Finding the Energy of Your Manifestations



Trying to manifest money? Trying to manifest something in your life? Find the things that get you EXCITED and ENTHUSED about what you want (that’s what we do on Manifesting Excellence – join us!). Put emphasis on those things that excite you. Let them even ‘distract’ you away from your fears, anxieties and disappointments.

In your moments of excitement and enthusiasm the manifestation of what you want gets CLOSER.

What happens for many/most people is they then resume their stress, anguish, anxiety afterwards and it stops the manifestation and it never comes in. The fears create a boundary around them preventing what they want coming in or making it difficult for it to do so.






What Are You Not Letting Go Of That You Need To?


What served you to get to where you are may not be what you need to get to where you want to be…

The paradigms, concepts, situations, thoughts, emotions and constructs – all transitory – that got you to a point, you need to relinquish so as to enable the new to grow around you and within you…

The past that is overdue is a shell preventing the new from fully emerging…

A decaying past held more than it is needed to will cause pain, whether in spirit or in physical, requiring you to let go of it…

Your spirit, your eternalness, is all about continuity and flow. Not about form and attachment…

What are you scared of letting go of? What are you scared of NOT happening – these too are also indicators of fears and attachment: attachment and fear to who you think you won’t get to be (do/have)…

When you create space for your spirit to inhabit your now, miracles and magic happen beyond your wildest dreams…

There will be much more about this on Manifesting Excellence.


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Do You Ever Find Yourself Out of ‘Synch’ With Yourself?


Do you ever find yourself out of ‘synch’ with yourself? Do you find yourself sometimes pulled in different directions, perhaps having mixed emotions about the same thing, or not quite sure what is important to you?

On yesterday’s Manifesting Excellence call (the audio of which is accessible in the archives there) I talked about why this could be happening and what to do about it.  I will share some of the aspects of it here and if you’d like more of the context around it you can access the call.



You are a collection of thoughts, emotions, beliefs (collections of thoughts), identity (more collections of thoughts!) and so much more.


In our lives we ‘choose’ (even if it is unconsciously) all sorts of thoughts, emotions and behaviours to fulfil intentions (even if at the time the intention is unconscious and outside of our awareness).


For example someone growing up early in life in an uncomfortable situation with their parents or siblings, or someone later in life in an unhealthy relationship situation, may choose to have ‘anger’ as a protective mechanism.

However what happens later in time when they are out of the early family dynamic or the relationship situation and the anger is no longer needed?  What if they are then around friends or a new relationship and this anger manifests itself in an unhealthy way?

This is what I talked about yesterday – that behaviours, thoughts and emotions we have can become outdated and out of context and then become not only unhelpful but can potentially also be counter-productive.



All behaviours, thoughts and emotions we choose are with an intention in mind, even an unconscious one (I shared on the call yesterday, and more next week, on how to access this).  Over time the context or situation may change and the thoughts, behaviours and emotions that we believed once served us may not be necessary any more – in fact they can be counter-productive.

This applies behaviourally and also when someone is looking to manifest what they want.  If you are having thoughts of your past or anxieties about losing your job or that your partner is not being loyal or money worries or concerns about your health condition, in likelihood it is counter-productive to positive outcomes you may be wanting.

Realise that everything has a behavioural (or thought or emotion etc) side to it and an intention.  A behavior taken on at one point for an intention may get separated from the original intention or the behaviour may not serve that intention any more, like the examples mentioned above.

Another example is someone who eats chocolate (behaviour) because it makes them value and feel good about themselves (intention).  But time goes by and as a result (in a simplistic model of this, putting aside any other contributing factors) they are now gaining weight and looking very different and the behaviour (eating chocolate) is now incongruent with the intention (feeling good about themselves/valuing themselves).

It is the same on a thought level.  The reason you have not (yet) manifested what you want is you have thoughts, consciously and unconsciously, which are incongruous with where you want to be.


What thoughts, behaviours and emotions do you currently have that do not support you?
What was the original intention when you took them on? 
And where are you now heading (intentions about your present or future)?

Share your thoughts and questions in the comments below.


If you’d like to know more about this and access yesterday’s call you can download the audio of it by clicking here to access Manifesting Excellence.


Alignment and Congruency

Love Quotes/FREE Audios (podcasts)


Recently I was approached by my friend and podcast consultant Ali Wylie mentioning that a lot of people would love to access my material via podcasts on iTunes.

