Letting Go of Emotional Attachment

Thank you for your Happy New Year messages!  I hope your New Year has started wonderfully well!

In the last day or two on the private Facebook group for Manifesting Excellence there was a thread shared by someone about letting go of attachment. I had mentioned something last year and she was mentioning how she had found it transformational. I later commented on her post and afterwards thought that you might enjoy it too, I’ve included it below.

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Letting Go of Emotional Attachment

“Another way of letting go of emotional attachment is asking what if it doesn’t happen? Not that you don’t want it to happen, but of revealing fears and letting them go about it so you can focus on what feels good to you about having it.

It appears paradoxical in that it seems you are releasing what you want, but you are releasing the fears so you can make space for what you want.

When we want something with fear (or other emotions) attached to it we are sending out mixed signals and we wonder why it doesn’t come to us and what we are doing wrong. It’s actually that we have those emotions there and by releasing them (and when we do we are genuinely at peace about it because we have placed our power in our Self than on something outside) we have created space for what we want.

There are some spiritual circles that say not to have desire. I think it may be about semantics as oftentimes they imply that the desire has elements of fear or lack etc and that’s why they may be saying not to have desire.

My view is it’s about letting go of the emotional attachment (which is through the negative emotions) and you are left with pure desire, pure Source energy, pure love, pure God – whatever you want to call it – and it’s the most powerful and most purest energy and you will create in your life as if you are God. Well, you ARE God, an aspect and embodiment of God and offering the unique reflection and aspect of God that no one else can.”