49 Thoughts on Law of Attraction and Money (and Anything else!)


From the following, take what you enjoy and what resonates for you at this moment.  At another time, something else may resonate more with you or make more sense to you at that moment ; )


1 – You thought this would be about money, didn’t you?  Well, it is, and a whole lot more.  You attracting money, or anything else, isn’t just about what you are intending to attract, but about you and your flow, which is much more than just that ‘thing’.  When you are in that place, you attract money, and all sorts of other things.

We are talking about money, but abundance and your flow are really what it is about.  Money is a part of that.

2 – Money is a by-product of your energy about the subject.  We can very easily focus on the financial condition and not realise the cause – that it is an energetic cause.

3 – There is no limit to what can flow into your life, other than your beliefs.

4 – You can focus on abundance or lack, the Universe will magnify either.

5 – Money (or anything else) is a manifestation of your consciousness.  It is a non-physical Universe, and it is also a physical world that you live in.  What is around you is an energetic match to your thoughts and emotions.

6 – One of the key reasons people do not attract the wealth they would like is their attention to lack or on what they do not have or on what will happen because they do not have enough.  Or they have associations to money which are negative and repell it.

7 – Take your attention away from the lack of it.  Make a list of the thoughts you have on a daily basis which focus on the lack of money and work on letting them go. (More tips on this below)

8 – You may say “Well, the reality is I DON’T have enough, what am I supposed to do?”

Focus on aspects of money that feel good (or better, or less worse – something which is an improvement). Turn your attention away from ‘reality’.  Deal with what you need to in the real and action world, but don’t dwell on the lack of it.  Turn your attention towards what feels good about it. Whether something in the present moment, something you can fantasise in the future, or even a past memory.  They key is the emotion you create in your now about it.  You are attracting more that is a match to it.

9 – It’s not just the thoughts about something, but the emotion/vibration behind it.  That’s KEY.

10 – The feelings you have about something are from the combination of your beliefs about that subject.

Notice how all these thoughts FEEL. Do they uplift you and flow your natural spirit through you?  Or are there implications around fear and lack?


Rose -2


11- All it takes is to find a pure thought – a thought that is of what you want, and build on it.  This is what Law of Attraction is, on a very simple level.

Find a thought that feels good.  Do not doubt it or contradict it.  Focus on the enjoyment of it, and allow it to build and build.  Most people do not get through a sentence without saying why they can’t have it or contradicting what they want.  Keep your focus on positive statements and build those statements.  Add more and more.  Build the vibration of what you want.  The excitement will build and you will see manifestations.

12 – There is no conflict between money, or whatever else, and anything else in this Universe, other than your beliefs about it.

Just like anything and everything else in this Universe, money and abundance is as beautiful as you want to see it.  It’s to do with the eyes you see it from, not what it is.  Allow yourself to be fine about it.  You don’t have to share it with others, especially if they have different views, but allow yourself to be fine about it.

Conflicts are “I can EITHER have this OR that”.  Make it about “As I have this, I have that TOO”, or “In me having this, I get to have so much more of everything else too”.  Money, like anything else, is a tool to your expansion.  You can choose whichever tools you’d like in your life.

13 – Money, like anything else, does not make someone good or bad. It magnifies who they are. It is an enabler, a magnifier.

14 – You may feel that money is not consistent with service or spiritual development.  Remember, despite it being intelligence, the Universe is energy and offers no judgement – you do through your beliefs.  Money, literally, is as ‘spiritual’ as anything else is.  It is all the same.  You carve the Universe into distinctions through your beliefs.

If you believe that service or spiritual development and money are incompatible, then they will be for you.  If you believe that you can thrive with them and money, you will thrive.

15 – There is nothing wrong with money or anything else.  Your associations – your thoughts, especially your instinctive thoughts about it, are what influences how it is for you.

16 – You may be visualising or affirming more money, but how do you FEEL?  It’s not about the thoughts, but more so about the EMOTIONS you experience.

Notice the frequency/vibration you have about money by your emotions about it.  You attract things within that vicinity.  Whether things of a financial nature, or other things.

17 – When many others teach Law of Attraction, they may often hype it with promises of monetary gain and other material delights.  That’s absolutely fine.  I just want you to know it’s about that, and anything else you want it to be.

Law of Attraction is a universal law, it applies to EVERYTHING, and everywhere.  You can attract whatever you want. 

