Manifesting by Keeping your Thoughts ‘Pure’

 Send the Universe a clear and pure (i.e. not-mixed) message and it will respond as quickly as the purity and emotional intensity of your message



I’ll use a material example to illustrate a ‘pure’ message. Let’s say you want to manifest a car and you say “Oh I’m looking forward to my shiny red car outside my drive, but I can’t afford it…

Notice how good it feels up to the ‘but‘ – that is where you are contradicting it, that is where you are mixing up your vibration. If you stop just before that and keep your focus on what feels good (i.e. the car) and keep your attention there, then what feels good is what you are attracting.


Although the above is a material example it applies to anything to do with vibration, keep your focus on what feels good, the better it feels the more pure it is. And the more pure it is the quicker it is in coming into your experience. The more pure it is the less you are giving in terms of mixed signals, the more congruent and aligned is the vibrational signal you are giving off.

When you mix up your
vibration you get mixed results or not very much movement at all, it is
like trying to drive with the brakes on, going forward and being pulled back, and it is not a very
comfortable experience!  And if we keep doing that, i.e. trying to go
forward whilst having resistance, the resistance can grow (attracts
more of the same) and grow and we can see physiological
ailments from it.


In terms of relationships, if you are saying something like “My partner (or potential partner!) is so wonderful I love this and this and this about him or her, I wonder if we can make it work…” then…

As you can guess, when you are saying “I wonder if we can make it work” that is mixing up your vibration about what you want.  When you do the first part and are appreciating and loving your partner, inherent within that emotion is the physical manifestation of that which is a match to it, LET IT HAPPEN.  Don’t mix it up!  And it feels good too!  Focus on what you love and appreciate about your partner, don’t complicate it by trying to figure out the how, that’s when you are bringing your conscious physical mind into it and it does not have anywhere near the resources that the Universe or ‘God’ has!



Here’s another few examples, this time about money:

I want to have soooo much money, but how will I do it?”

I’m going to be a millionaire.  I know some millionaires that are not very nice

Can you see the contradictions in the vibration in the statements?  And remember, you create your reality, everything you experience in your physical reality is a creation on your part, it’s like you have chosen the script and they have taken their roles based on the script you have given them.  Many times you may try to fire the actors and replace them but it’s the script you want to work with – the script that you are vibrating.

Practice the vibration of how you would like things to be rather than the automated scripts you have had running which have been creating your reality without you being aware of it, start creating your reality and your experiences WITH INTENT


Many times people will leave lovers or leave jobs or move countries but they find themselves in a similar situation as before.  The reason for this is whilst they have changed their surroundings and the people around them they are still giving off the same vibration so they are attracting similar situations.  I heard a saying many years ago and it went like this: Wherever you go, there you are.  It’s never about where you go or who’s around you, it’s about working with your vibration, with many of the techniques mentioned on this blog and audios etc, and getting yourself to a place where you are LOVING what is around you, and that will create more of the same, you will attract more things to love.


So, to conclude about ‘pure’, when you think about what you want – or anything – keep your thoughts pure, keep them on what feels good about it. Don’t try to figure it out or work out the ‘how’ or question it, if you just focus on what feels good and keep yourself there (and don’t do ‘buts’) you are attracting what you want, because those pure thoughts will QUICKLY attract more thoughts that match and will grow and your excitement will grow and you will quickly see the physical manifestation. The Universe manifests quickly for you when you get out of the way and let it do what it does best, and you do what you do best, which is to be a creator in harmony WITH the Universe, and that is through you having a pure vibration

Going into the New Year with MOMENTUM!


You may be reflecting on the year that is passing and the year that is coming in. As you go from one year to another there is a momentum you carry with you, it is filled with your hopes and excitement for what is ahead and pride from where you have come from, or even sometimes disappointment and the intention for things to be better, all in all it is a momentum. The attracting power of the momentum is based on your strength of intent and your alignment to it. This momentum you carry with you all the time – your vibration – but psychologically many people believe the turning of the year as significant for them, a new canvas to paint upon so to speak, although you have this momentum with you ALL THE TIME 



Wherever you are at know that you have the potential to shape your next year better than at any point in your life. You are wiser, smarter and more experienced.  On a spiritual or non-physical level you ALWAYS have MORE resources than you have EVER HAD, as a spiritual being you are ALWAYS EXPANDING, even in your mistakes you expand, you grow, you cannot not grow, ALL THE TIME. In your physical life your vibration has been CONSTANTLY expanding. On a spiritual level you are far more evolved now with far more resources and synchronicities and abilities available to you than you have ever had, it is just a matter of you lining up to them vibrationally, which is what this blog, the audios/teleseminars, the one-to-ones and all that you have been experiencing with me have been about


Below are some things for you to consider in supporting you in getting into attraction mode, you can write the answers in the comments below if you like, YOU ARE BUILDING YOUR VIBRATION ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT, that is what it is about, and the Universe matches your vibration, it can't not, it's physics. And further below I will even tell you what each point below is doing for your consciousness and focus,

1 – Write 3 to 5 things that you have Appreciated about this year

2 – Write 3 to 5 things (or more) that you are Anticipating/Excited about next year

3 – This time next year, what will you be delighted and proud with? What will have happened? (You can do this for the end of Jan too, what will you be proud of by then?)

