“What do I do when others are negative….How do I ‘Allow?'”

"I find your profile and website both interesting and inspiring, thank you. I am also a fan of Esther and Jerry Hicks' works and The Law of Attraction. In one of their books, it has a section on LOA and then a part called The Art of Allowing. For some recent months I have been following LOA and learning a lot about 'allowing', particularly with a few people that are close to me that share completely different beliefs and values. I have learnt to accept them for who they are and love them unconditionally. But, recently one particular person has been extremely negative, stressed and angry. Seeing as I spend quite a lot of time with this person, it is really hard for me to watch them and 'allow'. What do you suggest I do? I have been meditating on the situation, asking for guidance and focusing on a peaceful, loving, relationship. and sending love and healing to this person when i can.

I have learnt some valuable lessons about myself and my ego, and I am learning a lot about patience at the moment. But, I don't want to watch this negativity anymore!!

Have a wonderful day
Love and light."


It sounds like you are 'tolerating' than 'allowing', it's a subtle distinction.  On some level there is that element of 'that which you do not like' in your vibration. So one thing you can do is soothe it such as:

-Oh I know that this person can be unbearable sometimes, but they have so many other traits which I like about them
-I know there is a reason why they are in my life and why I’d like them in my life, and that is …….
-This person isn’t always like this, at other times they are so <positive qualities>, and I love this about them and this and this and this and this and this and that and this

Also (as mentioned in the lines above), focus on the things you like about them, even if small, and as you focus your attention grows on them, and whilst you're focusing on what you like (and growing) it's not so easy to focus on what you don't like.  When parents say they ‘worry’ about their children because they ‘love’ them, whilst they mean it in a very well intentioned way, ‘worry’ and ‘love’ are two different vibrations [on the vibrational scale], you also know this because they 'feel' different (of course, depending on how each person represents those words internally, but generally speaking).

Vibrational matches

Focus on the vibration of what you want.  Even if it’s not on these people, focus on the qualities you like IN OTHERS if you have to, but just get your attention onto what you like, it doesn’t even have to be about those people that you mention, such that when you come back to them and are around them you will see them from a new perspective and there may be a different vibration you have about it.

When you have a different vibration about something you tend to:
1 – Draw different aspects from the same scenario (eg the same people)
2 – Attract new people which are a match to the vibration

Or a combination.  But the key thing is you are always attracting a vibrational match.


It's all relative to where you're going and and where you are

The thing with sending love, healing etc, is if that works for you then great, the only thing with those things is they imply that there is something that needs to be healed, loved etc, i.e. something on some level that needs healing – which implies something isn’t how you want it or 'should be'. So if initially it works then great, it will get you further up the vibrational scale than where you were, and at higher vibrations you might want to come to it from a viewpoint of what you like and how you'd like things to be and imply that in your thoughts, actions, feelings, etc and forget about why you came to do this or why you’re doing it.  Focus on the aspects that you like because that’s what you do, not because you’re trying to change something or there was something you didn’t like

There is no right or wrong though, so if sending healing or sending love works for you and it feels better, then use that as your indication, your guidance.  It is all relative, relative to what you are working on and where you are coming from and the person that can give you that answer is yourself and your own guidance, which is your emotions.


In 'allowing', you are allowing others to be who/what they are, who they want to be etc  – without pushing back, and you are allowing of yourself too.  It's the pushing back that creates discord and attracts more of the same, it's soothing it and being at peace with it and focusing on what you like, what you appreciate, what you love, that attracts more of that too.  The Universe is a place that gives you total choice and freedom.  There is no assertion – such as asserting on another how to be, there IS attraction, the Universe matches based on vibration.

It's what Life was meant to be about

Life is about these sorts of things, that’s what it’s meant to be about, there you are going along minding your own business and something happens – at that moment you have desires for what you would like.  However because your attention at that time is on the thing that happened, you have your desire, but your beliefs (dominant thoughts) are not lined up to it because you’re still thinking about what happened.  The contrast in what happened creates the desire for what you want.  Your job then is to soothe yourself away from those thoughts of ‘what-is’ and work your way up the vibrational scale to WHAT YOU WANT, and you will find that things around you will change.  99% of manifestations are created before you see them on the physical – your job is to focus on that 99%, the emotional journey that you practice before the manifesting, let the Universe take care of the rest.  In that journey you use your imagination and play with your thoughts (and off ‘what-is’), in fact your journey becomes smoother because your thoughts are more and more about what you want – by virtue of Law of Attraction the momentum builds (so long as you don't contradict it with your thoughts) – and soon enough you turn around and see things are a certain way… 

Your job is to keep your vibrational mix about what you want (and FROM what you want) than on what happened or what is, it’s to play with your thoughts, use games (/processes – but seeing them as games is more fun and you have a better vibration about it) and your imagination to form your reality

“I’m in a Fitness Modeling Contest…and ‘I Like Food’…”

Hi Hemal,

I just, first of all want to thank you for your amazing blog, it’s really
helpful and uplifting.
And I have a question, I am going to compete in my first fitness modeling contest
this year, and as you know I have to be on a special diet exercising etc etc.
Food is something that I really enjoy (as most people) and since I cannot eat what I would like to have I sometimes find myself pigging out one day
or two, then start eating clean for maybe 2 or 3 weeks and then the same thing
happen again. I had no problem stopping the smoking and the drinking since I
started (6months ago) and every time it’s there I just don’t pay attention to it,
and it doesn’t bother me, but with food it’s different I would love to stick to
my diet and not feel guilty and be afraid that I will gain some weight every
time I pig out, or eat something I really like. I’ve been trying to let myself
go to find the answer, but I think I need a little guidance, is there something
that you could tell me please? I would really appreciate it.
Thank you so much.