18 – It is not necessarily about believing you can attract money, it is about not resisting your flow of money.  Energy, like a stream of water, flows, other than when it is blocked or misdirected.

If you can enjoy money (thus offering the vibration of it), and not doubt or fear it or anything else, you are on your way.  Allow yourself to attract more thoughts that match that.

It is actually easier to focus on abundance because the Universe is pure positive energy, that is your natural birthright, and that is where your natural flow is.  It’s just that along the way you learned habits, behaviours and attitudes that prevented you from knowing who you are (the infinite vibrational pure positive being that you are that knows no limits, is connected to everything, and is full of and knows their possibilities).

19 – You have a relationship with everything in this Universe, that includes money, and everything else.

What happens in your relationship with that ‘thing’ is down to how YOU relate to it.  It is a process you are doing in every moment.

When you are out of your flow in a relationship with a lover, they will sense it and it will feel uncomfortable for them.  When you are not feeling very good, it will be picked up by your presence, not necessarily on a seen level, but an unseen level more-so.  When you are joyous and feeling good, this will be attractive and will be felt on an unseen level.  People and situations will be drawn to you.

Now, notice the relationship you have with money and how it feels.  If you were money, would you want to deepen the relationship with you?  Everything in the Universe is vibrating and has an intelligence.  Would money want to seek you?

20 – Play games and imagine having more and more.  You are an expansive, vibrational being.  Allow yourself to daydream, imagine, visualise, and whatever other ways you have of seeing yourself with more.  Pretend that you have greater and greater means if that enables you to imagine more.

Expand the vibrational range you allow yourself to experience.  If you are used to focusing on ‘paying your bills’ and ‘getting by’, allow yourself, if it feels fun, to imagine what it would be like with immeasurable wealth.  How would it be?  What would you do?  Where would you go?  What would you do for the ones you love?

Expand your consciousness around money.  Imagine more flowing in.  Where your attention and energy goes, the Universe goes.  Open up your ‘pores’ and allow it.




21-If time and money weren’t a factor, how would your life be?

Create the thought space for what is to come into your life.

22 – Consider the thoughts and emotions you have (such as about money, or anything else) in your day.

Many people visualise or do other processes but their money situation doesn’t change.  Oftentimes, they are building a vibration when they do their processes, but they then contradict it with worries and fears during the day with their daily observations.  Hence, not a lot changes.  And in some cases they then doubt that Law of Attraction works.  It’s not the Universe that’s at fault, it’s the signal you’re giving it : )

23 – How do you feel when you feel you do not have enough money?

– Lower self-esteem?
– Feeling down
– Feeling restricted?
– Disappointment?

Notice the emotional habits you are having on a daily basis, whether about money or anything else.  Work on raising your ‘set-point’, so to speak.  As you raise your vibration, what you experience in your life also changes.

24 – When you think about money, how does it feel?  Is there a natural upliftment?  or does it feel like something which is hard work or not possible?  Allow yourself to feel good about the subject of money.  Allow yourself to feel good in general.

If you can’t at the moment feel good about money, feel good about something else and don’t think about money, whilst it doesn’t feel good. In feeling good about something else, you are allowing yourself to build that vibration.  Money and abundance can come to you via another avenue, another path of least resistance, if money directly is something you are not lined up with.

(Focus on what feels good and find your flow.  That is better than working on something that is very difficult.)

25 – Initially, because of what they are going through, people may not find it easy to feel good about themselves and money.  So, find pictures in brochures, online etc,and feel good about money as a subject, period.  Then, once that feels good, you can start to imagine it and feel good about it in your life.

Let go of the ‘how’ and other details.  Focus on the enjoymentThe Universe hears your vibration, it doesn’t need to know from your tiny finite conscious mind how you think it should do, it has unlimited, infinite resources that create worlds, and that synchronise nature and planets.  It doesn’t need to know the ‘how’ from you.

26 – When you value yourself enough to be in your flow, allow the Universe to value you and do the same…

27 – The Universe is totally abundant.  It is pure potential waiting for you to impress upon it with your intention and alignment.  It WANTS you to do that, for in the process, it, and you, both expand and grow…

If there ever was a case there wasn’t ‘enough’ (which would never be the case, there is always more than enough), the Universe would expand and create more.  You have no worry of any shortage.  The Universe is an infinite, abundant, unlimited intelligent being.