So, she started putting some podcasts online of me answering live questions and if you’d like to access and subscribe to them for FREE you can do so on iTunes at


Hemal Radia Law of Attraction Podcast pic


The podcasts on there already include about (the following are all clickable FREE to get to the specific podcasts, or all of them via the above iTunes link) “Getting in the Flow“, “Money Problems? How Do We Stay in the Flow?“, ” Raising Confidence“, “Aligning Energy to Your Goals“.  Each are short snippets you can enjoy and are time efficient.

Ali would also like to create podcasts with my quotes.  So today, we have posts on various groups and pages of mine on Facebook asking people to send in their favourite quotes to be picked for me to record onto podcasts so you can download them!

What are your favourite quotes of mine you would like to ‘hear’ me say?

Below are those that have been submitted today and have been picked so far –

I give a flower to you where the petals each carry a letter of your name, and in the centre is my heart ~ Hemal Radia

Sometimes we can’t fall in love with what’s possible because of the limitations we construct about it… (Hemal Radia)

Love and limitation are like oil and water… (Hemal Radia)

What comes to you in your life will be in the easiest way it can enter your life. Your beliefs and thoughts (i.e vibration) determine the path of least resistance in your ‘allowing’ of it. ~ Hemal Radia

I love you (manifestations) not because of you happening or not happening, but I love you for the joy you give me when I think about you… (Hemal Radia)

Which other quotes would YOU like to submit?

And do remember, you can access the podcasts and subcribe to them free at 



Detaching From an Outcome and Following Your Joy


> I am not sure that I am understanding something, on one hand we are told to detatch from any outcome and on the other hand am hearing that we should be emotionaly invested in the joy of the outcome so that it will manifest. I feel that I am eather missing or missunderstanding something important. Any light you can shed will be most appreciated. Again, Thank You and Bright Blessings.

It may seem contradictory, but they are actually the same thing.  The way I would suggest to people to 'detach ' from an outcome is to let go of the attachment or need to itHave your perspective such that it feels good.  So the emotions that you 'invest' towards it, if any, are light, and enjoyable.

Let go of the details, let go of any attachment or need to aspects of itTrust that by you focusing on the essences of what is important to you, the details will take care of themselves.  When you do this, what you will be doing is taking away any 'heaviness' and resistance towards it, and what you will be left with is the joy that you are talking about in emotionally investing in it.


“What if Others Cannot Keep up with my Growth?”

This was a request from a good friend to a quote I put up about Growth:

“That is comforting for the assurance Hemal…however, as we expand and grow…those around us will sometimes feel discomfort, which then transfers to us…maybe you could expand on how to handle this aspect of growth” – Henri Coleman


There are a few things about it. Firstly we cannot hold our own growth back because on a deeper level we are all expanding, and we do not have to. When we hold our own growth back we are against our own flow and it gets uncomfortable and eventually the discomfort can increase. It’s like pressing the accelerator and the brakes at the same time.

There are no coincidences in the relationships that we have, whether it be family, friends, pets etc. We, and they, came into this life to experience the contrast and the dynamics that we experience. However, we are always at vibrational choice of what we keep and allow in our experience.

Some might say, “Oh move on, you are no longer a match” and that can feel quite cold and hurtful. I don’t agree with that and I believe that if we would like to and choose to (and it IS a choice), we can be with anything or anyone if we choose solely to focus on the factors that we love and keep our attention off the things we do not like (that is what creates the resistance and discomfort and pushing away). Many though are habitually good at looking at the things that are wrong and that creates discord in the relationships.

Look to appreciate the gift that is your growth. See it also as an opportunity to share it with others. Now if others do not see it that way, do not hold it against them, and allow them to be themselves. Give them space to have their opinions as you allow yourself to do the same.

Their discomfort, with all due respect, is their stuff. You can support them and give them love, but it is for them to deal with. It’s like an analogy a good friend of mine uses, “You can’t lose weight for someone else”.


But through YOUR flow and inspiration you can inspire anothers to theirs. Oftentimes people have lost hope or they do not believe things can be a certain way. BE the inspiration and the light for the sake of being it – i.e. for YOU and because it is your flow. Let them choose to resonate with it. At first it may be scary for them. Again, their stuff. But that is part of their evolution and development, and that is also their choice.

Take your attention away from their challenges, put it on what IS good, whether within yourself, them, or anything else. If it feels good, it is getting you to your alignment. If you are in your alignment, you are in your flow and attracting all sorts of wonderful things. Make your focus your own flow, and choose to include or exclude things to pay attention to based on that, make that your criteria.

Heart and colours

What You Want Can Seem So Far, Can Really Be So Near


There are times when we may feel far away from the things that we would like.  It may be specific things or it may be a direction. It may be that we have taken a path or made certain choices in life which we feel have taken us away from where we want to be.