Thanks Karina 🙂

There is leverage when working from the aspect of Vibration

Strictly speaking your body can actually consume whatever it
wants and look how it wants to, it’s to do with the meaning and beliefs someone
has about the food itself, i.e. the vibration they have about the food. So for example if someone eats chocolate cake
they expect their body to respond a certain way, however if their internal
communication was similar to how their body responds to salad, for example,
then it would have the same response. Now one can either work on the internal communication (working on their
) through visualising their body, working with their beliefs etc, or
do things (‘actions’) such as watch their diet, exercise etc, or a
combination, and the answer to that is whatever is the path of least
resistance, whichever is the quickest/easiest way to get where you want to get.
Doing things from a vibrational point of view always has
more power and leverage

By imagining and feeling how it feels, having the body you
want, in detail, you will find yourself more attracted to the behaviours
conducive to that, you may also find yourself around the right advice, hearing
the right things landing on the right websites, bumping into and speaking to people who have something valuable to offer you and so on. The most important thing you can do is line
up your vibration, your feelings and thoughts towards it
, and let the universe
orchestrate the rest, and the ‘actions’ will also be more familiar and ‘easier’
too. Create compelling emotions for what
you’re about to do, that totally excite you, let your actions be as a consequence of a love for what
you’re about to do than something ‘forced’.

As regarding loving what you are about to do, practice the
thoughts. You might say ‘I’m not looking
forward to the actions of this’, well focus on something you love about what
you’re going to do, even one small aspect that you know you like or love, whatever that may be.  It doesn’t have to
be an action, it could be something about the competition or how your body will look, it could be ANYTHING, even
un-related to what you are doing, just feel good about something (as it will get you off anything
that didn’t feel good), the key thing is when you are feeling good you are attracting good things in all areas, so long as you don’t focus on resistance or negative emotions in that context.

For example, if someone is having a challenge making money, if they can get themselves to focus on any other subject and feel good and not focus on what about money doesn’t feel good to them they will attract money.  So it doesn’t have to be about the subject that you find things that make you feel good, the priority is feeling good, period.

Tap into the Emotions 

So tap into the emotions of why you are doing it, what do
you love about it? What feels good? What excites you? What burns you with enthusiasm and energy?

Initially it might just be a thought, or maybe you have some
strong thoughts. Just focus on whatever
is there, keep your attention on it and don’t contradict it (i.e. don’t think
of things you don’t like about it lol),
and just by starting to focus on something, no matter how small, and keeping
your attention on it it will grow and grow by virtue of Law of Attraction, and
it will continue to keep growing unless you contradict it


What are the best aspects, what do you love about it?

What are the best aspects of what are you about to do? Wouldn’t it be nice if what happened?  What are the things that would be nice to
happen? It’s not about what things you
think about or what you expect or don’t expect or what’s possible or what isn’t, whether they are real or not or any of the details about them,
what’s important is how they feel, and that’s what’s affecting your vibration
and making far far more powerful changes than your actions alone would
.  You could daydream all day and it may not be ‘reality’ but if you just got absorbed in it and it felt good that will do FAR MORE for you than anything else.  When you line up vibrationally you are saving 1000s of action hours.

Seconds of thought are equivalent to thousands of physical action hours

Every 17 seconds of non-contradicted thought you focus on the subject is equivalent to 2000 physical action hours.  Continuing to hold the thought for another 17 seconds (34 seconds in total), thus attracting another thought to it, is equivalent to 20,000 action hours.  51 seconds of thought is equivalent to 200,000 action hours, 68 seconds is equivalent to 2 million physical action hours because each 17 seconds attracts another thought (due to the Law of Attraction) and another thought and so on, and there is a dynamic compounding effect when each thought mixes with the others, and the attraction gets stronger and stronger exponentially and the power and the energy build and attract things to you on a physical level, magnetically and vibrationally things will be drawn to you as a result of your thoughts and you will feel the energy flowing through you.  You will feel excitement and emotions that delight you, they are your indicator on where you are vibrationally, work on feeling good and use your emotions as a guide.



What if ‘The Universe isn’t responding’?

I read your blog, by the way congratulations on it; it was very helpful for me.
I’m writing to you because I would like to ask you for some advice on how to apply the secret correctly when I feel like the universe isn’t responding.
My situation is the following, I’m from Colombia but I lived in London for 6 years, last April my visa run out so I had to leave the country. Since I came back from London I haven’t found any job, I’m talking about 10 months by now.
To begin this new year, I decided to focus all my energy on going back to London to work, that’s what I really want in my life. I love London!
In January I heard about The Secret so I got the film and I have watched it few times. I have been applying what the people on the video have advised.
My problem is that sometimes I feel like I’m giving up, I try to keep positive all the time but I get so frustrated because I don’t see any changes in my life. I contacted my old employer in London regarding to a job possibility but I haven’t got any answer from him, that’s what makes me so sad.
My question is what can I do while I feel like the universe isn’t responding?

Normally one feels things aren’t happening or ‘the universe isn’t responding’ when:

1 – The desire (for what the person wants) isn’t so strong and the energy isn’t flowing so much, eg when they only have a passing fancy for what they say they want, that doesn’t seem to be the case in your scenario
2 – The person is feeling ‘not good’ (resistance) and that is resisting what energy they are flowing, they are not ‘allowing’ or ‘letting it in’.  The have done the Asking through their desire, but they’re not in vibrational harmony with what they want to let it enter their life.  It’s like someone can ask for money, but then they’re not lined up to it if their thoughts and feelings are on the lack or absence of money

Usually for most people it’s the latter of the two.

By getting yourself to a good feeling place, flowing desire and good feelings about what you want (number 1 above), that will deal with the second one too, because if you are feeling good you are ‘allowing’ what you want into your life and not resisting it through bad feelings.

Also do bear in mind that sometimes once you have lined up vibrationally it can take a moment for things to manifest on the physical level, there can be a ‘buffer of time’, however I would focus on what you want than on time or anything else, because if someone starts thinking about the time element they are taking their attention off what they want (and onto time, which is not something they need to think about, the timing and orchestration is the universe’s job)!  It’s important to focus on what you want and let the universe orchestrate the rest, remember it is abundant, infinite, and is pure potential waiting to manifest.


