My Law of Attraction Magazine Article


I was recently asked by Law of Attraction magazine to write an article for this month’s issue and it has just come out!

You can get it for free at
(On the webpage if you click the cover it should open in your browser, they have apps for devices too)

The article is titled “7 Power Tips to Make the Law of Attraction Work Better For You” (page 50).


“Finding Love” call this week


This Saturday's Manifesting Excellence call is about "Finding Love"!

* Do you keep attracting the same type of man/woman into your life?

* Are you finding that what you are looking for hasn't been appearing in your life?

* Are you scared of getting into a relationship or feel that you won't be happy?

* Do you believe that what you want isn't out there?

* Do you believe that you are carrying the past with you and it makes it difficult for you to have what you want and be happy?

* For this and much more, and YOUR questions, join us on the Manifesting Excellence call this coming Saturday!

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Course: “Mastering the Law of Attraction”


I have been asked by The en*theos Academy of Optimal Living to teach Law of Attraction courses on their network.  If you remember, a few months ago I taught a 4-part course on the “Fundamentals of the Law of Attraction“.

I’m writing to let you know that next month is “Mastering the Law of Attraction“!  It will be a live online class environment and also downloadable audios if you can’t make it live.

Click here to find out about the “Mastering the Law of Attraction” course

(If you are on Manifesting Excellence then will have courtesy access to this as a courtesy)

The en*theos Academy for Optimal Living is excited to be hosting Hemal Radia as he shares his wisdom in The Fundamentals of The Law of Attraction! Hemal’s knowledge and enthusiasm are sure to make this an amazing course!” – Casey Carey, en*theos


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“How Does People Pleasing Interfere with the Law of Attraction?”


Here is a FREE Podcast compiled by Ali Wylie where I answer a question on a live call about about helping others and what if it gets you out of balance to attract and manifest what you want, and what to do about it:

Helping others is an extension of your own natural abundance
It’s about how much it takes you out of balance and out of your flow
Over-extending yourself, keeping your cup full
Great results from even small actions
What is the energy behind you helping people?
Avoid guilt and fear being a motivator
Helping people through your divinity, flow, creativity, inspiration and love


Click here to access “How Does People Pleasing Interfere with the Law of Attraction?”


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Visualisation as a Tool to Massage Your Energy

Visualising is one of the most popular tools in your spiritual toolbox and there are so many ways of using it.  Whether to use it with your intuition and have energies represented to you symbolically, to change how you see yourself or a situation, or many other ways in using your ‘inner mind’ with this tool of “seeing from within”.  Today you will experience how you can better use it as a tool to more effectively harness the Law of Attraction and manifest more of what you want.

People often use visualization but then say that they do not get what they want.  Why is that?

Because it is not just about visualizing.  It is a tool.  Manifesting is about a relationship you have within yourself with what you want.  Visualization is a tool to massage that relationship and work with your own energy in relation to what you want.

When visualizing, you see the end in mind, but you also relate it to your emotions.  That’s how you use it to get better at manifesting.  As you visualize, be sensitive to what your emotions are telling you.  When it comes to manifesting, adjust what you visualize so it feels as good or as real as it can.

Also do remember, it does not have to be that you visually (or necessarily clearly) ‘see’ something, it can be a ‘sense’ that you get.

Consider the following:

– What can I visualize that brings me great delight?
– What are the aspects of my goal(s) that feel good to me?
– What can I see beyond my goal, into the future, that feels good to me?
– If I had no fear and no doubts, what would I allow myself to see?
– If I was to be bold and outrageous, what do I allow myself to see?

This is just the start to using visualization to benefit yourself and the lives of those around you…


To find out more about Visualizing and Manifesting click here to check out Manifesting Excellence

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“Fundamentals of the Law of Attraction” course


I have been asked by The en*theos Academy of Optimal Living to teach Law of Attraction courses on their network.  Starting from early July there will be a 4-part course on the “Fundamentals of the Law of Attraction” (there are also plans in the future for a “Mastering the Law of Attraction” course as a follow-on).


Click here to find out about the “Fundamentals of the Law of Attraction” course
(Those that are on the Manifesting Excellence Group calls will have access to this as a courtesy)


The en*theos Academy for Optimal Living is excited to be hosting Hemal Radia as he shares his wisdom in The Fundamentals of The Law of Attraction! Hemal’s knowledge and enthusiasm are sure to make this an amazing course!” – Casey Carey, en*theos

Fundamentals of the Law of Attraction - Hemal Radia

Free Audio – “Manifesting Your Life’s Purpose” interview

Earlier today I appeared on Nancy Brook’s “Love Your Path: Passion, Purpose & Possibilities” radio show and we had a great time.  She asked me various questions about purpose, manifesting successfully, how to live our purpose when we have responsibilities such as earning a living and raising children, do other people’s intentions affect us, as well as questions from my “Find You & You Find Everything: The Secrets to the Law of Attraction” book.

