The Situation you have isn’t Impossible…

Things are made possible from the seeming ‘impossible’ by shifting your perspective, even slightly, and the rest of the Universe reorganises itself in relation to your thoughts…
Make another slight shift and the same happens again…
A few shifts later and you find yourself in a whole different place and with possibilities you weren’t even aware of before…
Everyone starts from a unique place in relation to their beliefs about a subject.  Start from wherever you are about a situation, and make a movement at a time…

This is a natural process. The reason people often don’t find the possibilities is they live from their own  (limiting) beliefs about it not being possible or it being difficult or they listen in to other people’s limitations. Think of the possibilities and enjoy them with great relish…
Relinquish your attachment to the past…
Let the freshness of the infinite possibilities permeate your soul. Remember how that feels?
It happens when you let go of the past and what was before and you create space and open yourself up to what’s ahead for you…
It is natural for you to be in that state of excitement and looking forward to what’s ahead..


In all I teach and the work I do with others we aim not just to mention perspectives but to get practical too. How do you deal with situations?
Start with a small step,whatever it may be. Create movement.  Everyone comes from a unique situation with unique pespectives and problems and this is how I help people when I work with them.

Movement leads to more movement, dissipates fear and resistance, and gets the energy moving in your direction.

Successive movement builds momentum and eventually this momentum carries it…


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“7 Questions (& Answers) about Self Belief”

About a week ago I was asked if I would answer some questions about self belief. I’m asked these sorts of questions often so I thought the answers might be useful to put in a post.  More information below…

Hi Hemal,
I hope you are doing great. I am reading a book on how to improve my grades in school, and I am on a part which talks about self-belief. I have an exercise to complete which is to ask a few questions to those that I admire the most. I thought that you would be the perfect person to ask. I know that you are a busy man and I won’t mind if you can’t take time to answer these, but I would really appreciate your response.  🙂

1. What compels you to take action and begin any type of work or project?

To follow my inspiration and what feels good (or ‘best’ in that moment).

2. What makes you keep on taking action when you feel overwhelmed? What makes you think you can finish it and do a great job of it?

Staying in the moment as best as possible.  Having faith and ‘knowing’ you will, but staying in the moment and enjoying it regardless of the outcome.

3. Others have not accomplished what you have. What do you think makes you different than them?

It’s not about what others do or not do.  It’s about whether I want to do it and if I do then staying in the moment and doing it.

4. When you have a challenge in front of you, how do you deal with it and how do you get past it?

Don’t see it as a challenge unless it inspires you positively, but focus on the outcome and how you’d like it to be and build that up.

5. What goes in your head when someone tells you that you can’t achieve your goal?

It’s not about what others think, it’s about oneself and their flow and their feelings/beliefs

6. What if you are wrong or if you make a mistake? How do you deal with this?

There are no mistakes.  If something doesn’t quite happen how you’d expect, see it as still fine as you got many other things out of it and what you needed from it you ‘perfectly’ got.

7. Can you provide me with any suggestions to help me develop a successful mindset?

Start with the intention and the application and continue building it.

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Oh my God!!  These are the best answers I could get!!! You are awesome!! 😀 Thank you so much!  I really really really appreciate you taking time to answer them. Have a wonderful week! 😀

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