28 – Usually, people focus on money because they do not have enough of it – the lack of it, usually, but not always.  The ones who have it, will tend to focus on other things such as their joy, passion, love, and money comes as a natural consequence.  The ones who do not have it feel often feel they cannot afford to do that.

29 – How to identify the beliefs you have around money?  I will cover other techniques at the Law of Attraction in Las Vegas event, but one way is take a page and write “Money is…”  and write and write.  Don’t think, just write.

See what you have written on the page.  Notice how it feels.  Now, if you were money, would you be attracted to you?

30 – No matter how bad things are (if they are), they can turn around. All the possibilities available to you aren’t visible.  They become visible by your attention to them.  You have to see them as possible before they appear.


castle in hand-2


31 – It’s actually not just about money, it’s about you being in your flow.  Money is just a consequence or symptom of you being in tune with your flowThe quickest, easiest way to your flow is finding things that you enjoy.  As you focus on those, and you feel better and better, you are more in harmony with the Universe and what you want.

32 – To be abundant, offer an abundant vibration.

There are various differences and consequences of you living from an abundant vibration versus a scarcity vibration.  This will be covered in detail at the Law of Attraction in Las Vegas event, but they affect the way you look at your world, the choices you make, how they affect you when they make decisions, and so on.

At the Vegas event I will cover these differences, how to be aware of them within yourself, and how to soften things so you live from a place of choice, than ‘need’ or ‘necessity’.  You will also be aware of the linguistic ‘markers’ – in the words or phrases – that you or others use to notice them.

33 – Abundance and scarcity are frequencies.  It is your choice which you want to tune into.  You can focus on shortage and on what there isn’t and on what is so terrible in the world, or you can focus on possibilities, use your imagination, and what is plentiful. Neither is right or wrong, they are both choices.  You have total freewill what you focus upon.  The Universe will deliver to you more of what you are vibrating.

34 – It doesn’t matter what background, education or qualifications or geographically where you are.  This whole Universe is a vibrational Universe.  You change your vibration and either your environment changes to reflect that, or you are naturally drawn to an environment that resonates with you, depending on your path of least resistance.

35 – You may feel that there are situations and conditions in your life that prevent you from having money.  Let go of your beliefs about how money can come to you.

The Universe can only bring you money based on how you believe it can come to you.  Put your vibration on you having the money and let the Universe figure out the ‘how’.  Let go of your beliefs about it.

Money can come to you in as many ways as you allow it to come to you.  If you believe it must be a certain way, it can then only come to you that certain way.

36 – Remember, the Universe is energy and everything is vibration.  The form is malleable based on your thoughts and beliefs.  You are moulding and shaping the Universe, and your experiences within it, by your thoughts, emotions and beliefs.

37 – If you believe you have a genetic disease called ‘poverty’, it is time to get that belief out of your system.  It is time to inject prosperity into your system by your attention to it.
It is not a genetic disease, it is an attention disease.

38 – You may be born in a certain place, amongst certain people, be living amongst certain people or have certain conditions that you believe are not conducive to you having abundance.  Realise your story has a happy ending, and that was all part of the journey. 

It’s not the conditions or the environment that will determine what happens, it’s what you focus upon.  Start to play the story in your mind of the happy ending, despite the conditions you came from. 

Withdraw your focus, internally, than to the conditions and environment on the external.  Soon enough, you will get confirmation from your environment and the manifestations will start.  First as a trickle, but as you allow, they will get quicker and bigger.  They will then tell the story about you and how you ‘made it’, DESPITE the conditions.

39 – It doesn’t matter what anyone says about you and money,  you have your own connection to everything in the Universe.  You can allow yourself to be influenced and affected by others, but no one controls your flow other than you.

40 – When you assume that something outside of you needs to change for you to attract what you want, you tend not to look within as much and to your own powers of divinity.




41- When you feel scared and out of your flow, realise the signals are strongest and ‘loudest’ as to what to do. If everything is darkness, the light is even easier to see.

42 – When you have the abundance and money that you would like, what would it be like?  Are you practising this more than your fears and attention on what you do not have?

How do you see yourself in your mind’s eye?

43 – When you think of you and prosperity, what’s the first thought that comes to your mind?  That can be a clue as to how you see yourself (in relation to prosperity), too.

44 – You will attract whatever your dominant attention is on something. If it on the side of prosperity and abundance, that will build and grow.  If it’s on the side of lack, that’s what you will experience.  The way you know is how you feel.  Is it feeling worse?  Or better?

