“Attracting Work, Money & Love – Freeing Up Deeper Blocks”


Just to let you know, as this is an important topic for many right now, we are talking about “Attracting Work, Money & Love – Freeing Up Deeper Blocks” on tomorrow’s (Saturday’s) Manifesting Excellence call.


This is a topic we cover often and will be covering a different angle tomorrow, including about:


– If the world you experience is really a mirror, then what’s happening? ie “Where’s my stuff?”
– Going deeper in addressing the roots of something you want to resolve once and for all
– Knowing what you need to do from any panic/fear/emotions that come up
– And much more!


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Manifesting Excellence


Free Access to Sparkle Video Summit


My friend and award-winning author, Sherri Nickols, is hosting a free video virtual event which she has asked me to speak on with other leading experts.

Myself, Mary Morrissey Dr. Diana Kirschner (“Love in 90 days”) and 17 other world-leading experts on Love & Intimacy, Health, Spiritual and Empowerment and many other subjects are coming together through this video virtual event to teach proven techniques to experience a rewarding life of balance, love, and fun.

I will be speaking on it this coming Sunday on 7th June.

To claim your FREE ticket to the “SPARKLE! Find Balance, Create Love, Add FUN to Your Life” Video Virtual Event click here.

Sherri Nickols Sparkle Summit with Hemal Radia