Manifesting by Keeping your Thoughts ‘Pure’

 Send the Universe a clear and pure (i.e. not-mixed) message and it will respond as quickly as the purity and emotional intensity of your message



I’ll use a material example to illustrate a ‘pure’ message. Let’s say you want to manifest a car and you say “Oh I’m looking forward to my shiny red car outside my drive, but I can’t afford it…

Notice how good it feels up to the ‘but‘ – that is where you are contradicting it, that is where you are mixing up your vibration. If you stop just before that and keep your focus on what feels good (i.e. the car) and keep your attention there, then what feels good is what you are attracting.


Although the above is a material example it applies to anything to do with vibration, keep your focus on what feels good, the better it feels the more pure it is. And the more pure it is the quicker it is in coming into your experience. The more pure it is the less you are giving in terms of mixed signals, the more congruent and aligned is the vibrational signal you are giving off.

When you mix up your
vibration you get mixed results or not very much movement at all, it is
like trying to drive with the brakes on, going forward and being pulled back, and it is not a very
comfortable experience!  And if we keep doing that, i.e. trying to go
forward whilst having resistance, the resistance can grow (attracts
more of the same) and grow and we can see physiological
ailments from it.


In terms of relationships, if you are saying something like “My partner (or potential partner!) is so wonderful I love this and this and this about him or her, I wonder if we can make it work…” then…

As you can guess, when you are saying “I wonder if we can make it work” that is mixing up your vibration about what you want.  When you do the first part and are appreciating and loving your partner, inherent within that emotion is the physical manifestation of that which is a match to it, LET IT HAPPEN.  Don’t mix it up!  And it feels good too!  Focus on what you love and appreciate about your partner, don’t complicate it by trying to figure out the how, that’s when you are bringing your conscious physical mind into it and it does not have anywhere near the resources that the Universe or ‘God’ has!



Here’s another few examples, this time about money:

I want to have soooo much money, but how will I do it?”

I’m going to be a millionaire.  I know some millionaires that are not very nice

Can you see the contradictions in the vibration in the statements?  And remember, you create your reality, everything you experience in your physical reality is a creation on your part, it’s like you have chosen the script and they have taken their roles based on the script you have given them.  Many times you may try to fire the actors and replace them but it’s the script you want to work with – the script that you are vibrating.

Practice the vibration of how you would like things to be rather than the automated scripts you have had running which have been creating your reality without you being aware of it, start creating your reality and your experiences WITH INTENT


Many times people will leave lovers or leave jobs or move countries but they find themselves in a similar situation as before.  The reason for this is whilst they have changed their surroundings and the people around them they are still giving off the same vibration so they are attracting similar situations.  I heard a saying many years ago and it went like this: Wherever you go, there you are.  It’s never about where you go or who’s around you, it’s about working with your vibration, with many of the techniques mentioned on this blog and audios etc, and getting yourself to a place where you are LOVING what is around you, and that will create more of the same, you will attract more things to love.


So, to conclude about ‘pure’, when you think about what you want – or anything – keep your thoughts pure, keep them on what feels good about it. Don’t try to figure it out or work out the ‘how’ or question it, if you just focus on what feels good and keep yourself there (and don’t do ‘buts’) you are attracting what you want, because those pure thoughts will QUICKLY attract more thoughts that match and will grow and your excitement will grow and you will quickly see the physical manifestation. The Universe manifests quickly for you when you get out of the way and let it do what it does best, and you do what you do best, which is to be a creator in harmony WITH the Universe, and that is through you having a pure vibration

More on ‘How I Manifested my Car’ post

Thank you to all of you who have been letting me know how much value you are finding in my words and in this blog, it’s lovely to hear from you, thank you!

This is more on ‘How I Manifested my Car

Hi Hemal,

read your blog on your Jag manifestation, which is great by the way,
and wanted to ask how you feel now compared to how you felt knowing it
was coming?

It’s just my experience of the ‘knowing’ the car was
coming was actually the best bit – it felt great – because the car had
come in to my experience but I had no means of paying for it. I can
look back now and identify that the’ knowing’ it was going to be mine
was the most thrilling part. Because having it feels different, very
good but different. That OMG this could be mine feeling is hilarious as
you dare to imagine and pretend you are driving it. Would you agree
from your experience?

Now I have it, it’s like second nature, now I look at the Aston Martin DB9 and get excited!!

