Make Love Not War (Philippines Disaster)


Something went through my mind this morning as I saw more of the pictures of the devastation in the Philippines from Typhoon Haiyan.

That we spend so much time and resources on war and conflict, whether individually or as a race that so much of those resources and ‘energy’ could contribute towards a better world far more quickly for all of us.


Make Love Not War, Philippines Disaster

I donated towards the Philippines Typhoon Appeal, if you’d like to also you can do so at, which brings together 14 leading UK aid agencies (such as Oxfam, The Red Cross etc) to finance relief for major disasters. I’m sure they would value anything you can donate, no matter how small.

In case you haven’t heard about it, to date over 660,000 people are without homes, over 10 million affected, over 10,000 have died, and they urgently need water, food, shelter and medicine supplies. Roads and bridges have been destroyed leaving areas isolated. There are people who haven’t had anything to eat since last Friday.

Although this email has been about the Philippines, it’s actually about much more than that.

It’s about those we can help, even those close to you, whether with a loving gesture, a smile, a conversation; anything you can do that would mean so much to someone else.