There are many ways to work on the feeling good, there are many processes around, many of which you might be familiar with, I’ll go through some in a moment.

Something else to bear in mind, when someone is working on a goal or outcome for a period of time and then it doesn’t happen, they sometimes compound any resistance towards the goal with resistance ABOUT not getting the goal.  So not only thoughts about the goal, but thoughts about not having the goal yet and in the time or way they wanted are added to it, and then time and other factors can add resistance to their original thoughts about the goal. 

It’s like someone not attracting money, on a vibrational level there will be resistance, but after a while not only might they have their original resistance but also resistance about not having the money in the time/way they thought/expected, which adds to whatever was there before.  And then the subject can become more uncomfortable, which is not required at all.

The solution is to focus on what you like about the goal, and what
feels good about it, what you want, what you desire, what you
appreciate/love about it, etc.  And then build and build and build on it.  Practice the thought of it happening and via Law of Attraction it will attract more thoughts of the same and the vibration will get stronger.  It will become your dominant thought/vibration on the subject and will draw it’s physical equivalent to you.

So the important thing is not to pressure yourself about it (thus not bringing that into your vibration), but instead focus on how it would be to have what you want.  Remember as a child when you’d play a game and you’d be SO focused on the game that time just flew by?  Yet if you thought about the time and how quickly it was going you perhaps wouldn’t enjoy the game as much?  Play the games of enjoying your Now.  Time is a human concept, not a universe one, the universe (and what you want) will orchestrate itself in the best way regardless of human perceptions, and the fastest way to what you want is through powerful good feelings about what you want, you are then in harmony with the universe and All-That-Is

Do know that your desires are the universe’s desires, the universe is acting THROUGH you, so know that what you want is absolutely fine!  The universe WANTS that for you!  Otherwise it wouldn’t feel good!  It speaks to you through your emotions!  It WANTS you to create what you want.

So you have perhaps built some resistance about the subject as a result of what has or hasn’t happened, so you could say some things to yourself, starting off gently around where you are, and building it –

-Well, I know this maybe hasn’t worked out how I’d have expected or wanted, but I know the universe works in great ways
-I do know that the universe is abundant and infinite, and that it can deliver me what I want
-I’m sure there are so many places in London that would love me to work with them, and places I’d love to work too
-The Universe, or Law of Attraction, is like a Universal Manager, it’s got everyone’s phone numbers and addresses and it can orchestrate everything.  It can match me up with someone who is looking for someone just like me
– There are bound to be people out there looking for someone like me just as much as I’m wanting to be working with them
– I know I bring wonderful qualities, and people would just love to work with me
– I know things can happen magically, I could be led to just the right place or person or website which leads me to what I’m wanting, or they could be led to me, or both
(the latter is always the case, it’s always a co-creative vibrational rendezvous)
-I know that it can do all this and more, and the way I do it is by lining up my vibration through my emotions and feelings
-I know that if I get excited about what I want, it’s coming to me, it’s getting closer and closer and it’ll manifest on the physical, and maybe even surprise me as I won’t be thinking about it because I’ll be so busy feeling good and in the present moment

Now ask yourself, when you’re in London….

-Where would you be staying?  What would it be like? 
-What sort of work will you be working?  What would you be doing?
-How would it be to see the friends you have in London?  And the friends you’ll make?  What will it be like?
-What other things might happen that you haven’t even thought about, all those wonderful things you’ll experience which you don’t yet even know you will?
-And how will it be to living the life in London, and with all that visa thing in the past because you know you’ve got it and it’s all secure and safe and you know you’re in London?
-Now imagine that for a while, imagine your life in London, doing the things you do, with the people you’re with, the places, (the weather!), and everything else, allow yourself to daydream about it and allow your thoughts to wander, about your life in London.

Allow yourself to get very very excited, let the wave of that emotion carry you, compel you, inspire you.  Let it compel the actions you take, which will be as a consequence of how you feel, how unstoppable the momentum is.

It can initially start as a trickle and you don’t have to force it, each thought will attract more of the same if you keep your attention on it.  It’s like when you daydream and the thoughts attract more and more thoughts, it’s so easy as it’s a natural process, and it’s easy because it feels so good and you love to think about things that feel so good.

As you think and feel the thoughts more and more, by virtue of Law of Attraction, they will attract more thoughts and feelings of the same, and they build and build and build and build, and they manifest on the physical level.  By Law, you attract the vibrational match of your thoughts, and if they’re dominantly on you having been living your life in London….

And remember not to give yourself a hard time about it, the how will it happen, when will it happen, be so fixated on how good it feels (the thoughts you create and feel), and you loving how good it feels.  The paradox is feeling how good it feels such that what happens on the physical level doesn’t matter because you’re feeling so good, and ironically that is the vibration that will manifest it on the physical level!  Because you won’t have resistance about it not happening, and you’ll be feeling good about it happening  🙂

I’m expecting a postcard from London…  (which is near where I’m at currently  lol)




Attracting Someone Specific using the Law of Attraction

Attracting Someone Specific using the Law of Attraction

See also: Using the Law of Attraction in Attracting Soulmates


I want to ask about attracting someone specific using the Law of Attraction.  I read your article on how you really wanted the Jaguar and got it!  Amazing.. anyways I really hope you can help me because I think its fate that I have this opportunity to seek advise from you.. I really like this young man and I know he is the one for me but he has not shown much interest back yet.. although I know deep down we are going to be spending the rest of our lives together can you please help me or guide me how to use the Law of Attraction to manifest my dream to be together with him forever.thanks very much.. I would really appreciate it if you could help me….


When having a scenario of attracting someone specific, you focus on what it would feel like to be with this person. How does it feel? What are the qualities? And you think, you visualise and FEEL from that place. You FEEL excitement.