Hemal: Yep I know what you mean, it’s the flowing of energy which is the important part, not the
thing you’re after, they’re just kind of metaphors for you to flow
energy towards lol

It’s the moulding of the thought and the energy that’s meant to be the fun part and the manifestation a consequence of it

Amie: Thanks for confirming what I felt into an even simpler and clearer understanding of this process!



How I Manifested my Car by lining up to it Vibrationally


As some of you are aware I recently acquired a very lovely car which I absolutely adore.

This piece isn’t short, I’ve had quite a few requests from people for this post and I thought I’d add detail and you can take the best bits which are useful to where you’re at


You close the gap vibrationally between where you are and with what you want
Although I’d been thinking about this type of car, a Jaguar, for a while, I think the main movement has been recently because I’d been in a good feeling place about it.  But that’s generally how it happens.  You start with an idea or a notion and as you focus on it it builds and builds (momentum, Law of Attraction, etc) and gets stronger and stronger and stronger in terms of your vibration and you’ve done 99% of that before you see it on a physical level, it reaches a critical mass and it manifests.  At that point you’re also not ‘looking’ for it because your consciousness is very much in a place of the PRESENCE of it, i.e. you’re not looking on the outside for it because you ARE it or you’re living FROM it, in terms of your feelings and vibration.  And then when it happens it feels very logical – I’m not saying it’ll necessarily happen logically or rationally, it can happen in an infinite number of ways – it just ‘feels’ it’s the next logical step because that’s where you are vibrationally, and all part of the way things are.


It’s not about what you ‘do’ but about how you feel
Below I have listed some of the ways I lined up to it vibrationally.  You don’t have to ‘do’ all this, I’m only listing these processes for your awareness but it’s not what you ‘do’ it’s how you feel.  I mention the processes I did to feel a certain way but you can use other ways, you can use visualisation, whatever you want, the key thing is how you feel about what you want.  Also, if your desire is strong you’ll want to feel it in many ways anyway, and you may want to do processes BECAUSE you’re enjoying it.

It’s always about YOUR VIBRATIONAL RELATIVITY to your goal, i.e. your relationship between where you are now and your goal, vibrationally, and closing that gap with your thoughts and feelings and it manifesting on a physical level.  Your emotions are a consequence, a symptom of the energy you’re flowing, and energy flowing is your connection to the big picture, that’s what connects you to everything you want and more.


Some of the things I did….
Ok, here are some of the processes I did in lining up vibrationally.  Remember, it’s not about what you ‘do’ but where you are vibrationally (how you feel about what you want), so you can do more than this, less than this, different than this, what’s important is how you feel


  • Something I did a while ago is I went to a showroom and test drove a Jaguar (I have a friend who really likes to do this when she’s after a car, she likes to get the feel for it by doing this)
  • Put myself on Jaguar’s mailing and email list, so I was receiving lovely  photos of cars that I liked
  • I got a postcard from them (Jaguar) saying they had an open day and if I brought my license I could borrow their cars and drove them around town or where I liked and return them.  I drove five cars that day, I took them round and got experience of the types of cars and engines and the feel for them.  I was learning about what the different specifications meant, the engines, the features inside the car, etc.  Of course, from a manifesting point of view what was key was the experience I had IN them and how it felt
  • I went onto the Jaguar website and looked into the different specification models they did, I printed out the photos, the colours, the photos they had on their site.  I’d focus on what I’d printed and imagining driving it and keep my attention on it for a while (so I got used to the vibration of it)
  • I sometimes used the photos as desktop backgrounds on my computer.  I also printed photos out and put them on my walls.  This was something I was playing with and hadn’t done before, the benefits of doing this – i.e. putting pictures or reminders (it doesn’t have to be pictures) of what you want (you can photocopy bank statements and ‘alter’ the numbers to more attractive sums for example) is that during the day your attention can drift onto various things (however your conscious attention is not necessarily the most important), and this is a reminder for you.  When I say reminder it doesn’t have to be overt and conscious, it can be a unconscious and subliminal awareness, and is helpful in keeping you lined up vibrationally and not going off to focus on something not in alignment.  The way to tell is how you ‘feel’ with it, and ask yourself questions and tweak what you do based on how it feels.  If it’s not noticeable for you then you can try other things.  Use your own feelings as a guide for what works for you than on what anyone else says or does.

