Reconnecting on Facebook

In case you’re not aware, about a week ago, for some reason which I did not receive a clear answer on, my profile and the “Hemal Radia” page were deleted on Facebook.

I have a new “Hemal Radia” profile and page and you are welcome to connect at both, although I will look to have more interactions on the page.  They are at:

Hemal Radia Profile

Hemal Radia Page

Hemal Radia Page on Facebook

Manifesting & Law of Attraction Page

Although this was unaffected, if you are not on it, then feel free to check out the Manifesting & Law of Attraction Page

I look forward to connecting with you! 🙂

Other useful links include:

Hemal Radia Appreciation Group on Facebook, where they send out my quotes three times a week

Universal Law of Attraction Group on Facebook

Hemal Radia Twitter profile, where I ‘tweet’ many quotes and content