want to line yourself up
vibrationally with something than what you want?  Why would you want to
think of something other than what you want?  It’s taking charge and
taking responsibility of the thoughts you have.

If you were anxious about a date (or an interview for
example), you couldn’t be nervous about it from a perspective of AFTER
it happened could you?  From the day after or a week after for
example.  Anxiety is an emotion of the future and it can’t exist when
you’re looking back from beyond it, with thoughts of having succeeded.
You can get a bit more distance and go into the future a bit more
further on from the outcome if you want to, but anxiety can’t exist if
you’re beyond the event and thinking thoughts of it having gone how you wanted it to, and why would you want to think otherwise anyway…

Something else you can do, if you’re into
conscious/intellectual learnings lol, is when you’re beyond the
successful completion of the outcome you can ask yourself questions
such as:

  • What have you learnt?
  • Who have you become, in what ways have you grown/developed?
  • If you were to give yourself 3-5 great learnings in having achieved this, what would they be?
  • And so on…

And you can ask any questions you want, but remember the answers will be as good as the questions you ask lol.  The Receiving will be as good as the Asking  lol  So ask yourself the most amazing questions you like.

There is no such thing as time, there is only the past and future constructionsperspectivesfrom your present moment, you are working with time to gain insights and perspectives which are always available to you.

You can also go further in time too, for example 10 years or more, and look back at the insights from that perspective, AND USE THEM NOW.
So you’re using the wisdom from the future, NOW, and not having to go
through as much trial learning as you might have otherwise.

Let’s say someone is looking to find someone and be
in a relationship, be married, etc.  They could see the events unravel
in their timeline, they could be above it and look down and see these
events occur, and they could go out to say 10 years in time when
they’ve been married for a number of years, fantastically, happy,
successful experiences (why would you want to entertain a vibration any
less than that…? 🙂 ), they could imagine them to be the most
glorious years of their life.

You can create whatever fantasies and realities you like in
your future and USE THEM to gain massive insights.  What if you created
a future reality of working with the top people in your field, and you
had gained 10 years of insights with them, and brought it back to now
to use?  What is that doing?  It is lining you up vibrationally to that
wisdom, you will be acting and living and feeling FROM that place.
Every thought that has ever been thought is available to you, you just
need to be in vibrational range to access it.

The Physical follows your Vibration

Remember, the physical follows your vibration not
the other way round.  Don’t look around you for things to inspire you,
because whilst there may be things, you’re relying on external (i.e.
outside of you) influences to affect your vibration, which means you’ll
do well when things will be going well, but when there aren’t too many
inspirational things around you you may not do so well (because you’re
relying on external influences), instead be a visionary and blaze a trail based on your thoughts and intentions, let your vibration create the physical experiences to match it, and the irony is you’ll then attract the external influences that inspire you anyway,
no matter what is happening in the world.  The world could be in a
recession but you’ll be amongst those that are thriving because if your vibration is of prosperity, you can’t attract anything other than that, it’s a universal law.

Any questions on this feel free to write to me, I’m
happy to clarify anything, and if you found it of value then great!
And let me know so I have feedback on what you’re liking.  And if it
wasn’t great for you, not to worry, there’s an ABUNDANCE of processes
and things you can do, so there’ll be limitless numbers of those that
WILL be great for you



Coming soon….

Hi Everyone,

Just to let you know there’ll be more coming soon, including a post on Working with Time and emotions, other topics, and at some point I’ll write a post on How I Manifested my recently acquired Car

Have a good day!



Manifesting Money with the Abundance in your life right now!

"I wrote a cheque for 30k euro from the Universe to myself (it was a
blank cheque downloaded from The Secret website).  I thought I did all the necessary steps but the
money did not come (yet). Abraham says it’s as easy to manifest $10k as it is
$10 (or something to that effect!! LOL) so where did I go wrong and how can I
manifest this sum of money?"

Let me ask you, if underlying everything
on a deeper level is a sameness, the same inherent qualities that the whole universe
is made of, and the only thing that makes the distinction is the distinction
you make in your thoughts about it, you
literally ‘carve’ the universe into being through your observations, you turn
the unseen to the seen, the unmanifest to the manifest, then is it as easy…..?  🙂

Or if your observations (hence your vibration) about one thing are as they are about another then is it not just the same…?  🙂  So consequently if your observations about manifesting $10k are as ‘easy’ as your ones of manifesting $10 then how could it be any different…?

