Finding GENUINE Gratitude and Appreciation to Solve Problems and Manifest

Whether in personal development or spiritual circles you would have heard about using gratitude and appreciation. (I covered this in yesterday’s Manifesting Excellence call which is available as an audio in the archives by registering)

But why? And more importantly, how?

Why? Because when you focus on what you are GENUINELY grateful or appreciative of you are focusing more toward that which gives you joy and away from that which looks towards lack. It is taking you into your flow than out of it.

As you focus more of which that is pleasant you will find ‘problems’ solving themselves – because your attention and energy will become more about the solution than the problem or lack. As you build the momentum (more on this below) you will experience more and more manifestations.

If you want a bit of a deeper understanding, beyond your physical body you are energy. The energy of gratitude and appreciation – as well as ‘love’ – is towards that which you inherently are on a deeper level beyond your physical body.

If you have worked with me or read my book you will know that you as an energetic being, on a deeper level, are already aligned to that which you want – that’s right, all your manifestations are already there in energy and are ready to enter your physical life.

By you on a physical level focusing on appreciation and gratitude you are getting into alignment with the energetic – spiritual – non-physical – whatever else you want to call it – aspect of yourself.


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The Mistake Many People Make

I say make sure you have GENUINE appreciation because some people do gratitude or appreciation games and ‘force’ themselves and it is not authentic. If you are not being authentic, how can you expect the Universe to be? That wouldn’t be the same energy as genuinely being appreciative or grateful for something would it? Your energy would be mixed or diluted, rather than ‘pure’.

It’s like saying to someone that you love them but not meaning it – they will know!

In the same way, the Universe knows what you are offering energetically – and whether you mean it or not.

And this is how the Law of Attraction works – when you are offering an energy, you attract more of the same – you attract energetic matches.

In this case you attract more that is a match to the frequency of gratitude and appreciation. And of course if you weren’t meaning it and were ‘mixed’ in your energy about it, your results will be mixed, if at all.


How to ‘do’ Gratitude & Appreciation

1 – Find what you are GENUINELY Appreciative or Grateful for

2 – Write/think about it.

Express the thankfulness – make it genuine. The key thing is FEEL the emotion – the emotion is an indicator of your energy.

3 – Write/think more! The reason for this is you want to create a MOMENTUM

Thinking one or two things is fine. But it has the momentum of your daily inner chatter to work against. You want to build a momentum with your positive work such that it affects your daily energy – that’s how you attract new things.

To attract new things offer a new energy.

As you build the momentum notice how it FEELS – that’s the key.

4 – Repeat the above steps.

What will happen is as you build the momentum it will become easier and easier. Just like when you start to get happy it is easier to be happier. Just like momentum was mentioned above about being helpful, once you have it, it will help carry you to an even stronger momentum (so long as you do not disrupt it with thoughts to the contrary).


Any experiences you have had with Appreciation or Gratitude? Any questions? Or perhaps thankfulness you would like to express? Please share in the comments below : )


Hemal Radia is the author of “Find You & You Find Everything: The Secrets to the Law of Attraction“, a speaker and a ‘super’ coach. His work is shared worldwide including on large followings on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

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