What the above does:

1 – It gets your focus onto what you Appreciated about this year and on what you LIKED, i.e. a POSITIVE focus, it takes your attention off anything that wasn't quite great but onto what you liked, and you are also making peace with it this way. And by focusing on what you like and appreciate and having your vibration in that place you are looking to attract more of the same

2 – In building the vibration of things to look forward to, and by writing a few things you are strengthening that vibration

3 – This builds on (2) and takes it further and deepens it, 'delighted' can be thought of as a stronger emotion and higher vibration, and in writing this you are writing it as if it has happened, and that is a strong place to be.  Practice that vibration of it having already happened, and the path between then and now will organise itself. I tell my clients if they have done their vibrational work, the 'how' and the path will sort itself out


Allowing Miracles by Living From Your ‘Purpose’


What you will find is one's purpose is joy, love, enjoyment, appreciation, fun etc – whatever words one wants to use here, the key is the essence, the feeling, the vibration etc – and the FORM (the 'how') of it can be whatever, it can be being great at a sport, business, the arts, internet marketing or whatever it may be. The form can be a range of things and it can vary throughout your life and as you choose, the common denominator is HOW IT FEELS. That is when you know you are connected to your true purpose.

When you are in a relationship and it 'feels right' or a job or work that 'feels right' or something else that 'feels right' then you are on the path of your purpose, and that can be whatever you want it to be, so long as you have a clear vibration about it – i.e. you do not contradict it, your indication is through your feelings.

The terms 'Purpose' and 'Mission' etc have been banded around for many years, what you will find is that when someone feels something is their purpose…it FEELS a certain way, that is the key. The form – the details, the 'how' – of the purpose can change, just as you are ever growing and ever changing, and as the Universe is abundant and has choice and freewill, you can make anything your purpose, it feeling good is the indication of your alignment to it.  The better it feels the more in song you are with it.

When you are in alignment – and you can call it being on the path of your purpose, or whatever terminology you'd like to use – the Universe orchestrates itself and will provide the resources you need to have and be what you need to do. The Universe does not mind what you do, but when you are in alignment with yourself you will expand powerfully and see physical manifestations and the Universe will be your best friend in making sure the road ahead is fine to take you to where you want to go, and if not the Universe will give you signs to take detours that can get you there faster.




The implication of the word 'purpose' suggests it has to be an end result, that's not necessarily the case in how we are talking about it although it is part of the process, part of the mix.  When someone paints a beautiful painting the fun is in the painting of it, when someone is with the love of their life the magic is in the moment. When someone has a child the joy is in the process of it than intending the child to live to a 100 (end result), your joy is in the process of being with your child.

When you have goals, whilst the goal is an end result, your real purpose is your joy and process in creating it, including the contrast and the challenges you experience and how you expand and grow – including vibrationally – as a result. So it's not just about the end result and how quick you get there and in what style.

Everything you go through, whatever detours or dead-ends you take and however challenging it may be, or even easy as it may be, is 'perfect' and part of the journey, it is all adding to your development and there is nothing that you do that is 'wasted', it is all adding to your vibration in attracting what you want. Even when you are frustrated and disappointed in the short term, in those moments your desire for what you want is amongst its strongest, you are hungriest in that moment and your vibration has expanded, and when you get back on the road in terms of your alignment and feeling better and better you improve your alignment and harmony with the Universe and from a more powerful place vibrationally.




So know that whatever you do is fine, it's part of the journey, and as you head towards better and better feeling thoughts, experiences and moments, you are lining up to the magic within yourself and the Universe around you. As you align to that harmony, to that magic, you will literally see miracles happen around you. All the miracles you have ever heard of have all been in this category, there is no difference. And you have access to it a step at a time from wherever you are, right now.

Just start with something that feels a bit inspired, and then do something else from there, and something else from there, and so on. And within a few steps – whilst it may seem 'only' a few steps – vibrationally you are already exponentially so far away from where you started, and the momentum is powerfully towards where you want to go.  Each progressive step is bigger and more powerful as each one builds on the vibrational platforms created by the previous steps.

Realise that you may think there are logical steps to what you want and 'logically' it may seem far away, but when you take the vibrational steps as mentioned here you are taking EXPONENTIALLY LARGE STEPS. You may have thought 'How will I achieve this?' but when you line up to what feels good and to 'You' – the spiritual part of you by what feels good – you are in synch with the Universe and you see the synchronicities and 'coincidences'.

You could for example be in a lift with someone who is looking for something that you are offering and it just 'happens' to be a perfect fit for both of you.  You see the coincidences and the synchronicities happen, and in your excitement and 'allowing' you are letting in more and more of them and you are letting in more of your flow.

When you are in tune with your 'purpose' all sorts of things will open up for you. The Universe is always your friend, though now you are in tune with it and working side by side and all sorts of synchronicities and apparent 'chance happenings' and ideas and inspirations will naturally come through, AND THIS IS THE NATURAL FLOW. Also it won't feel like 'work' because it's 'fun'.

Sometimes people can have a belief of "Can I really do that, as it 'feels like too much fun'", allow yourself to follow what feels good, that is the sign from the Universe, even if it doesn't immediately make rational sense, but it IS getting you in tune with You and everything else.

When you tune into your love and fun and enjoyment and so on you are in tune with what you came here to do



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