45 – What is the worst that can happen?  What are your greatest fears?  Make peace with this.

By pushing against it and fearing/not wanting it, it has a ‘charge’.  Make peace with it, whether in terms of things you can do, or how you feel about it, so you let go of the emotions and the ‘charge’ around it.

If you are bullet proof emotionally, if you do not fear (And that is down to your perspective.  We will be going into it in detail at the Law of Attraction in Las Vegas event) something, or have let go of the negative emotions around it, you are creating space around you, vibrationally and physically, for it to come into your life.  At the least you are not keeping your attention on what you don’t want.  That energy you release, creates space for new things.  It also feels better and is kinder on you and your body.

46 – Don’t worry about the past or look back with regret.  Remember you have a fresh platform in your now and the Universe is listening to your vibration right now.

47 – Did we say it’s not just about the money.  In fact, these thoughts apply anywhere and everywhere in your life : )

48 – Allow time and space for you and move towards enjoying your life.  As you raise your vibration, all areas of your life can prosper.

49 – Join Manifesting Excellence!


Law of Attraction



Manifesting by Keeping your Thoughts ‘Pure’

 Send the Universe a clear and pure (i.e. not-mixed) message and it will respond as quickly as the purity and emotional intensity of your message



I’ll use a material example to illustrate a ‘pure’ message. Let’s say you want to manifest a car and you say “Oh I’m looking forward to my shiny red car outside my drive, but I can’t afford it…

Notice how good it feels up to the ‘but‘ – that is where you are contradicting it, that is where you are mixing up your vibration. If you stop just before that and keep your focus on what feels good (i.e. the car) and keep your attention there, then what feels good is what you are attracting.


Although the above is a material example it applies to anything to do with vibration, keep your focus on what feels good, the better it feels the more pure it is. And the more pure it is the quicker it is in coming into your experience. The more pure it is the less you are giving in terms of mixed signals, the more congruent and aligned is the vibrational signal you are giving off.

When you mix up your
vibration you get mixed results or not very much movement at all, it is
like trying to drive with the brakes on, going forward and being pulled back, and it is not a very
comfortable experience!  And if we keep doing that, i.e. trying to go
forward whilst having resistance, the resistance can grow (attracts
more of the same) and grow and we can see physiological
ailments from it.


In terms of relationships, if you are saying something like “My partner (or potential partner!) is so wonderful I love this and this and this about him or her, I wonder if we can make it work…” then…

As you can guess, when you are saying “I wonder if we can make it work” that is mixing up your vibration about what you want.  When you do the first part and are appreciating and loving your partner, inherent within that emotion is the physical manifestation of that which is a match to it, LET IT HAPPEN.  Don’t mix it up!  And it feels good too!  Focus on what you love and appreciate about your partner, don’t complicate it by trying to figure out the how, that’s when you are bringing your conscious physical mind into it and it does not have anywhere near the resources that the Universe or ‘God’ has!



Here’s another few examples, this time about money:

I want to have soooo much money, but how will I do it?”

I’m going to be a millionaire.  I know some millionaires that are not very nice

Can you see the contradictions in the vibration in the statements?  And remember, you create your reality, everything you experience in your physical reality is a creation on your part, it’s like you have chosen the script and they have taken their roles based on the script you have given them.  Many times you may try to fire the actors and replace them but it’s the script you want to work with – the script that you are vibrating.

Practice the vibration of how you would like things to be rather than the automated scripts you have had running which have been creating your reality without you being aware of it, start creating your reality and your experiences WITH INTENT


Many times people will leave lovers or leave jobs or move countries but they find themselves in a similar situation as before.  The reason for this is whilst they have changed their surroundings and the people around them they are still giving off the same vibration so they are attracting similar situations.  I heard a saying many years ago and it went like this: Wherever you go, there you are.  It’s never about where you go or who’s around you, it’s about working with your vibration, with many of the techniques mentioned on this blog and audios etc, and getting yourself to a place where you are LOVING what is around you, and that will create more of the same, you will attract more things to love.