I know you feel this is ‘The One’. There are many ‘Ones’. The Universe (God, or whatever you want to call it) is abundant – including this one that you have found.

Let go that it has to be this one in that you are allowing this one – or any other that feels and has qualities at least as good to be in your life.  By you ‘forcing’ this particular person, it could push against it. The way you know is how you feel.

The Universe is not scarce or limited. It will provide you everything you want. But it will find the best ‘form’ of the essence that you are offering – it can be this person or another but it will reflect back how you feel. If you feel wonderful, in love, looking ahead to a wonderful future, having all the things that you think about and more, it will reflect that back.

Just focus on what feels good. If things appear not to be ‘going to plan’, let go of thinking of this particular person and let it come to you in the best way. If you believe in God, the Universe or anything else, it’s all the same thing – have faith in the bigger picture, and stay feeling from a wonderful place so what you want can find its way to you.

I m so happy that you replied to me.. you are absolutely right.. i will focus on the qualities and not the one person…. the right personcould be him but its the qualities that i m so drawn to and i know, i know like I know he is coming soon into my life…may god bless u always.


You could be fixated on this guy, and not know how he is about marriage, but there might have been another guy standing right next to you who is at least as ‘perfect’ for you and is ready and willing and wanting to be with you but you never saw him because you were looking at this other guy.

So focus on what you want to feel and experience and let the form take care of itself – it can happen in the most wonderful and magical of ways.

And also take it as a sign that the fact that you’ve experienced something tells you that you are thinking/feeling in a good way and are on your way.

Want to attract amazing things in your life? Check out:

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“Attracting Someone Specific using the Law of Attraction” Hemal Radia copyright 2008

(Eating disorder and) Loving oneself

I’ve had this eating disorder for like a year or a little bit more and I’ve always been a very negative person.
I’m taking antidepressives and all that stuff.
always thinking things like: if I eat this I’ll get fat, or if I
already ate something that I wasn’t supposed to eat, then I’ll get
very depressed and mad and I’m only thinking: Oh my god why did I eat
that? Now I’m going to be fat forever, I’ll never be thin, I’m a
complete failure.. etc.
I’m so tired of thinking this way and I really want to recover and end this suffering forever.

Again, thank you and best wishes…

– Michelle

Ok, ask yourself what it means to you if you were fat? You’d be ‘ugly’?
‘unattractive’? ‘unlovable’? Ask yourself what it would mean. Do you
think some people wouldn’t like you in the same way?
The eating (the behaviour) is a symptom about how you feel about something.

Ask yourself, how do you feel about yourself? 
that if you don’t totally love yourself (and many people don’t lol) you
will always be doing things to make up for that through your actions
and to have other’s affections
, and people may still not like you. You
could be the most beautiful woman in the world but if you don’t love
yourself, people will feel that on a deeper level
If you love
yourself, you will attract people into your life that match that
. And
even if there are people that don’t like you, it won’t matter to you
because you will have the most important connection in the world, with
. And from that connection you will inspire others and they
will love being around you
, because you love yourself, and they love
learning to love themselves too

Your outward beauty is an
expression of who you are on the inside. If you don’t love what’s
inside you’ll be working very hard on the outside to ‘make up for it’ 🙂

know when someone has a baby or a pet? You know what it’s like and the
love there? They love the baby and the pet pretty much unconditionally.
Don’t beat yourself up, get used to liking things about yourself, start
gently, and you’ll find there is more to appreciate. That’s how love
works, sometimes it happens all at once, or sometimes you find
something you like about someone, and as you think about it you find
more and more things you love, and so on

Ok, something to think about  🙂


Hey thank you so much…
you are totally right… I’m so glad I messaged u
thanks … I’ll work on it…

– Michelle



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When you have Dreams and you feel your day to day reality is not in line with them

Kim: I have one primary goal that I want and I have given a lot thought about it and really love the feeling of having it, but my day-to-day work and my thoughts of work hinder me occasionally and I end up flowing upstream with thoughts. Is there a way to stay tuned in and connected all the time, no matter what?

In terms of day to day works thoughts, my thinking is along the lines of no matter how hard people may try to find good feeling places while at their day to day job, it is really hard to stay in a good mood if 1) you are not happy with your circumstances or 2) people around you are only being disruptive and are negative in their outlook. This is why I asked how can one stay connected nearly all the time and just go with the feeling of allowing.

The ‘day to day’ work is not so much an issue or doesn’t have to create discord in you, in fact you could enjoy it, when you think it’s likely not to be around forever as you’re on your way to ‘better things’ if that thought feels better to you.

The Value of Resistance and Contrast

So you are asking if there is a way to stay tuned in and connected all the time, no matter what.  I would presume that to mean not having resistance or ‘contrast’.  Realise that resistance and contrast serve functions in the manifesting process, they enable you to make preferences and choices, they fire ‘rockets of desire’, and then you line up to them.  And you have manifestations, and from those new perspectives (and contrast) you have new preferences and choices.

I’m presuming that it’s not necessarily about staying connected ‘all the time’ but about lining up and staying connected so you can manifest what you want, so let’s work with that.

Making Peace with the Present

You know that whilst you have discord about where you are currently you are not quickly getting close to where you want to be, the solution is to make peace with where you are at. 

You mention the circumstances and the people ‘disruptive and negative in their outlook’, realise that circumstances are a mirror of the vibration that has been given off and the sooner attention is put onto something else the sooner you can let new things in.  I’ll use the diagram from the previous post which illustrates this


So, let’s sooth the vibration of where things have been.
You may have thoughts around the current work such as ‘Oh, you’re getting in the way of my dreams’, ‘As soon as you go I can get on with my primary goal and dreams’ or ‘The people here are just pulling me back’ or ‘The people here are so disruptive’.  Whilst those thoughts can be understandable in the environment, you want to get at peace with that.  Because whilst your observations are on that, you’ll see more and more evidence of it and not allow evidence of you being close to all the things that you DO want.