You can also put cheques (or other things) written to you for significant amounts of money on your fridge, or on your bedroom wall (so you see it when you wake up), or post-it notes (‘stickies’) on your bathroom mirror.  Of course, these things can be done at discretion based on who you’re living with, etc!  But you get the principle, and with a bit of creativity you can do things in a way that fits with your lifestyle and environment and works great for you

I have a friend who puts up bank statements, cheques and post-it notes all over the place, on her fridge, bedroom, near her computer, etc, she easily manifests all the money she wants.  She taught her teenager son how to think of the car he’d like and imagine it specifically and it’s the same for him too, he can think of the type of car or job he’d like and within a month or so he’d have it.

I remember reading a story many years ago about Jim Carrey how he said when he was supporting a baby and they were living off a bed on the floor in a single apartment in downtown LA, he was doing three comedy clubs a night, he would write a cheque to himself for $10million for ‘Acting Services Rendered’ and he’d forward date the cheque by a few years.  He said it made him feel better to visualise such things and “It wasn’t about the money, it was about where I’d be if I was making that kind of money.”

  • I looked to see if there were videos of it, so I could feel being inside it
  • My brother runs a car spares shop and I’d call him up and I’d ask him about cars and particularly Jaguars and I’d enjoy interacting and learning about the specifications and what engine types meant what and so on

What were the chats with my brother doing?  It was keeping my focus on what I wanted, it was allowing me to clarify and hone what I wanted (focussing the energy) and talk about what it would be like when I had it (vibrational alignment)

  • I’d go online and read reviews of cars I was looking at.  It was helping me get clarity on the type of car I was looking for and what I liked.  If I had any questions or doubts about something (resistance) it was allowing me to get clarity and either remove the doubts because they were unfounded or get clarity on wanting something else, it was allowing me to get specific and focused and ‘pure’ in my thoughts (i.e. not have contradiction in them).  Aligned, focused, specific energy is powerful when your beliefs are in line with it.


The key thing is I was having fun and enjoying the process.  It didn’t matter if I got the car or if I didn’t, and in fact I told my brother this.  I said to him I was happily enjoying interacting, learning and knowing the nuances, this was FUN!  I was enjoying hearing about how lovely a luxury car is, how it feels, how it responds when you push on the accelerator, the features it has that ‘feel good’, the luxuries it provides, etc etc.  I would look at pictures and see the wooden panelling and feel the comfortable seats.  I would see and feel myself wrapping my hands on the steering wheel.  I’d hear the purr of the engine, and so on and so on
I didn’t think why is it not here yet, I just carried on with life and enjoyed thinking of the lovely aspects of this car

I was making the most of the now moment, whatever it was

I wasn’t going ‘Is it here yet?  Is it here yet?  Why is it not here yet?’  (i.e. resistance, doubt, questioning, etc)  The reason I wasn’t doing that is because I was happy in my present now moment, I was enjoying the thrill, the experience of it.  The manifestation is a consequence of that, rather than chasing the manifestation.  Something I’ve always said over the years is focusing on enjoying playing the game and letting the score take care of itself.


I loved my previous car which I’d had for 7 years and if her (I know I said ‘her’, she was my friend!) and I were to be together for longer then so be it.  In fact, when I part exchanged her for the Jaguar I was saying goodbye to a friend  lol  My point in this paragraph is being at peace with your present moment.  Remember it’s never the ‘reality’ of a situation, it’s always your perception of it (and there are an infinite number of perceptions you can have about it, abundance!), be at peace with the way things are and excited and eager for more (like the new car)

  • I visualised driving it, what it would be like to have it, I got specific, I saw what I’d see, the beautiful interior, the steering wheel, I’d feel the seats under me, the leather and fabrics, the beautiful touches, I’d hear the gentle purr of the engine, and so on.  I allowed myself to experience it.

When I started thinking about the logistics of it, such as where I’d park it (I don’t have the gated estate with the drive just yet, it’s on it’s way) and the ‘logistics’ of it I told myself to focus on the car and feelings of the car and ‘trust’ the logistics will get taken care of; LOA will manage everything that is a vibrational match, so if I’m at peace and feel good about everything then that’s what will happen.  You just need to manage your vibration and everything else gets taken care of.  (Yes, that means the how, where, when, who, what if etc etc)

Another key was I really wanted it, which meant there was a good energy flow (you summon energy through your desire, you ‘allow’ the energy through your beliefs and in being lined up to it in terms of your emotions).  The car I was going to buy was around 30-40mins drive away but I didn’t think twice about going up there to view it and again to buy it
If you’re thinking about the how or doing or not doing certain things then in likelihood you’ve either got resistance about some things or don’t want it enough, when you want something so much you’re focused on the PLEASURE and DESIRE