So, to conclude about ‘pure’, when you think about what you want – or anything – keep your thoughts pure, keep them on what feels good about it. Don’t try to figure it out or work out the ‘how’ or question it, if you just focus on what feels good and keep yourself there (and don’t do ‘buts’) you are attracting what you want, because those pure thoughts will QUICKLY attract more thoughts that match and will grow and your excitement will grow and you will quickly see the physical manifestation. The Universe manifests quickly for you when you get out of the way and let it do what it does best, and you do what you do best, which is to be a creator in harmony WITH the Universe, and that is through you having a pure vibration

Conversation about Money II


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Currently there is a lot happening around the world and there are a lot of headlines and people are asking 'What do we do about this?' There are many suggestions, and many of them from an economic/'physical world'/action perspective have involved holding back the reins on spending and 'contracting' and so on.

This post talks about taking a bigger perspective and knowing you are part of a far greater power you can tap into at any moment no matter what is happening in the world and no matter what is being said or predicted. In effect you are always creating your own stream of abundance

Add your comments and questions at the end, they may stimulate another post as appropriate or may be covered in a teleclass soon



Can you talk about the current economic climate?

The economic climate is actually just a fraction of what there 'is' (you will find out more about that in a moment), and despite what you may hear in the media wellbeing actually abounds.  Generally the current climate in the mainstream media is of fear and impending fear, but that does not mean that it is or has to be that way for you.

The whole world can beat the path of fear and doom and gloom but in this divine Universe you have your own connection with God (/Universe), that is never not the case, you can set your own path through your thoughts and feelings.

When you do that you will attract those that are a match to that. There WILL be those that ARE a match to that, you cannot have a vibration and not have a match, and this Universe is pure potential and pure abundance, everything truly is possible.

Most of the mass consciousness is very used to seeing what is happening and as a result of that having their vibration determined and their lives radiate not too far from the mean. YOU set your course through your deliberate intent. What do you want from your life? How would you like things to be? If you could have what you want how would things be? If you couldn't fail, what would you strive for?

All possibilities are truly open to you. Disregard all that you hear about what is happening. Feed yourself information on how you would like it to be, the possibilities and the mechanics of that will present themselves to you, you always attract that which is a match to you. Whether it be doom and gloom or prosperity, abundance and possibilities for you and those you love.



Ok, so what will happen?

By virtue of Law of Attraction, if there is excitement and positivity it grows and grows and grows and grows.  Currently there is a fear and that has the potential of growing and growing and growing. The governments will try things and the people will watch and hope. The answer is not in you watching something outside of yourself it is in you tapping into your own divinity, your own power, your own 'Source' and creating and orchestrating. You will then see things happen. And others will take from your inspiration. You may not even tell them anything but they will 'feel' it from you, they will be innately drawn to you. And what will happen is prosperity will grow, and it will feed more and more and more and more. And then it will be rampant and feed more.

And then everyone will define the success in economic and physical action terms but there was a lot of spiritual and non-physical going on underneath. And by 'non-physical' we just mean it to be things on the level of thought, spirit, vibration, 'God', 'Universe' etc, the things you don't necessarily 'see' but you can 'feel', and they are there as much as anything and everything else in your life, in fact even far more so. This post, amongst others on this blog, is getting you in tune with this.

There is no problem or shortage in your life that you cannot get out of or solve, what you are seeing is the physical manifestation of it, you are not seeing the non-physical or spiritual or thought reasons behind it because you are so used to looking at only what you can 'see' rather than trusting your instincts on what you 'feel'. As you work on your thought level the physical will take shape and respond to it, it can't not.



So where are we going wrong?

Well everything is 'perfect' in that it is always contributing to your growth, individually and as a consciousness. Even the things that went wrong in your life, you have gained in many ways. Not necessarily just through conscious lessons but vibrationally you always grow and expand. The desire for it to never happen again can be a strong attractor for what you want, but the importance is on having your attention and focus and vibration on what you want than pushing away what you don't (by focusing on it), you are using what happened to define what you want and powerfully draw towards it.

But from a human perspective you may say 'How come this is happening?' and 'What can we do about it?'  Start gently by taking your attention off the fear and off what might happen and start to veer your course towards what you DO want.  More on that in a moment, but if you could have things how you want them, how would you like them?  Start by practicing those thoughts, and as you practice them the vibration of that will get stronger and you will experience more of it.

Know that you attract things that are a vibrational match and not things that are not a match to your thoughts.  If your vibration and attention is absent of fear and doom and gloom you will not be attracting experiences that match that, it will be vibrationally apart, it will be a different frequency. If despite whatever may be happening, your vibration is on your own prosperity and the divine abundance there always is, that will be your experience.