I thought you might like to listen to the audio.  There is no opt-in required, i.e. no email address to give to access it, just click the link below and you can play it in your browser or download the audio.

To listen to the show or download it click here.

Love Your Path Show


Hemal was an amazing guest on my Love Your Path Radio Show.  He explains the Law of Attraction in a way that makes it easy to understand.  He puts abstract concepts into words that anyone can follow.  Plus, Hemal has a supportive and soothing energy that makes it all feel so easy!  I could listen to him for hours.”

Nancy Brook, Host of “Love Your Path Show”


7 Thoughts on Transitioning from a Relationship

Are you transitioning from the ending of a relationship?

At the moment I am working with quite a few people in the process of transitioning from a relationship and making the move as seamless as possible, sometimes with children involved too.

If this is something that resonates with you, I thought you might enjoy some thoughts on it:



1 – Just because this ended, does not mean something beautiful isn’t around the corner.  This has created space for something else, at the very least for yourself and who you are…and from there, all possibilities are open

2 – There can often be shame and guilt involved, especially if there are children.  Realise, your children are here because on a deeper level they chose to come into this life.  What you want them to experience in the future and the direction you want their lives to go is a choice that you make.

3 – You may feel sad about it having ended…if it was an unhealthy relationship, consider how much sadder you might have been if it had continued…

4 – With some relationships you feel you can’t live with your partner and you can’t live without them.  Identify the factors that push you apart and deal with them.  Or else, the pattern will go on and either you will resolve it or there will come a point when the inertia is strong enough for you not to want to continue the relationship.


There ARE better times ahead for you…


5 – You may feel that this was your ‘soulmate’ (or words to that effect) and you ask yourself how can you continue without them, even though it was an unhealthy relationship.  Read that last sentence again – particularly the words “unhealthy relationship” – and ask yourself if this really was your ‘soulmate’.  See the previous point also (4)

6 – If you felt that it was a ‘soulmate’ relationship, that it was a healthy relationship, you were rejected or turned down and you are wondering how will you find someone like that again, there are a few things to be said on that.  Firstly, you allowed yourself to love and to immerse deeply in an experience with someone else. Give yourself credit. Next, realise it is an abundant Universe and there is someone else out there who will make you feel that way and more (it’s true), will adore you, AND wants what you want too.

7 – There may be ‘noise’…whether from the partner you are leaving or from others around them or you. Don’t let it distract you.  Make decisions that you are congruent with.  You will have to live with them.  Do not be scared of making the wrong decision; you can only make the best decision you can at that moment in time.  If fear wasn’t a factor, what would you do?  This puts you more in touch with your spirit.

Bonus – Realise, that no matter how bad it may seem and no matter how scary it may seem, it will get better.  This phase will pass and you will enter a new phase.  The choices, including your thoughts and feelings you nurture, will influence the new phase that comes.


Would you like to work on this area of your life or any other with Hemal Radia?  Click here to work one-to-one with him.  There are a few slots currently available on a first-come-first served basis.




What if your Current Challenge *IS* the Answer?

Are you going through some situation right now, it may be recent, or it may be long-standing, and you wonder when you will be rid of it or how you will resolve it?  Consider how the situation can actually serve you…


The challenges you think stop you having what you want may be exactly what are needed TO have what you want…


When we go through something challenging, it can sometimes serve us in so many ways, besides the hindrance it may appear to be, in the grander scheme of things.
For example, the financial challenges someone is experiencing may be exactly what they need to more clearly notice the opportunities around them…
Or the person you think is an obstacle may be giving you information about yourself that may serve you in making changes within yourself to be with the love of your life…
It's like the farmer who finds a strange vegetation besides his crops…at first he fights it, but then realises that it is actually edible and can add it to the rest of his harvest to sell it and make a profit…
What possibilities and opportunities exist in your life right now that you haven't noticed yet?  

Manifesting at 76 Years Young


I shared this on the Manifesting Excellence private group and thought you might enjoy this from a friend of mine who was ‘coaching’ her elderly dad to some goals. He attracted three goals, all using a similar way/method, this was one of them, to attract him and his wife taking a trip/vacation. It was quite something for him at this stage in his life to start to use the power of his thoughts to attract something he wanted into his life –


With regards coaching my Dad …. it really has been quite amazing …. at the time of him thinking about the ‘trip’ goal (he wanted to go away on a trip) … I suggested that he research the location, create a mind map … start a savings jar especially for the holiday where he could put his coins etc …. and basically suggested he should prepare as if they were definitely were going …. and the money would come …. well he did all of this and the money did come … unexpectedly : ) ….



Elderly couple holding hands