“The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne – When Others Ask My Opinion

“The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne

I was on a radio show last week when “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne came up in the conversation. I was asked about my background and the radio show host found it fascinating that I was creating material on manifesting and Law of Attraction long before The Secret came out (in 2006).

Regarding “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, what do I think of it?  This is something I have been asked over the years.

My answer is it was lovely in the increasing of awareness of the Law of Attraction and about creating our realities.  The DVD in particular was inspiring, colourful and motivating.  But it still left many wondering….

"The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne - Law of Attraction book


But “How?”

Whilst it increased the awareness of Law of Attraction and taking charge of what comes into our lives, The Secret left many wondering about the “How”.

“How do you attract what you want?”

Many of you that have worked with me, been on Manifesting Excellence or interacted with me will know about my journey. That for many years from the late 90s onwards I studied the best methodologies out there for manifesting and creating.

I enjoyed Abraham Hick’s work and much else of what was out there, creating my own, and distilling it into an easy to understand and apply way.  I enjoyed learning and creating more of the “how.”

As my own exposure worldwide grew there was a calling from people wanting to experience more of me, whether via live events, a book by me or in other ways, which all came about.


Find You & You Find Everything: The Secrets to the Law of Attraction

While there was a growing awareness of Law of Attraction in the world, there was a gap in understanding how to apply it.  This would be evident by the messages I would receive and on comments on my social networks.

When I wrote my book “Find You & You Find Everything: The Secrets to the Law of Attraction” my intention was to fill this gap in an easy, gentle and loving way.

Whilst at the same time connecting the reader to the love and connection within themselves simply by the process of reading the book.

So, my opinion is that The Secret is very lovely for what it was.  And, if you are wanting to know more about how to apply the Law of Attraction and attract more in your life in being in sync with your divinity as well as understand how all this works, there is more out there for you.

Have you read/watched The Secret? What did you think? What is your opinion of it?
Share your thoughts in the comments below…


Hemal Radia is the author of “Find You & You Find Everything: The Secrets to the Law of Attraction” as well as a ‘super’ coach/mentor and speaker.

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The Secret by Rhonda Byrne - Law of Attraction book




Something to Help You to an AMAZING Year

I hope you have a had a very lovely start to your year.

I thought I would add some thoughts that may help you to a very wonderful year…

A New Year awakens possibilities, hopes and aspirations…
Nurture them…it is easy to fall into habits and previous routines by end of January or February…
Your aspirations are always with you…just remind yourself of them…

At the start of a year or at the end of the prior one, we clutch our loved ones and remind them how much they mean to us. We remember fond memories and do our best to forget those not so fond.
Hold them deeply…your love for them is priceless…for yourself, and for them…
Sometimes some may not say those words you have been wanting to hear…
It does not mean it is due to any shortcomings in you…
Love them anyway…and yourself…
There are those for whom you light up their world…
Whether they be a lover, a friend, a relative, a pet, or someone new…
You are still lighting up the world…your light burns brighter each time…
Do not forget what you offer this world…
Too often we get caught up with the day, and ups and downs…
A ship may rock up and down, but doesn't forget its path…
It is ok if you experience turbulence, but stay true to your course…

There are those wanting to adore you for you…
Allow them to do that…it is not just about you receiving, but allowing them to give too…
Both have their own meaning to the heart…

Take this year and know that everything is to play for…
It doesn't matter the past that you accumulated…
It is not an accumulation world but a flow one…
In changing you, you change what you accumulate…
The past disappears, new experiences and people and happenings appear…
Everything is changeable…

Your future is bright and large…with you very PRESENT in it…

To YOU, and to one of your most memorable years EVER.

With Much Love,

FREE Inspiring “Abundance” Wallpaper for October 2009 Downloadable Now

Click here to enlarge

Following on from the September calendar wallpaper we have an "Abundance" inspirational wallpaper calendar for you for October 2009.

Can you spot the "ABUNDANCE" in this image?  It's there. Look closely.  Much like the abudance around you, it's there, you just need to look for it

(We have tried to make it a bit visible in the image as we realise that with varying monitors it may not always be easy.  So if for you it is very obvious, then you know why.  But realise also that the abundance around you is that obvious too, you just need to see it.)