There are MANY prosperous experiences happening in your day EVERY DAY, put your attention on those rather than the things that the media portrays, that is how you set your course by your intent and power than by accident and mayhem and chance.


Can you talk more about prosperity spiritually?  And regarding money?

You are very much used to seeing a physical world and your physical manifestations. There is a spiritual world around you which is not as visible or as obvious to your eye at the moment, but it CAN be sensed in other ways such as through your feelings. When you work with your thoughts and vibration you are getting into synch with it and it is orchestrating things on the physical level as a result. YOUR PHYSICAL WORLD RESPONDS TO THE NON-PHYSICAL/SPIRITUAL. That is the easiest way of creating in the physical world and how it was meant to be; action was meant to be the last step in claiming it, the picking of the fruit from the tree so to speak.

So money like anything else is an energy, it also has a spiritual/non-physical component, or rather the physical is a manifestation of it. Money responds to your thoughts about it. If you are scared of not having it or of having it, it responds to your vibration of fear and those are the experiences you have with it. If you are comfortable and enjoy money and what it can do for you then it is drawn to you. Why would you not enjoy money, it is like everything else in life, why would you want to have resistance towards it? Allow it to flow naturally into your life and you are happy to pass it on as you know there is plenty to come, you are in a natural flow with everything around you. It comes to you easily and you enjoy passing it on for what you get from the PROCESS of doing that – your joy in the moment – and more comes to you, and it attracts more of the same

Money is the same as anything else in the Universe, it is energetic in nature and you do not need to be shy about it nor scared of it, it will match your vibration to what you have about it, as will everything else, whether it be love or health or anything else in your life, they are all matches to your vibration about them



What do I do, I have impending (financial) challenges?

Start to focus on non-physical solutions. Physical solutions (actions) will help and sometimes they can kick-start things vibrationally, in that sometimes by taking action you feel better and you sooth your vibration and things improve. But when you focus on vibrational or non-physical solutions in the way of working with your thoughts and feelings they will impact your life on a physical level. There is greater leverage from the non-physical/spiritual/thought/vibration perspective, it is easier to create change there, the vibration is lighter and more malleable and then it can permeate down and create physical manifestations.

An example process

What are your daily thoughts on the subject of money?

Do they feel good or do they feel uncomfortable? Is there an element of fear or hope?  Hope implies there is a reliance on something for it to be ok.

Start to realise that despite what you are seeing that things can turn around very quickly. Sometimes you may not see the results immediately, but your indication will be how you feel, that is your connection to your non-physical, that will tell you what is happening on the underlying non-physical level, it is your guidance, your map, your compass. Follow your impulses and instincts, they are taking you in the right direction, even if logically at times it may not make sense.

Start to practice the thoughts on a daily basis of the things you would like. There are many processes offered on this blog (especially in the teleclasses) but for now we will offer something as a starting point.

Allow yourself to fantasise, to day dream. Do this for say three times a day for 10 minutes, trust your intuition as to what is best for you. But trust that it works, and believe in it. Allow yourself to start in hope (as that may be a better vibration from the one you start with), and as you practice and practice your vibration will raise and you will naturally feel expectation and desire and excitement.

When you start you may have niggly thoughts of 'What if this happens or goes wrong or this?' and so on, keep practicing your vibration work. Allow yourself to imagine successful outcomes of those scenarios too that you previously may have doubted, it will get easier as your vibration naturally raises throughout this. You will attract thoughts that match your raising vibration, more and more thoughts will flow to you and it will get easier and easier, akin to rolling a snowball off the top of a mountain, it will attract a greater mass and momentum.

The idea of this is that for those 10 minutes (or whatever time you'd like to determine for yourself and for however many times a day) you are creating space in your life to practice this vibration. Put all those other thoughts aside and practice and hone your vibration about your prosperity and what you would like.


Know that you have the wherewithal and ability and knowledge to be where you want to be

You could say you are a child of God or the Universe and you were never sent unprepared,

You have always had the tools for what you want, they have always been here




Going from Spam email to Universal Abundance

Thank you for your messages on Monday in response to the post I put up, lovely to hear from you!  Nice to know so many of you are enjoying what you are reading!

