Attracting Someone Specific using the Law of Attraction

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Attracting Someone Specific using the Law of Attraction

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I want to ask about attracting someone specific using the Law of Attraction.  I read your article on how you really wanted the Jaguar and got it!  Amazing.. anyways I really hope you can help me because I think its fate that I have this opportunity to seek advise from you.. I really like this young man and I know he is the one for me but he has not shown much interest back yet.. although I know deep down we are going to be spending the rest of our lives together can you please help me or guide me how to use the Law of Attraction to manifest my dream to be together with him forever.thanks very much.. I would really appreciate it if you could help me….


When having a scenario of attracting someone specific, you focus on what it would feel like to be with this person. How does it feel? What are the qualities? And you think, you visualise and FEEL from that place. You FEEL excitement.

I know you feel this is ‘The One’. There are many ‘Ones’. The Universe (God, or whatever you want to call it) is abundant – including this one that you have found.

Let go that it has to be this one in that you are allowing this one – or any other - that feels and has qualities at least as good to be in your life.  By you ‘forcing’ this particular person, it could push against it. The way you know is how you feel.

The Universe is not scarce or limited. It will provide you everything you want. But it will find the best ‘form’ of the essence that you are offering – it can be this person or another but it will reflect back how you feel. If you feel wonderful, in love, looking ahead to a wonderful future, having all the things that you think about and more, it will reflect that back.

Just focus on what feels good. If things appear not to be ‘going to plan’, let go of thinking of this particular person and let it come to you in the best way. If you believe in God, the Universe or anything else, it’s all the same thing – have faith in the bigger picture, and stay feeling from a wonderful place so what you want can find its way to you.

I m so happy that you replied to me.. you are absolutely right.. i will focus on the qualities and not the one person…. the right personcould be him but its the qualities that i m so drawn to and i know, i know like I know he is coming soon into my life…may god bless u always.


You could be fixated on this guy, and not know how he is about marriage, but there might have been another guy standing right next to you who is at least as ‘perfect’ for you and is ready and willing and wanting to be with you but you never saw him because you were looking at this other guy.

So focus on what you want to feel and experience and let the form take care of itself – it can happen in the most wonderful and magical of ways.

And also take it as a sign that the fact that you’ve experienced something tells you that you are thinking/feeling in a good way and are on your way.

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Using the Law of Attraction in Attracting Soulmates

There are so many things that can be said about using the Law of Attraction in attracting soulmates, here are some thoughts for now…

Treat yourself how you want your soul mate to be.  See in yourself the things you are looking for.

Often people are looking for qualities on the outside which they feel
they do not have on the inside, they project them onto the outside
world and expect it to compensate for what they’re looking for within,
whether that be confidence, love, self value, beauty, wealth, etc etc

If you got your soul mate what would you have?  What would you feel?  And how/where are in your life currently relative to this?
If when you ask that you get a positive emotion then your soul mate’s
on their way. If it’s not so positive and you feel your soul mate will
provide these, work on having these qualities in your life – and I say
qualities, which is FEEL as if you have them, live from the place of
having them
. You can feel beautiful no matter how you look, you can
feel wealthy no matter how much you have. Your skill is in seeing the
beauty, wealth (or any other quality)
. If you can’t see it how can you
expect someone else to?

You will then find you’re not looking for your soul mate in the same
way – because you have what you’re looking for, and your soul mate will
be an expression of that, rather than trying to fill a gap so to speak,
it will be a different feeling/experience – but in turn you are also
more attractive (spiritually/vibrationally)
for what you’re looking for and you are getting closer to it. As your
attention is on what you have (than on what you lack), that will
manifest on a physical level. You will also be more ‘attractive’ and
people will be drawn to you because they will feel it vibrationally.
They will see you are not looking towards others to fill something you
feel may be lacking but instead are in your own joy and they will want
to be a part of it, and it grows and grows

In actual fact, everything and everyone you attract is your ‘soulmate’
because everything is from spirit (where you have come from too) and
everything you experience is a match to the vibrational signal you are
giving, though classically it’s referred to as that wonderful magical
synchronistic experience.

Line up in seeing the magic within you and
allow it to express itself…