Autumn, or "fall", can have varying meanings for different people.  We wanted this image to be vibrant and colourful; inherent and in accordance with the natural wellbeing that is always within you regardless of changing seasons.

This concept was created in collaboration with my good friend Jessie Smith at StoryKraft Kreative.

To download it, right click on the appropriate link below and "Save Target/Link As" and save it to your computer.

You can download this image in various sizes depending on the resolution of your computer:

 800 x 600
1024 x 768
1152 x 864
 1280 x 1024
  1600 x 1200

   960 x 600
 1280 x 768
   1600 x 1024
   1920 x 1200

You are very welcome to share this post with your friends.

And do feel free to leave us a comment below and let us know what you think 🙂

FREE Inspiring Wallpaper for YOU, Downloadable Right Now!


Here is an inspiring image and quote that we have created for you to have on your desktop that you can download right now!

This image encapsulates the entire Universe in one image – it embodies the quote in it in that it represents the whole Universe.  You will notice that in the image there is day (beaming sun) and there is night (the stars in the sky).  There is heaven (clouds) and there is earth (the ocean).  And also that the ocean (/Universe) is endless and ‘limitless’ – it represents all possibilities.  All possibilities are ALWAYS open to you.  All possibilities always exist in each moment.

This image also represents the whole Universe being supportive and being far bigger and expansive and ‘better’ than the human mind can contemplate. 

Thank you to my friends Fawny Frost for the original photograph and Jessie Smith at StoryKraft Kreative for her wonderful design work and us working with the concept and embodying the meaning into the image.

You can download this image in various sizes depending on the resolution of your computer:

                  800 x 600
                1024 x 768
                1152 x 864
                1280 x 1024
                1600 x 1200

                  960 x 600
                1280 x 768
                1600 x 1024
                1920 x 1200

Do feel free to leave us a comment below and let us know what you think 🙂

“Your Dream is Alive” (Quote)

“Whatever your dream, it never died. Your dream has always been alive in your vibration and still is to this day. Your vibration – just like the Universe and the spiritual part of you – always expands, it never contracts. Even when you think you have done something wrong or made a mistake, you have never grown smaller but have expanded, always. You are expanding vibrationally in each moment with the choices and preferences you make in your life.”
~Hemal Radia~

Recipe for the Day

“Recipe for the day: Take one dynamic dream. Add faith and belief. Sprinkle plenty of hope and expectation. Stir together to create a delectable combination. Allow to incubate and grow and serve with inspiration. Can be stored afterwards, just requires regular re-heating (focusing), but will always expand and grow and there will always be more upon re-heating (focusing). Can keep and expand as much as much as you like, it only grows, never grows smaller; there is only expansion and growth. Popular dish; you may find that more around you want what you are having.”
~Hemal Radia~

“Vital questions”

A friend on Facebook, Elmari Fourie, wrote a note titled "Vital questions" with some questions to consider and tagged me on it, I wrote a comment with some quick answers and thought I would put them below for those that value the perspective,

Her note,

"Am I this body, mind and intellect? Do the pleasures of this world give real happiness and peace? Are the objects of this world permanent? Are my actions bringing happiness, joy, peace and harmony to others, or are they bringing them pain, unhappiness and misery? Reflect thus and enjoy peace.

– Sri Swami Sivananda

What a nice way to start the new year. These questions are vital to find out what we really want to gain throughout this year. Inner peace is the most important. With inner peace you can reach all your goals and bring more joy and happiness to this planet.

May you all have a blessed 2009!"


My answers,

> Am I this body, mind and intellect?
Yes you are all of that AND MORE (much much much more, you are far far far more than you can see from a physical body perspective)

> Do the pleasures of this world give real happiness and peace?
The real happiness and peace you find is within, that can be as a result of or despite the world, the choice is what you do within

> Are the objects of this world permanent?
Only as long as you focus on them, put your attention on something else and that becomes 'permanent'

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You have created nothing for yourself you cannot handle…

Realise you have created nothing for yourself that you cannot handle (despite how it may seem)
It’s just sometimes it appears a struggle in the interim until you get to that realisation 😉

And then you have a new platform to create something else from…