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This is a movie created by my friend Ken MacLean in Michigan, USA, some of the affiliate banners you see (including on this post) link to ebooks or products that he has worked on.  If you want more information on the Law of Attraction Explained Movie you can click the (affiliate) banners.

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FREE Abraham-Hicks audios

Here are some free introductory audios to Abraham and Jerry & Esther Hicks.

If you are someone who has heard of the Law of Attraction (or even if you haven’t) or someone who has watched/read The Secret and have learnt a little (or even a lot), you could find great value in covering the Abraham material.  Personally I resonate very much with the viewpoint of Abraham and think their material is amongst the best around on Law of Attraction.  My posts on the blog resonate very much with their viewpoint but of course we come from our own unique places and have our own mixes to our work, just like in life, we all bring our own unique recipe to the mix and each contribute to the greater whole.

Their books (see the Books section) are informative, I personally enjoyed them a lot more having heard Abraham, having been in tune with their vibe.  Do also check out the Oprah interviews with Esther/Abraham if you haven’t already, they’re great intros too.

On these free Abraham Hicks audios, from their free Introductory CD, the first six or so are Jerry & Esther giving an introduction as to how they came across Abraham and subsequent ones are Abraham speaking.  In the case of the Oprah audios, she speaks to Esther in the first audio and Abraham in the two subsequent ones.  My point being that it’s worth hearing Abraham speak.

The audios were recorded in the early 90s (or late 80s possibly) and are the early recordings with Abraham and give an introduction to them, their work, and the Law of Attraction, and other laws and contexts in applying the Law of Attraction.



Law of Attraction: Oprah interviews Esther Hicks & Abraham

Law of Attraction: Oprah interviews Esther Hicks/Abraham

Oprah interviews Esther of Abraham Hicks about the Law of Attraction

If you’d like to download the interviews of Oprah interviewing Esther (of Abraham Hicks) about the Law of Attraction on her Oprah XM Radio show you can access them below.

For those of you that are new to Law of Attraction or Abraham Hicks. this is especially worth looking into. For those of you with a bit more ‘experience’ there’s enjoyment in listening to Esther and Abraham I’m sure.

If I remember correctly, in the first audio Oprah interviews Esther and in the subsequent ones she speaks to Abraham and asks them various questions, including about what or who is Abraham,  Law of Attraction, 9/11, their involvement with The Secret, and other questions.

You can click on them to listen to them online or, depending on your browser, right click on them and Save Target/Link As

Oprah & Esther/Abraham Hicks about the Law of Attraction 1

Oprah & Esther/Abraham Hicks about the Law of Attraction 2

Oprah & Esther/Abraham Hicks about the Law of Attraction 3