Ok, so what happened?
I was happily enjoying the fun of experiencing this (and other goals) and I remembered how it’s important to follow your joy in the present moment, as that is the way your higher self (or universe or god or whatever you want to call it) wants you to go.  Just before Christmas (07) I asked myself that question and I felt like I wanted to play a video game.  A recent video game….about racing cars lol.  So I played it for about a day and really got into it and enjoyed it.  Starting off with a small car and after winning races and earning prize money swapping it for bigger and better cars, and also selling previous cars.  I ended up with a Mercedez Benz amongst other top cars.


A perfect rendezvous is orchestrated
Anyway I was enjoying playing the game, not questioning why I was doing it other than that I was enjoying it (it was the holiday season after all lol).  Pretty soon I felt I’d played the game enough* and put it aside (the present moment joy was focusing on other things, the benefits of playing the game had been obtained).  That afternoon I decided to pay my mum a visit.  Now this was a spontaneous thing.  I was actually going to go slightly earlier but delayed it as I took care of some work.  As I left my place, about 200yards away was a beautiful Jaguar, the type I’d been thinking about (but not the one I ended up with)…and for sale!!!!  And at a good price!!!  I took down the number and proceeded to mum’s place.  On my way back the car was gone, it had only been there long enough for me to get the number.  So I called up the number that evening and spoke to the guy and wrote down the spec of the car.  This was great, it was getting me to think in terms of the specifics of the car, with the implication of me having one.  I was enjoying the interaction and the ‘playing’ in the whole process of this manifestation.  The guy said he was looking to sell early in the new year and we could talk then.

Remember I said I was going to go to mum’s earlier but delayed it as I took care of some work?  He also said that they actually lived in another town and had only been there visiting a friend very briefly…which is when I happened to walk past (having delayed it instead of going earlier)….

(*At the time I was following my present moment joy in playing the game, however after seeing the car on the street I later thought that playing the game was getting me vibrationally lined up in driving a lovely car, and buying and selling cars and it being easy, but essentially being behind the wheel of a great car and how it FELT, I tend not to ‘think’ too much and stay more intuition oriented but it felt that that was one part the game playing had played.)


When your desire and belief are lined up, the answers keep knocking at your door

Over the next week or so I went online (now with the belief that the car was close; I’d seen one, it had manifested!  And price was close too) and looked into cars and gave my email address to sites so I’d receive email notifications.  I was looking up cars, reading about them (this was when I was chatting with my brother too), getting into conversations with people about them and so on, I was munching (energetically!) on this.

I also found during this period that I was seeing Jaguars and luxury cars everywhere, far more than I had previously been, I’d look out of the window and I’d see another.  This was telling me I was vibrationally close.

There were other cars (for sale) I’d seen and I was finding I was seeing better and better deals than the car I’d seen on the street, as lovely as that car was.

Very soon thereafter, one Friday I received an email notification for a car which looked very attractive and I looked into it and this is the one I got.

I did my research on it, including checks, and it seemed very good.  it turned out that this was a better car than the one I’d been thinking about and saw that day (better model, better engine, better reliability and much more), AND it was at a significantly better price!  I did an online check and I was getting the car at a very very very good price relative to what it was worth on the market.  The interaction with the seller (not a private seller, he sold a few cars) was an excellent interaction, it all worked out very magically and very easily and was fun.  I even sent an email to the seller afterwards  saying thank you for the excellent experience I’d had in working with him (he had even got the car taxed without charging extra for his time)

The car and the whole experience worked out better than I might have planned or thought about, by being lined up and using my imagination to imagine how good it could be, and then thinking better and better feeling thoughts, allowing the universe to match my vibration.

I had some people working on my property last year doing decorative work and one of the workmen saw a postcard I had from Jaguar on the sideboard, he said ‘Do you think you’ll have one or are you dreaming?’  I said to him ‘You can have it by dreaming’ 😉
It turns out the car I got is better than the one on the postcard he was referring to, a better model, a better engine, a smoother car, etc etc etc

It took me a while to write this post as I had to think back to the various events and co-events and things that I’d done, I had to track back, make some notes and put together the post from it.  I tend to be more in the moment and enjoying the experience and not ‘thinking’ too much, but getting great ideas and inspiration.  When you’re in the flow and in the moment time flies by because you’re so aligned and things come easily and quickly.