The truth of the matter is, you can never be far away from what you want because on a deeper level it ALREADY EXISTS.  What you are feeling is the discord in your emotions from what you perceive around you, on a physical level, and your beliefs that you are far from it.

The ‘reality’ is that what you want has already been created on an energetic level (When you think it, it is created.  Everything exists in vibration; all possibilities exist), it has already been conceived, and in your allowing of it through your vibration you give birth to the physical manifestation.

There are various other articles on this blog that touch upon this, including What You Want Already Exists and Your Dream is Alive.





Build an energetic bridge from where you are at to where you want to be.  Make peace with the present (at least in your own mind) so you are not constantly fighting it and having your attention on lack or resistance to it.

When you look around and put your attention on what you dislike, that dislike is blocking off what you want and offering a vibration to attract more of the same (i.e. dislike).  Make peace with that situation or put your attention on something else so that you are offering a different vibration.

What you want may seem far away, but in you practicing gentle steps towards what you want, you are building the bridge.  For some people, they get excited when they think about their dreams.  Others, they feel despondent because they feel far away from them.  The difference?  The difference is their beliefs about the situation.

In the first case the individual isn’t offering any beliefs or thoughts to contradict what they want, so they can feel good about the dream and it can come.  In the second case the individual, when they think of their dream, are stimulated to bring up their doubts and disappointments.  Both have the dream, one is allowing it, the other is resisting it.



Put aside any doubts or disappointments or fears or anything else about what you want, allow yourself to dream for the sake of it, because it feels good (that in itself is an indication to your vibration).  Many are not used to doing that because they feel it doesn’t do much. 

If you focus on something that feels good, and regularly practice it, and do not doubt or contradict it, it will get bigger and bigger and bigger very quickly and you will be on your way. 

You will know because of how it feels; the excitement will build and build (if it doesn’t, it is because you are contradicting it on some level).  And very soon you will see physical manifestations.  There is a natural and universal flow for growth and expansion.  You do not even have to ‘try’, you just have to not fight your flow, let the stream carry you.

What happens for most people, like I mention in Manifesting Excellence and to clients, is that many people contradict or doubt or block their flow.  Your flow is infinite and abundant and not only can it carry you to what you want but far beyond what you can fathomYour flow is more infinite and abundant than you can see, and remember, there is far more around you that is in addition to what you can see.

And you know this because you have already had experiences that have indicated this to you 🙂


If you would like to be a client feel free to check out the information on this page.




You have created nothing for yourself you cannot handle…

Realise you have created nothing for yourself that you cannot handle (despite how it may seem)
It’s just sometimes it appears a struggle in the interim until you get to that realisation 😉

And then you have a new platform to create something else from…



Law of Least Effort

Here is a reply I posted on a forum in response to someone asking about what The Law of Least Effort is

Ok, I’m assuming your question on the law of least effort is relative to the law of least
resistance which is your outcome will come to you via the path of least
resistance (or least effort). So for example, if you set a goal for x
amount of money yet you feel you need to ‘work’ for it, the goal will
come to you via the easiest way possible, in line with your beliefs (so
in this example, more likely via the route of ‘work’). Your job is to
line up your beliefs and thoughts and ‘allow’ it in the easiest way you
can. By being in the vibration of what you want (thinking/feeling from
it) you are doing that. When you feel grateful, appreciative, joy, etc,
you are allowing.

Right, well what you’re saying re: working hard is about ‘action’.
The universe is a vibrational universe, not an action universe lol.
People have seen others take action and have done the same, but
oftentimes they haven’t gotten the same results (oftentimes because
although they took the same action, they weren’t vibrationally lined up
as the first person). Oftentimes for people, taking action is how they
get into alignment based on their beliefs, kind of like the example
above about money. i.e. ‘If I DO x then I’m more likely to get my
outcome, and if I don’t then maybe not
’, in that case they are better
off doing the action. However they can reach the same vibration without
taking the action. And when one is lined up vibrationally, they will
feel INSPIRED to take action. Inspired action is different to people
taking action to ‘compensate’ for their (lack of) vibrational alignment.

I would say, until you’re ok with the notion of vibrational
alignment keep taking the actions you believe are ‘right’, trust your
instincts and feelings, and also realise it’s all vibrational based
than action based. There are not enough actions in the world for
someone who is out of vibrational alignment
lol. So entertain the
notion of vibrational alignment and practice, imagine, etc what you
want, make it a dominant part of your experience. And when something
becomes a dominant part of your experience/vibration, you’ll feel the
impulses/actions to take

You know what it’s like when you feel totally
inspired/compelled/excited and the ideas are just flowing…  🙂