Can you find something about your work that you can appreciate, or like?  Is there something that you ‘might’ appreciate?  Did the work come to you at a time when you needed it?  Or has helped you to pay the bills?  Realise, in your whole evolution, this work came to you at a time when it was a vibrational match for you.  You may not enjoy it or love it, and that’s ok, but you can be thankful (and I’m not suggesting you’re not).  Kind of like friends, who have known each other a while and both have evolved in their own ways and it is time to move on, and there’s no point holding grudges or ‘bad vibes’ about it.  Make peace with the current work.  If you are able to focus on thoughts about it that you appreciate then all the better.

You might say ‘How can I get at peace with it when I’m still in it?’  You make peace with it, but also realise that for wherever you want to be going, you need to make the emotional journey first, so that it can be reflected in the circumstances you experience.  The only reason this job is still around and not something else is you are a closer match to this through your attention at this moment in time.

Feeling better about the Present

If there are consistent things that keep coming up in your day to day reality that don’t feel good then:

-List them, use them to pivot to what does feel good.  Eg ‘The people I work with are very negative’, pivot it to ‘I’m going to have people around me who are inspirational and I feel energised around’ and then when that’s comfortable then into present tense such as ‘I have fantastic people around me who all contribute so positively to my life

-You can work on finding aspects that you appreciate about
those things or other things, or you could make humour of it

Realise that your present moment is on a continuum, there are things
‘better’ than it and there are things ‘worse’ than it.  Which you
compare it to will determine how you feel about where you are
currently.  It’s all about using the comparisons and thoughts to feel
good right now

-You could for example play a game that every hour (or whatever time frame) you have to find one unique thing in your day to day work that you like or appreciate.

-You could use the future processes I mention in this post where you go out to the future and you look back to now from it, realising that you GOT what you wanted, you GOT your primary goal, and where you are now was a piece in the whole orchestration of it

When you are feeling good and in the moment (and acting from joy) you’re not counting the moments, you’re not hoping or working out how soon you can have your other goals, because you are enjoying the present moment, and ironically you tend to do better and attract what you want quickly anyway.

Using your Desire to Feel Good

So let’s move onto the second part, which is perhaps more directly related to what you asked, about feeling good.  You can find things in the present work that feel good, or you can find things in your primary goal that feel good (which you are) or you can find thoughts in anything else that feel good, but just not contradict it with your thoughts about the present work, that seems to be the key in what you’re asking.  If you feel good and don’t contradict it you’ll get what you want.

If you’re getting ‘sucked’ into not feeling good from the ‘day to day work’ and you feel good about your primary goal, then practice that vibration further and further.  If your vibration is higher about it then the day to day work vibration may not have the same impact.  The way to stay connected more of the time is to practice the vibration of what you want, and as you do that it becomes more and more familiar and more ‘normal’…in fact more ‘day to day’ shall we say 😉  and the momentum (and Law of Attraction) is very firmly in that direction.  If your dominant thoughts are in a direction about what you want then that’s where the momentum is.

Spend more time focusing on what you like about it, the best aspects of it, how you’d like it to turn out, etc.  How would it feel to be in your life right now?  You will find as you have that vibration around you more and more you will notice things around you change, things in your day to day work will be different.  But, your focus is on you feeling good, not looking at the external environment for reference.  The manifestation could be close to happening – often 99% of the work is done before you see it on the physical – and by you checking for it you’re bringing that into your vibration, if there is doubt or uncertainty that comes into it, and it’s not helpful.  Your attention should be on your own thoughts and feelings about what you want than looking at others for reference, impose your intent [on the environment] through your vibration than the other way around.



Using Law of Attraction in a Business Turnaround

Harvey: I run a loan business but I have neglected its internal working in the last two months, this could be out of apathy or laziness but perhaps also my souls is not in the business. I am working with a business coach and he wants to introduce some interesting ideas but what he may not realise is that I am not strong enough to help implement and monitor the ideas. I have not recruited well I think in the past year and I have two girls working for me who may not be right for the job or I just have not trained and lead them well.
Whilst I am hesitant to give the business up I am thinking more about my mental and spiritual wellbeing which I think needs attention at the moment due to years of neglect. I can be a very happy or fearful person and I have a lot untapped and unexplored energy. I don’t know how long i can put my spiritual quest off, understanding my mind and developing my creative and light side.
It’s a big dilemma but i am getting a little desperate although of course I am still coping although waking up early most days and this makes me tired of course. I perhaps need to find good staff or maybe a good manager to run my company whilst I go off and explore, maybe India for example. However the business is quite reliant on me at the moment.
What do you think?
Thanks for your attention and help!!

Not wanting to be around something because there is resistance towards it

…but I have neglected its internal working in the last two months , this could be out of apathy or laziness…

Well this is understandable, when one is feeling ‘resistance’ towards something they won’t feel inclined or excited about dealing with it or being around it as much, whether it is a job, business, relationship, health etc.  Resistance is when you are thinking about something that you don’t want (eg something you are fearful of, or just a thought contradicting something that you want) and through that thinking/feeling you are ‘resisting’ the natural flow that puts you in alignment with the big picture and the infinite resources to where you DO want to go.  A person can tell when they are resisting or allowing by how they feel, resisting will have negative emotion associated – due to the discord between your desire and your belief – where you want to be and where you are – and allowing will tend to feel good, it could be feelings of excitement, joy, love and being thrilled as to what you will do with the fresh canvas of life upon you each day.  Feeling good and bad is a continuum, an emotional and vibrational continuum, and you attract things that are a match to the vibration signal you are giving.

…but perhaps also my souls is not in the business…

We’ll work on this a little later in the piece.  At some point the business did come forth from some creative process as it wouldn’t have existed otherwise.  You can reconnect your ‘soul’ or ‘heart’ to it through your emotions, more on this later.