Your ability to manifest something is to do with your vibrational harmony about it, and your ability to manifest something else is to do with your vibrational harmony about that too, it’s all the same.  And you use your emotions – how good you feel about it – to tell you how aligned you are with it.

Someone who is used to having $10,000 in a day
will have a different vibration, a different vibrational familiarity about it than someone who is having
say $100. However the ‘$100 person’ can work
themselves into vibrational harmony about it and the physical will follow.  That is the same for anyone on the planet, they have  the power to alter their vibration and hence the conditions they  experience on  a physical level.  You cannot attract something that is not a vibrational match.  So if the ‘$100 person’ raises their vibration they cannot not attract more money.  They’ll attract ideas, opportunities, rendezvous and synchronicities through whatever is the path of least resistance.


Focus on the end, rather than on the money as the means, that’s far more powerful

This may be something for a longer post but
when manifesting money ask yourself what the money is for. Usually when people decide they want money
they have decided that the form of what they want must be in the form of ‘money’ rather than
focusing on what they really want and letting the universe bring it to them via
the path of least resistance. 

For example, someone says ‘I want $20k for a
new car’ or ‘I want $50k for the down-payment on a new home.’ What I would say is focus on the qualities of
what you want. When you see yourself
FROM INSIDE your car or INSIDE your new home it’s more powerful emotionally
(and vibrationally) than seeing 20,000 or 50,000 or so notes. What colour is the car? What do the seats feel like? How does it feel to put your hands on the
steering wheel and turn on the ignition? How does it feel to change gears? What does it feel like to put your foot on the accelerator? What does the interior smell like? What do you hear? Does the engine purr or does it roar? 
What feels best?

And you’d do the same for the home. Describe the interior, what rooms are
where? What furniture do you have? What’s the garden like? What do you get up to in the garden? What about in the summer? And you can describe aspects of the different
rooms. Is it carpeted? Or wooden flooring? Curtains? What colour? What fabric? How does your home ‘feel’ when you enter
it? Cosy? Warm? What other features do you want in your home? Your own bar? A pool? A fountain? Landscaped gardens? A lake? Cinema television? Cinema room? A games
room? Multiple bathrooms?

By you getting involved in the ‘how’ and thinking you require the money as a means to what you want you are not being as
detached or as much of an ‘allower’ as you can be, you are determining that it has to come a
certain way (that you need money for it), and are limiting the ways it can come to you.  Allow yourself to believe in the abundance and infiniteness of the universe.

However, when you are starting out in thinking of what you want, IF thinking about money helps you feel better and more able to attract what you want, if thinking about the means HELPS you, then do it.  It’s all about moulding your thoughts.  Work with them and see what feels best.  Generally, thinking and getting deep into what you want, the end result, enables you to stay away from the ‘how’ and the universe to orchestrate it.

When you get revved up about what you want the
universe orchestrates everything for you
. Your job is to line up vibrationally. When you work in a team you do your job and let the others do theirs,
you don’t need to interfere with the universe doing its job. If you have total faith and certainty and trust, why would you?

Get the essences of what you want the money for

Someone might say ‘Well, I want the money
because I want to feel FREE and SECURE.’ Well get in touch with how that feels. How does being FREE feel to you? What
would you be do or have? Most
importantly how does that all FEEL? How
does SECURE feel? How much money would
you want to feel SECURE? Ok, imagine
having that money right now, how does it
feel? Step into the feelings, and hold
them, at least 17 seconds, for minutes if you can, the longer you hold them the more you are allowing your vibration to adjust to your thoughts and attract more and more thoughts that are a match to it, by virtue of Law of Attraction.

What you have right now in your physical experience is a match to the vibration
you have been giving off. So if someone says
I feel insecure because I only have $x amount now’, well, they only have $x
amount BECAUSE they feel insecure
. If
they change how they feel they will change what they attract
, that’s how it works, and it’s the same for anything and everything. Everything in your life right now, even the people who are with you in a
queue or when you are in a traffic jam, they are all vibrational matches to
your signal. Nothing is around you that
is not a vibrational match to you
, the universe is a vibrational one and the
Law of Attraction is the prevalent and most powerful law within it.  When you change your vibration you change what comes into your life…



How can I make Law of Attraction work FOR ME?