Some of you may remember me mentioning a friend of mine from South Africa, Nina Ferrell, on Monday I received a lovely message from her sister on something she does to use spam emails to 'realise' abundance is on its way to her, enjoy…

Hello Hemal,

I trust I find you well since having last spoken with you.( Remember Nina's sister? That's moi!) I have been practicing something which might be of interest to you and those out there.
You know the type of spam where one is addressed as the last kin of a dearly beloved (unknown obviously!)?  One stands to inherit a huge sum of $ or even pounds!  Obviously it's a scam BUT I have found a way to use it to my advantage: Each time I receive such an email I thank our Heavenly Father and the Universe for it, write it down, tick it off and keep a list of all the money that is coming to me.

Knowing the Universe it is only a matter of time before my fortune arrives.  (By the way I manifested my sportscar by being thankful, visualisation etc.)  Maybe others will see the sense in this as well?

 Kind regards and blessings to all out there

Annebel Lubbe (Billionaire in the making)


Hemal talking about Law of Attraction on Bliss Radio

Hi Everyone,

My good friends Shireen Freeman and Nina Ferrell run the Good Vibrations Club of which Bliss Radio is a part.

Next week, on Thursday 11th September they have me appearing on Bliss Radio taking YOUR questions on "Law of Attraction and Your Business"

It is freely available and a podcast can be downloaded after the event.

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Some excerpts on Abundance, Money & Relationships from last Saturday’s Teleclass


  • Abundance is around you, everywhere. The Universe can’t not be abundant, it is inherently abundant, infinite and unlimited
  • You’re letting the Universe reveal the abundance to you that’s here.  Remember that what you want is always here.  All you’re doing is turning the unseen into the seenEverything you want is around you
  • What the physical illustrates is not what is possible but just a projection of the physical mind.  The Universe is your canvas, the artwork you create is as good as your expression of it
  • There is never-ending expansion and growth, NEVER-ENDING


  • Raising your financial set point, just like anything else, is by practicing your vibration about it.  It feeling better and better is a raising of it
  • The things you want – and their essences – help line up your desires to attracting them, practice the vibration of these BEING in your life and you HAVING them.  If you are from the place of them BEING in your life it is much harder (and less likely) to be on the lack side of them


  • See the things, including in yourself, that you are looking for.  In having vibrational familiarity with what you are looking for you will see it more and more [including in others]
  • Ensure the partner you are looking for is an expression of how good you feel (rather than compensating for how you feel)
  • Most people live their lives trying to fix the reflection – with action or by trying to change the physical experience – than working with themselves through their vibration.  There is leverage in working from the vibrational level and consequently the action/physical level will ‘reflect’ the changes made
  • You want your energy lined up (about anything) not split
  • When you work on your alignment you change your relationship with everything.  You are the focal point, it’s like when you change a lens you change everything reflected from it

Law of Attraction: Abundance, Money & Relationships in this Saturday’s Teleclass!

“You are the focal point, when you change the lens you change everything reflected from it”

The content for this coming Saturday’s (Aug 9th) Teleclass includes:

  • Tapping into the Abundance around you
  • Lining up with your essences of Money
  • Can you ‘Attract Someone Specific’?
  • Thoughts on Attracting a ‘Soulmate’
  • And much more on ABUNDANCE, MONEY & RELATIONSHIPS plus answers to the questions YOU submit!
  • Examples of working with processes
  • Practical exercises
  • Do of course send in your questions and make this an even more unique and special experience for you! Send them to hemal@manifestingandlawofattraction.com

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It’s about Flow…






Conversation about Money

come I’m not abundant?

Yes, how come you’re not?

Well…I don’t know, I’m just not, I don’t have much money/abundance….

Yes, why don’t you?

Well…I just don’t…

Have you ever wondered how you can be in an ocean AND NOT GET WET??

Er no….?

Well isn’t that what you are, the Universe is prosperous and abundant beyond what you could ever imagine, and you are in it, the last time we checked you are a part of it, and you say you are not abundant, how do you do that?

Er….I don’t know?

By resisting.  By resisting your natural birthright, by not letting it in.  By thinking you don’t have enough, by thinking you don’t have it.  By thinking you are not good enough. By thinking about what others have and not feeling very good.  By seeing what is on the TV and not feeling good about what you have.  By pining.  By yearning.  By thinking of scarcity.  By thinking of recessions.  By being scared of what might happen.  By being scared of what will happen.  By thinking of how you never had enough.  How you were never lucky or had a lot passed on...

By considering the work you are in and how you’ll never have enough.  By thinking of where the money goes and how there isn’t enough left over.  By thinking of all the people making money and not feeling very good thinking about it.  By thinking how if you had the money what you would do with it…ah that’s a good thought, maybe that might get you more money….. but then you feel bad you don’t have it and say to yourself why even consider what you might do with it because you don’t have it.

