For many people there is an underlying (often outside of awareness) feeling that the best moments and opportunities of their lives are in the past.

Is this something that you have been thinking about on some level?

We Convince Ourselves That on Some Level Things Are Not Getting Better (Or Are Getting Worse)

As many go through their lives, whether it be due to them feeling their physical systems not as energised as before, feeling their ‘responsibilities’ increasing in life whilst they perceive their capabilities decline, or anything else which gets them to constrict their flow, they feel things are getting worse and their best may be behind them.

People particularly feel this when they have been through some traumatic event such as divorce/long term relationship breakdown, health challenges, financial challenges etc.

We hypnotise ourselves to go down that path of limiting ourselves, rather than notice the greater possibilities due to our ever growing wisdom and experience.

The possibilites are there like they have always been, if not more so.  But through the reasons we give ourselves (“I can’t do what I used to”, “That opportunity is gone”, “The world is a different place”, “There’s so much competition nowadays”, “I’m not what I used to be” etc) we constantly convince ourselves they are not.  We literally ‘sell’ ourselves short.

We often have belief systems through which we filter out and diminish the possibilities we see in our lives and filter in the challenges we see.

One way to know is if there is a contraction in what you see possible for you, or an expansion; this will be reflected in a contraction or expansion of your own energy (and subsequently the possibilities that come into your life).

It may not always necessarily be the exact same possibilities you see.  The variables may be different as a result of you and life being in an eternal spontaneous and synchronistic dance within a kaleidoscope of endless possibilities.


More Possibilities Will Come into Your Life

When you start to diminish the flow and experience of life through your perceptions, is life really going to get better?  When you constrict the possibility of the flow of life (due to how you see your life), is your body really going to feel more energised and are better and more attractive opportunities going to be drawn to you?

The answer is no.

The answer is not to flow less energy but through your growing wisdom, experience and insights to flow more life through you.

It is about perceiving even more for you.  To know that life is getting better for you each day.  That you are loved and adored and the best can happen for you like it can happen for anyone on this planet.

That better and better experiences can and will be flowing into your life.

That situations and circumstances are not what they seem.  As you soften your focus on the problems you diminish their emotional attachment and more easily bring in and allow the solution along with everything else you desire.

Remember Hemal, the best is yet to come (no matter how good it has been already).  Life is an infinite flow and it has the possibility to amaze you even beyond what you thought possible if you allow it.

One more thing to remember is it is not just in saying this, but believing (and knowing) it deep down (that’s when the best things happen).





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