When you line yourself up you attract those in harmony with your vision, or vision from those already around you

…I have not recruited well i think in the past year and i have two girls working for me who may not be right for the job or i just have not trained and lead them well…

When you reconnect yourself vibrationally to whatever it is you do, you will attract the right people to the job or draw those aspects from those people who are already around and want to be a match to it too.  It’s like when someone is in a relationship and they are considering moving on because of certain traits in their partner.  The best way is to be at peace with those traits and to be at peace about the whole thing otherwise if your focus is on something that you don’t like, your vibration will be active about it, and you will tend to attract those traits in the next partner also or in others around you, you attract more of the same through your focus, in all things.  What you might find is WHEN you are at peace with it and are focusing on what you LIKE about your current partner, you will attract those aspects from your current partner (and others around you), because you’re focusing on that and not being distracted by the things you didn’t like.  Your energy and attention is on the things that you DO like.  Energy flows where attention goes.

All possibilities exist

Whilst i am hesitant to give the business up i am thinking more about my mental and spiritual well being which i think needs attention at the moment due to years of neglect…

Consider a scenario where you can have the business AND your mental and spiritual wellbeing, when you are lined up (desire and belief are in alignment – i.e. what you want and what you believe; and you feel good as a consequence) you can do anything and you have the energy and excitement for it.  Or, you can decide that you just want to focus on certain aspects in your life (such as spiritual), and that is your choice, I’m just highlighting that all choices exist based on whatever choices you make.

There is Harmony inherent in every conflict

…I can be a very happy or fearful person and i have a lot untapped and unexplored energy. I don’t know how long I can put my spiritual quest off, understanding my mind and developing my creative and light side.
it’s a big dilemma

It sounds like someone who has a lot of desires and a lot of things they want to get done but one who isn’t in line with them yet or is experiencing conflicts in doing them.  For example ‘I’d like to do x, but I can’t because of y’ (and the word ‘dilemma’ confirms this).  You can have it all if you are lined up to it, or you can struggle with aspects of it as you move towards some things but your attention is on others elsewhere and there is a conflict, you feel like you are being ‘torn’.

So let’s communicate with the aspects, and work on them lining up so they are in harmony…

Communicate with your desire for your spiritual development, identify what it is, what it’s intentions are, goals are, what it wants to accomplish/achieve.  You could imagine it sitting in front of you, or as a part sitting on your open palm, or imagine it as whatever you like as you communicate with it.  And in the same way communicate with that aspect of you that wants your business to work, perhaps on your other palm.  What are its outcomes?  What does it want to accomplish?  The initial answer might be something like some sort of relief from the recent pressure or tension.  Then ask what’s its long term vision or intention.  Is it to thrive?  Grow?  What is it you want to experience from the business?  Everything we experience in life is a metaphor for something we want to experience, an essence, some intention or outcome or purpose, what is the business’ intention for you?  What does it achieve for you?

Now realise that the two intentions (spiritual and business in this case) won’t achieve anything whilst they are in conflict.  As one strives forward the other will pull it back because it’s in conflict and doesn’t feel it can get what it wants.  In harmony they provide synergy to each other and to the rest of you.  And harmony is just a matter of perspective and intent.

Realise THEY BOTH HAVE THE SAME HIGHER INTENTION FOR YOU, whatever that is, whether it be your wellbeing, growth, thriving.  Every desire and essence within you came into you because it felt it could achieve what it came for, within you, else it would have gone elsewhere – Law of Attraction, like attracts like – so any time there is any conflict, it is important to remember that the two parts are in the same time space reality because they actually have a sameness on a deeper level – this is the same with ALL entities, people, countries, etc, if any are at conflict it’s because they are focusing on their differences than on similarities and aspects with which they can grow together and in synergy.  The similarities and agreements could even be just on the level of existence, that they agree they are better off existing and not interfering with each other, even if they do nothing else, or better still in working together and sharing resources, each have something to offer the other.

So it’s in realising that there IS a sameness that the two can line up, and with an intent not to be in conflict.  And it may just mean agreeing that if they don’t have some sort of an agreement neither will achieve what they want (even if it’s not to have a business and to focus on the spiritual), rather than nitpicking on the details.

How would you like things to be?

‘Lots of untapped and unexplored energy’ is good because it implies strong energy flow.  Strong energy is great when you are lined up to it, but when you’re not it can create quite a bit of discord as the discord indicates misalignment between your desires (summoning the energy) and your thoughts and beliefs (allowing the energy).  You might want something but if your focus is on something contradicting it then you get discord, and your emotions tell you when that is happening.  The type of emotion you experience will tell you the difference between the two as will the severity of the discord.
Some people will have little or not very strong desires and so when their thoughts don’t match up the discord (negative emotion) isn’t quite so prevalent.  However when they are lined up the flow isn’t quite as strong as someone who has strong desire and is lined up.

So I’ve explained many dynamics, I’m going to ask you to work with your thoughts.  I’m going to ask you to list out a few things, and it’s best for this process if you write these; writing focuses the energy, because your eyes are seeing what you’re doing,  your self-talk is focused on the words than on anything else, and you’re physically focused on writing; your whole neurology is involved.< /p>

If all possibilities were open to you, let’s say God (or the universe or whatever you want) sat next to you and said How would you like things to be, what would you say?  Make a list.  And write as much as you like.  And it can be as general or as specific as you like, the key thing is that it feels good.  It might help to start general and then go more specific, there’s less resistance when something is general, it’s ‘softer’, and you can get more and more specific.