Sharon: Can I ask you a question….have you any tips for maintaining a level of trust? This trips me up a lot and I have LOTS I want to manifest! LOL!

Hemal: Tell me more about what you mean about ‘maintaining a level of trust’?
And it’s great you have LOTS you want to manifest, having LOTS means there’s a good (strong) desire and energy flow, you just have to tap into it with your beliefs and allowing and trusting

Sharon:  Well I KNOW this stuff works, I really do believe it at a conscious level but unconsciously, there’s a bit of doubt and fear…

Hemal: Ok, so is this Trusting thing about you being able to have (and attract) what you want?   (as opposed to that it works)

About doubt and fear, ask yourself:
    –What would happen if it happened? (what you want)
    –What would happen if it didn’t?
See what thoughts, emotions come up for you on that

These questions ask about the consequences of what you want or of not having it.  They will give you an idea of the associations around the issue and vibrations around it.

It’s never about the ‘reality’ of something

If someone is wanting money and their thoughts are on ‘not being poor’, the ‘poor’ element of that creates vibrations around that than on prosperity or wealth.  Most usually people don’t get what they are wanting because on some level they are thinking of something opposed to what they want.  People want to be in a relationship but ‘don’t want to get hurt’ or they want a business but ‘don’t want risk’.  It’s never about the reality of something, it’s ALWAYS about the perception.  You don’t have to perceive that a relationship could mean hurt or a business could mean hurt, it’s all about the associations you (in most cases indeliberately) wire up to each subject.  You could have associations that EXCITE you about being in a relationship or running your own business and being able to express yourself, and the reality would match that.

A person could be in the most dire of situations but put their focus on one thing that they appreciate, compared to the all the other 999,999 things staring them in the face that don’t feel very nice, and by focusing on it, by putting their attention on it their vibrations adjusts to the PRESENCE of what they appreciate (than the absence of something), and as they hold their attention to it, without contradicting it, after several seconds (17+ seconds) by virtue of Law of Attraction another thought comes along to match it……and then another…..and another…and another…and another…and another…and another…and so on….and then the momentum is in the direction of this…and soon enough this manifests on a physical level.

The important thing is the PRESENCE of what you want

The important thing is to keep the attention on the PRESENCE of something you like, it can be anything, whether it be the sunshine or your pet or the fact that you’re alive on this planet or anything, it does not matter what, what is important is the FEELING you create about it.  And then you mustn’t contradict that feeling.  It’s no good someone appreciating wealth and then moan about something else.  Or someone visualise money and then be disappointed when a bill comes through their letterbox.

Unconditional love

You’ve heard the term unconditional love, you’re creating that with this, you are saying (about what you are appreciating or wanting):

I will appreciate you and send you unconditional love and even when there appears to be evidence to the contrary of you in my reality, my physical world, I will still love you and focus on what I love about you (rather than what I might fear or could go wrong)’

And when you truly have unconditional love about it, you won’t be spotting the absence of it  😉  When the bills come through your door you won’t be thinking about them ‘taking your money’ because your consciousness will be focused on abundance and prosperity, whether that be on where you have it currently (it is ALWAYS around you, it’s just whether you spot it) or on what you are expecting to be having, the most important thing is how you feel.

Law of Attraction works even if you don’t believe in it

Now sometimes people might say:
‘I don’t know if this process works’
Or ‘I don’t know if this process can work for me

The Law of Attraction is very much like gravity, it’s there  lol.  You don’t have to believe it’s there for it to work lol.

And Law of Attraction works on vibration.  And your thoughts and more so your feelings are your way of setting your vibrational tone.

So, if one was to consistently have thoughts of abundance, wealth, prosperity, love, joy etc, without contradicting them, but didn’t know or believe about Law of Attraction, that they’d attract those things?  Absolutely! (so long as their disbelief didn’t interfere, i.e. it didn’t create resistance or negative emotions about it and that didn’t create a contradiction.  If their attention is on what they want and it feels good then this won’t be happening)

So I think you can work out where I’m going with this….I’d say play with thoughts that feel nice, just play, imagine, keep your attention there so they affect your vibration.  Focus on the process and the playing and imagining and don’t think too much about whether it works or doesn’t or works for you or doesn’t.  I think years ago they used to say that NASA determined that aerodynamically the bumble bee shouldn’t be able to fly.  But nobody told the bumble bee  lol.

