“How to Make Money Doing What You Love”


If the Universe is truly all energy, then how can we often end up making money with something that we DON’T love but can’t make money with something that we DO love?

Many have the challenge of moving from something that has been paying the bills to transitioning to something that they love AND making a living from it.



In my own journey, although I have been in this field since the early 90s, my work came online around six years ago. For me, early on, it was very much about following my inspiration and desire and things organically (and quickly) blossomed from there.

I started this blog at the start of 2008 and wrote articles and people loved them (it now has well over 300 posts!).  My work was spreading across Facebook and other networks, people translating my quotes into other languages, wanting me to co-admin various groups and collaborations with them, Facebook groups were initiated and kindly created by others in my ‘honour’ such as the Universal Law of Attraction Group and the Hemal Radia Appreciation Group where they would share my work and quotes, my quotes to be used in board games, and many other projects, invites and happenings.

A book from me was also very much sought after (and I am now being approached for more!), which came along a few years ago, as well as live events and get-togethers, which we have had in Las Vegas, Australia, London etc.

This doesn’t go anywhere near even touching upon the many happenings and day to day synchronicities, but it gives you an idea of some of the happenings.


In my experience I followed my ‘love’ The rest found its way to me and me to it.  The right people, the right situations etc. I am working on more, and I enjoy the now. My approach, including from a marketing sense, has evolved over the years, but the ethos, spirit and “love” are still the same for what I do, for myself, for those I work with, etc.

How can YOU make an income from doing what you love?  I will be on Kelly Galea’s “From Corporate to Creative” Radio Show next Wednesday 29th May at 12pm ET/5pm UK time talking about this in How to Make Money Doing What You Love“.

For more information about the show next week, click here: “How to Make Money Doing What You Love


Hemal Radia on Kelly Galea show