Creating your Reality, rather than regurgitating what-is

can stagnate (relationships, job, health, businesses, etc) when they don’t go
so well and we focus on ‘what-is’ – i.e. the present perceived reality, and
because that’s where our focus is we create more of the same and more of the
same and so on (see diagram below), the solution is to use your imagination and creativity and
think and FEEL from it, it’s being a visionary not a ‘regurgitator’

When in relationships if people keep focusing
on the problems things get worse and worse as they create more of the same, but
if they focus on what they once loved about that person or what they love now,
or WHAT THEY MIGHT LOVE about them – anything that feels good – that’s what flows energy.  The key thing here is not what the reality
is or what it was or might be, it’s that the thought feels good, and that’s what flows
energy. All possibilities are open in
the universe and the universe is abundant
, it is rich and there is infinitely
more potential than most people could contemplate, and you gain access through
your feelings and the flow of energy and your imagination
, there is infinitely
more power in that than through actions or speech or other means. The universe is vibrational and you gain
access to it through your connection with it vibrationally, your feelings, and
your emotions are a guidance where you are relative to that

This gets you away from thinking how things have been or are (‘what-is’) and gets you to start thinking of WHAT YOU WANT, when you do that and let your thoughts focus on it more and more and more you flow the energy to it, you start getting ideas and you are lead to more thoughts of the same which lead to more ideas and inspiration.


You’re not trying to rationally solve the situation with it, you’re using your imagination to create the thoughts in your mind that feel good, they raise your vibration, from the new vibration you have possibilities open to you you didn’t have before.

Remember, the key is write things that feel good.  You might not find it easy at first because your mind has been focused on the situation at hand and you need to practice thinking of what you want.  So you could put softening statements at the start that pace where things have been so you can then lead on to the thoughts that feel good.  For example:

-Well, I’ve had this situation for a while and it’s felt uncomfortable but I’d like to solve it
-It’s not been easy in the past and I still get stuck, but I want to find something that moves this on
-There are more possibilities available than I might have thought
-I may not know for sure the infinite possibilities that the universe can show to me, but I’d like to find out…
-Out of all the things the universe can do, working with a business must be one of the easiest, relatively speaking
-There are many things I’d like, whether in this business or outside of it in my life
-My spiritual and mental wellbeing are important to me, and I can feel I have strong desires for them.  Strong desires are good
-I’d like my business in a place where it is taking care of itself and perhaps even growing and I’m spending my life doing the things I love, including doing the things I love about my business

And so on….

Tapping into what you loved about it in the first place

You may want to ask yourself, when you started the business what were the things you loved about it?  What inspired the creation of it?  If it was something like ‘money’ or ‘making ends meet’ that’s fine too, EVERYTHING HAS POSITIVE ASPECTS TO IT.  The universe is meaningless until you give it meaning and that shapes the reality you experience and it perpetuates until you change the meaning.  What can you appreciate about your business?

-It came to me at a time when I needed money, or making ends meet
-This business has been good to me over the years.  It may have had its challenges and may still do, but it’s something that has been good to me
-This business deserves better
-I know there is wisdom and guidance coming to me about how great this business can be
-This business has so much potential
, it can go places, it can offer a lot of value

An analogy about reconnecting with what you loved about it in the first place

When people are in relationships what often happens is they fall in love and everything is wonderful (and they may or may not be aware of lovely synchronicities happening around them, as they’re most likely in a higher vibration) and they’re focusing on all the things they love about the other person.  And then they might notice one small aspect they don’t appreciate in the other.  And then they’ll ponder it, dwell on it.  And what happens if you dwell on something – anything, whether positive or negative?  By virtue of LOA it gets bigger.  And then it’s not so small, it gets bigger.  And they dwell on it.  And it gets bigger still.  Then they find they have arguments, and there is more tension around the place.  And then they find they almost can’t not get into an argument. 

This may be similar to your business where when you look around you see things that give you stress and tension.  The solution is to practice taking your attention off those things that do that, and practice your attention on things about it that feel good, it doesn’t matter what they are, anything.  That way you are ‘allowing’ and not ‘resisting’.  You could even focus on things outside of the business that feel good, the key thing is not to get into resistance about the business.  There could be 999 things wrong with the business but you could focus on one good feeling thought you have about it, and hold your attention to it (for at least 17 seconds) without contradicting it and another thought will join it.  And hold it for another 17 seconds and another thought will join that, and so on. And you build the momentum in a positive direction.  What will happen is you will start to feel more and more excited about your business, you’ll enjoy being there, you’ll enjoy doing more with it, you will have creativity and inspiration and you’ll be inspired to do things.  And your business will thrive.  Which will also mean you will feel even better about it, it perpetuates itself, but you use your imagination to get it going when initially things weren’t how you wanted them.

You have all choices open to you

Having said all of the above, when you get to a place of inspiration you will also have the choice to move on from the business, and that is up to you.  But by getting yourself into a place of allowing you enable yourself to make the best choices, the wisdom and the guidance will flow to you, whether it be through ideas you get or through ‘coincidences’ or synchronistic experiences, for example you might see a newspaper article that mentions something or catch a TV programme or you might overhear a conversation which is just right for what you’re looking for.

Your vibration will determine the people you attract

You mentioned about attracting a manager or staff, when you are feeling good about your business you will attract better people in relation to your business than you would otherwise.  Remember, like attracts like.  If you are thinking of your business as a problem and it being difficult, you are likely to attract people that will think from a similar point of view, or have a similar vibration about it.  If you are excited about this opportunity you have, you will attract people with whom you can enthuse with.

If you keep thoughts of :
-Well, at the moment the business is not taking care of itself, but at some point I think it can
-With the business taking care of itself I’ll have so much time to myself, and the business can thrive too
-I know there are plenty of good people out there who can be very successful with business, and I know my business deserves that
-This can be such a win-win, I’ve created an opportunity here with my business for someone to come along and thrive with it, I can have all the time I want for myself, and my business is better through all of this too

Do you notice the improvement in feeling and perception?
And you have to practice these thoughts and live FROM them (not necessarily the ones I’ve listed but those that are relevant for you.)  You may not get a phone call the next minute (or you might!), but you will certainly feel better in thinking these thoughts and how you feel about your business will be better, and you can let what manifests in the physical take place.


Above I have mentioned quite a few approaches to this, but the key thing is to feel less and less bad about it, regardless of the presently perceived reality, and get onto feeling better and better.