Your thoughts lead to new perspectives which open up more thoughts you couldn’t have had before

Now, if you think about something that feels good right now, anything, keep your attention on it.  What will happen is your vibration will shift and from your new vibrational perspective you will have more thoughts and feelings and ideas open to you than you did previously.  And FEELING from there will give you a new vibrational platform, and so on.

If you have a certain goal and thinking about it right now doesn’t feel great, that might just mean that you have a desire, and because your beliefs aren’t lined up to it it doesn’t feel good, there is discord.  Let’s say for example it’s a financial goal.  So you could start by thinking about how wonderful money is and what you could do with it.  You could think about how much fun you’ve had with it in the past.  ANYTHING THAT FEELS GOOD.  That will create a new vibrational platform for more thoughts, and so on.  And soon enough you will be (vibrationally) at your goal or beyond it.  The momentum in the direction of the goal will not be step by step but can be greater than exponential.  Don’t confuse rational progress with  the infinite resources available when you’re lined up vibrationally.

Do the emotional journey

Do the emotional journey, and let the physical reality match it.  Your job is to practice the emotional, vibrational journey so well that it is SO familiar to you, that you know it so well, in fact you know it better than anything.  The physical reality then can’t do anything but match it, it has no choice, it’s Law.  And then you’d find it difficult not to believe something could work for you 😉



Using the Law of Attraction in Attracting Soulmates

There are so many things that can be said about using the Law of Attraction in attracting soulmates, here are some thoughts for now…

Treat yourself how you want your soul mate to be.  See in yourself the things you are looking for.

Often people are looking for qualities on the outside which they feel
they do not have on the inside, they project them onto the outside
world and expect it to compensate for what they’re looking for within,
whether that be confidence, love, self value, beauty, wealth, etc etc

If you got your soul mate what would you have?  What would you feel?  And how/where are in your life currently relative to this?
If when you ask that you get a positive emotion then your soul mate’s
on their way. If it’s not so positive and you feel your soul mate will
provide these, work on having these qualities in your life – and I say
qualities, which is FEEL as if you have them, live from the place of
having them
. You can feel beautiful no matter how you look, you can
feel wealthy no matter how much you have. Your skill is in seeing the
beauty, wealth (or any other quality)
. If you can’t see it how can you
expect someone else to?

You will then find you’re not looking for your soul mate in the same
way – because you have what you’re looking for, and your soul mate will
be an expression of that, rather than trying to fill a gap so to speak,
it will be a different feeling/experience – but in turn you are also
more attractive (spiritually/vibrationally)
for what you’re looking for and you are getting closer to it. As your
attention is on what you have (than on what you lack), that will
manifest on a physical level. You will also be more ‘attractive’ and
people will be drawn to you because they will feel it vibrationally.
They will see you are not looking towards others to fill something you
feel may be lacking but instead are in your own joy and they will want
to be a part of it, and it grows and grows

In actual fact, everything and everyone you attract is your ‘soulmate’
because everything is from spirit (where you have come from too) and
everything you experience is a match to the vibrational signal you are
giving, though classically it’s referred to as that wonderful magical
synchronistic experience.

Line up in seeing the magic within you and
allow it to express itself…




Synchronicity and Manifesting

Is there a link between Synchronicity and Manifesting?

Absolutely! Yes there IS a link between manifesting and synchronicity,
in fact it’s more than a link, synchronicity is a channel for the
manifestation to come through, depending on how one defines
synchronicity and manifestation.

Many people live their lives from the place of action and ‘doing’,
there is FAR more power when one lines up vibrationally (through their
emotions) with the power of the universe
, you can do far more in being
lined up with the universe than you could in hundreds of lifetimes
through action alone, one is someone acting in concert with the [power
of the] universe, the other is someone acting on their physical actions

The shortest/quickest way to what you want is to follow your joy/love etc
, and to go after it vibrationally/emotionally.

The universe knows the big picture. You follow your impulses and
feelings, you will then know not to go down the road which you would
normally rationally assume is the way you should do things because
there is a dead end ahead which you wouldn’t know rationally, and
you’ll know to do the spontaneous thing you wouldn’t normally
rationally think of but will in actual fact lead to something else
which will lead to something else which gets you what you want.
synchronicities get you there via the path of least resistance, but you
have to line up with them through your vibration (via your emotions)




‘HOW’ do I achieve my dreams?

