Finding that Helping Others is Draining?


This is an excerpt of my response to someone on a forum who was finding they were getting drained by helping others (this is also a topic that was covered in last week’s Manifesting Excellence call and is in the archives there):


If it is forced or draining then there is an energy misalignment. It’s finding different motivators for you in doing this (if you still choose to) which get you into alignment.  Ideally, look for things that give you a sense of joy, love etc.

It sounds like you have some things that are taking you out of flow (this would also tie in with not seeing the inspiration, because there are things ‘pulling’ at you rather than things inspiring you).  Doing things when out of flow will feel hard work.  It’s about remedying those perspectives/situations so that you are going forward from a neutral/positive place and your consequent manifestations are a match of that energy.