Want us to go on?

Ok….so how do I create money?

By thinking of what you will do with it.  By thinking of how it feels.  By realising that just like everything else in the Universe it is energy and it will flow and be attracted by vibration JUST LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE

By realising it will flow into and out of your life by your thoughts, and more importantly your feelings.  It responds to your vibration, just like everything else, including the cells in your body and in the Universe, they literally respond to you

Oftentimes your vibration is a mix and so the responses you get are a mix or not a clear signal, and then you wonder if all this stuff is really true

So how do you create or attract money?  Think about the things you will do with it.  The pound or dollar notes in and of themselves do not have value for you, it is what you think they will get you, whether it be the items or physical experiences, but more so the essences and the EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCES, whatever labels you choose, such as freedom, security, fun, etc. 

What is more important than these specific labels is what they underly also, i.e. ‘Freedom to do what?’  Get the essences of that.  ‘Security from what?  And if you had that Security what would you do?’  ‘And what sort of Fun?  If you had Fun what would you be doing or what would it allow you to do?’  HOW DO THEY FEEL?  Your vibration is through your feelings.  SUMMON WHAT YOU WANT through your feelings. 

The Universe will respond, it always responds.  Send it a clear pure message and it will respond and respond as quickly as the purity and emotional intensity of your message, and before your eyes you will see the money and abundance flow in.  And as you see it and notice it, you will start to see it more and more, you will believe it, you will ‘allow’ it more, you will let it in more, your attention will be on what is coming than those previous thoughts you had about it not coming.  See the difference? 

You create that reality in your mind.  And then you see the trickle.  And the trickle expands upon your attention to it.  It cannot not.  Just like a magnifying glass, the focus leads to more.  And more.  There are no limits to what the Universe can bring your way other than what you let in.  And the thing is, you’re in the Universe, it’s all around you.   EVERYTHING YOU WANT IS ALREADY AROUND YOU.  IT IS ALL IN PLACE.  How lined up to it ARE YOU?


How do you use Law of Attraction when you don’t know what Money feels like?

I posted my Manifesting Money post on a forum and I had a reply from someone asking me my opinion on what financial freedom would feel like.  My reply was that it was better to focus on HIS current experience, describing mine would give just that, i.e. my words and essences, the key would be tapping into HIS.

He replied back saying perhaps a better question for him to ask would be: "How do I create an experience I’ve never felt before?"

Well the premise of your question is that you need to know how something feels to experience it. So that would mean someone wanting to attract a ‘soulmate’ for the first time in their life would need to know how it felt? And so on…?

The answer lies in using the imagination. You are here as creators, to expand and grow and flow energy. it’s never about the goals it’s about the energy (‘life force’ etc) they get you to flow, that’s why they feel so good, the ‘desire’ is life force/energy.

The other thing to remember is that you are aware of the concept of financial freedom, so you have some awareness about it and you have a desire for it otherwise it wouldn’t have come up. So in your now position right now you already have aspects of this and that’s what you do, you focus on what you do have, or even pretend – that too stimulates thought, it’s never whether a thought is real or not it’s about how it feels.

So what’s the best thought or feeling you can have on the financial freedom scale right now? It may not be ‘financial freedom’ (or it may be!), but a better thought on that scale?

And as you focus on those thoughts (or thought), and as you focus them and hold your attention to them, without contradicting them, you will start to attract other thoughts that resonate with it, that are a vibrational match, and from that new vantage point you’ll have thoughts available to you you didn’t have previously, and so on….

So it’s never about feeling the end state (eg financial freedom) right now necessarily, it’s constantly asking yourself better feeling thoughts, in whichever context and whatever the goal and relative to your now position, because that’s all you can work with, the present moment (because that’s all there ever is! 🙂 ) You can use an anticipated future to stimulate present moment thoughts.

If people were only thinking/feeling thoughts they ‘knew’ they could only regurgitate, rather than using their imagination to expand their thinking and experiences in new ways.

Other ways of stimulating the the thoughts from yourself, you could ask yourself:
-What ‘might’ financial freedom feel like?
-If I knew what it was like what would it be like?
-If I was to pretend to have it, what might it feel like?

And remember to focus on the thoughts and hold them and not contradict them, milk them for the energy they provide you