Hemal, when I set a goal or a dream I find it difficult to let go of
the logistics of it, I immediately get bogged down with ‘Oh how am
I ever gonna accomplish this?’
What can I do with that?

Oh this is a good one

First of all realise that every desire/dream in the universe has the
mechanics of its fulfillment within it
, just from the desire (kind of
like a seed has a tree in it)

You want to think about what you want, and feel the nice things about
it and let the universe take care of the how
, kind of like how you
don’t wonder how the seed will grow into a tree.

In terms of what you do, you want to start gently (what I call
‘softening’), think only the gentlest thoughts about it (that would probably mean not getting into the ‘how’), I’ll illustrate with an example. Say it’s about
money, so you might think about the nice things money does for people
around the world and how wonderful it is and what it can create and
what someone can buy with it, etc. 

Notice (when I said gently/softly),
you’re not at all getting into YOU having money and hence the ‘how’ and
any other resistance doesn’t come into it, but you are creating a
vibration within you
of how wonderful money is. What will happen is
whilst you keep your thoughts gently on that (without resistance), then
your vibration will change, and you will be able to have other thoughts
from that without resistance, and so on, in a sense you are
chaining/bridging to where you want to get to/feel

Start with the gentlest thoughts, make it fun.  If it’s not feeling comfortable then soften it

You can also say things like:

I know what I want might seem big but I know that is not my job, my job
is to enjoy the wonderful feelings my goal creates within me and the
excitement, and I know that as I get excited the how will unfold for me
and I’ll enjoy the experience of it

The better better feeling thoughts you create the quicker it unfolds,
but don’t think about the when, how, time, who, etc, you just focus on
the good feeling what and whys

Your job is to summon and allow the energy and to let it unfold
, when you
get onto the logistics you’re living from your humanity not your
divinity, your action not your emotions (just to clarify for anyone
new to this, you want to be living from your good feeling emotions
which will summon your divinity so you won’t be needing to use so much
in the way of actions, more in the way of inspired, ‘leveraged’ actions
which will get you to where you want to go via the shortest possible
route, also known as the path of least resistance, also known as the
path of least effort…)



Law of Least Effort

Here is a reply I posted on a forum in response to someone asking about what The Law of Least Effort is

Ok, I’m assuming your question on the law of least effort is relative to the law of least
resistance which is your outcome will come to you via the path of least
resistance (or least effort). So for example, if you set a goal for x
amount of money yet you feel you need to ‘work’ for it, the goal will
come to you via the easiest way possible, in line with your beliefs (so
in this example, more likely via the route of ‘work’). Your job is to
line up your beliefs and thoughts and ‘allow’ it in the easiest way you
can. By being in the vibration of what you want (thinking/feeling from
it) you are doing that. When you feel grateful, appreciative, joy, etc,
you are allowing.

Right, well what you’re saying re: working hard is about ‘action’.
The universe is a vibrational universe, not an action universe lol.
People have seen others take action and have done the same, but
oftentimes they haven’t gotten the same results (oftentimes because
although they took the same action, they weren’t vibrationally lined up
as the first person). Oftentimes for people, taking action is how they
get into alignment based on their beliefs, kind of like the example
above about money. i.e. ‘If I DO x then I’m more likely to get my
outcome, and if I don’t then maybe not
’, in that case they are better
off doing the action. However they can reach the same vibration without
taking the action. And when one is lined up vibrationally, they will
feel INSPIRED to take action. Inspired action is different to people
taking action to ‘compensate’ for their (lack of) vibrational alignment.

I would say, until you’re ok with the notion of vibrational
alignment keep taking the actions you believe are ‘right’, trust your
instincts and feelings, and also realise it’s all vibrational based
than action based. There are not enough actions in the world for
someone who is out of vibrational alignment
lol. So entertain the
notion of vibrational alignment and practice, imagine, etc what you
want, make it a dominant part of your experience. And when something
becomes a dominant part of your experience/vibration, you’ll feel the
impulses/actions to take

You know what it’s like when you feel totally
inspired/compelled/excited and the ideas are just flowing…  🙂