Millionaire Mindset call this weekend


Just to let you know that “Millionaire Mindset” is being covered on this Saturday’s Manifesting Excellence call, which is downloadable as an audio if you can’t attend live.

This call came about after I got a request to cover the topic of: “How to get into the energy and mindset of a millionaire.”

Although it is themed as “Millionaire Mindset“, I will be covering processes that will enable you to accelerate your growth in any area of your life by acquiring the mindset, behaviours and skills in that context.

Yes, you can apply this to ANY area of your life.

On the “Millionaire Mindset” call we will be covering:

Identify 5-10 role models in a context you would like to succeed at whose conscious and unconscious behaviours you’d like to model and potentially ‘leap-frog’.

Apply this in any context, whether in making a million, having a fantastic relationship, health & body goals, and so on.

You will learn a process to behaviourally and energetically tap into what your chosen role models are doing.

You can then incorporate this on a conscious level, something which even the original role models may not always be aware of (oftentimes when people have unconscious competence they aren’t always consciously aware of every aspect of what they are doing)

You can evolve upon what you have learned and ‘leap-frog’ the role models.

Realise that I will be covering in a 60-90 minute call the main elements of what would be taught over several days in a live-event.

If this interests you, click here to register!


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