One other note on this:
Oftentimes when you’re coming to work with experiences from a place where things weren’t positive you may initially be looking to get relief, in that initially it’ll be about feeling less worse, less stress etc, and as the ‘negative’ feelings get less and less you can focus on ‘feeling better’ and more and more positive emotions.  A lot of talk is made about ‘feeling good’ however sometimes when someone is feeling very negative they may not be able to contemplate such a thing as ‘feeling good’ and it can be about feeling ‘less worse’ and lessening those negative feelings and then getting onto positive feelings and amping them up, and feeling better and better.



More on ‘How I Manifested my Car’ post

Thank you to all of you who have been letting me know how much value you are finding in my words and in this blog, it’s lovely to hear from you, thank you!

This is more on ‘How I Manifested my Car

Hi Hemal,

read your blog on your Jag manifestation, which is great by the way,
and wanted to ask how you feel now compared to how you felt knowing it
was coming?

It’s just my experience of the ‘knowing’ the car was
coming was actually the best bit – it felt great – because the car had
come in to my experience but I had no means of paying for it. I can
look back now and identify that the’ knowing’ it was going to be mine
was the most thrilling part. Because having it feels different, very
good but different. That OMG this could be mine feeling is hilarious as
you dare to imagine and pretend you are driving it. Would you agree
from your experience?

Now I have it, it’s like second nature, now I look at the Aston Martin DB9 and get excited!!

Hemal: Yep I know what you mean, it’s the flowing of energy which is the important part, not the
thing you’re after, they’re just kind of metaphors for you to flow
energy towards lol

It’s the moulding of the thought and the energy that’s meant to be the fun part and the manifestation a consequence of it

Amie: Thanks for confirming what I felt into an even simpler and clearer understanding of this process!



Creating Realities – What are we responsible for?

To what degree are we impacting and influencing the creation of others’ realities?  Are we creating our own reality, and therefore responsible only for
what exists in our lives, or others too?

Where does our responsibly begin and end?

(the question was longer but I condensed it to the above, which sums it up)


The ‘responsibility’ begins and ends with yourself,
and through that is your connection to everything and everyone else

we are creating our own reality, and therefore responsible only for our
view or perception of all that already exists in our lives?"

each person is experiencing from their point of Self, you cannot step
into another’s shoes or care for another totally, because it will
always be THROUGH your point of Self, it will always be from that
perspective, through the perspective that you have chose to come to
experience as who you are.
Yes, we are responsible for our own
experience as is everyone else, and those with matching vibrations come
together to co-create. The vibrational universe takes care of the
of who, what, where, when, how etc, you nor others do not
need to think about that
, you just need to focus on what’s important to
you and what you want to experience.

Essentially you write the play
you want to experience and the universe will orchestrate the actors and
parts within it. That’s when synchronicities and the flow line up with

You cannot create in another’s experience, and vice versa,
however by thinking of another’s experience you can affect your own
connection to source, god, universe, whatever you want to call it, your
ideal connection is with You, god, universe, etc, and THROUGH that
connection you can positively impact others.

It is through
your connection that others (who want to be a match to it) will be
inspired, those seeking a teacher will attract you, those not seeking
one you will not rendezvous with

Your responsibility
is to yourself and your connection. If you were not to be a samaritan
for someone, they will attract whatever they are a match to, i.e. the
universe does not ‘need’ you or anyone to do anything, there are an
abundance of people who’d show up even if you didn’t – the universe IS abundant – based on what was being Asked by the vibration of the person
asking. Your job is to follow your joy whatever it is. There is no
limit to people willing to do things for others, but it is best done
from a place of connection or joy, because when you’re not, and you
help another, you’re not helping their connection to the resources
available to them either



How do you use Law of Attraction when you don’t know what Money feels like?

I posted my Manifesting Money post on a forum and I had a reply from someone asking me my opinion on what financial freedom would feel like.  My reply was that it was better to focus on HIS current experience, describing mine would give just that, i.e. my words and essences, the key would be tapping into HIS.

He replied back saying perhaps a better question for him to ask would be: "How do I create an experience I’ve never felt before?"

Well the premise of your question is that you need to know how something feels to experience it. So that would mean someone wanting to attract a ‘soulmate’ for the first time in their life would need to know how it felt? And so on…?

The answer lies in using the imagination. You are here as creators, to expand and grow and flow energy. it’s never about the goals it’s about the energy (‘life force’ etc) they get you to flow, that’s why they feel so good, the ‘desire’ is life force/energy.

The other thing to remember is that you are aware of the concept of financial freedom, so you have some awareness about it and you have a desire for it otherwise it wouldn’t have come up. So in your now position right now you already have aspects of this and that’s what you do, you focus on what you do have, or even pretend – that too stimulates thought, it’s never whether a thought is real or not it’s about how it feels.

So what’s the best thought or feeling you can have on the financial freedom scale right now? It may not be ‘financial freedom’ (or it may be!), but a better thought on that scale?

And as you focus on those thoughts (or thought), and as you focus them and hold your attention to them, without contradicting them, you will start to attract other thoughts that resonate with it, that are a vibrational match, and from that new vantage point you’ll have thoughts available to you you didn’t have previously, and so on….

So it’s never about feeling the end state (eg financial freedom) right now necessarily, it’s constantly asking yourself better feeling thoughts, in whichever context and whatever the goal and relative to your now position, because that’s all you can work with, the present moment (because that’s all there ever is! 🙂 ) You can use an anticipated future to stimulate present moment thoughts.

If people were only thinking/feeling thoughts they ‘knew’ they could only regurgitate, rather than using their imagination to expand their thinking and experiences in new ways.

Other ways of stimulating the the thoughts from yourself, you could ask yourself:
-What ‘might’ financial freedom feel like?
-If I knew what it was like what would it be like?
-If I was to pretend to have it, what might it feel like?

And remember to focus on the thoughts and hold them and not contradict them, milk them for the energy they provide you