Manifesting by Letting Go of Old Energy & Clutter


Would you like to finish this year ready to have what you want in 2015?

For many, this time of year, in addition to being about loved ones and the spirit of festivity, is a time where focus shifts to closing out this year and starting the next with anticipation, excitement and great expectations.

This post will help you with that as well as what I will be covering this week, details below.




For many people, when they think about creation and manifestation, they think it to be about ‘creating’, ‘making happen’ and even ‘forcing’ things to happen.

It is often more about the allowing of you and who you are. The processes where people think they are activating their goal, whether by visualisation or any other process, is actually improving their ability to allow and RECEIVE what they want.

The reason most people do not manifest what they want is usually because of old energy they have trapped around them that they haven’t let go of (which is distorting their ability to allow and receive what they want).

Most people have the ability to manifest and create, but they block it and resist it, inadvertently and usually outside of their conscious awareness ie they unconsciously block it.

That is why it is important to reflect on energy we can release to create space for what we would like. When we do this, oftentimes what we want can come in automatically.

You are creating space in your energetic field by letting go of what no longer serves you.




Some forms of old energy/clutter:

– Emotions/memories
– Beliefs
– Physical clutter
– Digital clutter (Emails, text messages, files etc),
– People and emotions around them
– Incomplete/unresolved situations
– And much more

The above list is not exhaustive, I will be covering other hidden aspects this week.

The key thing is not the item but the energy you have about it.

Are you tolerating a situation or person in your life?

Are you aware that by you ‘tolerating’ the situation (whether consciously or unconsciously) it is taking energy for you to push against (resist) it? This takes energy from your body’s ability to heal & grow, you to manifest etc.

I will be talking about the above and much more on two Manifesting Excellence calls this week (you will also receive the audio downloads), on Wednesday & Saturday, where you can identify what you need to let go of as well as create an outstanding 2015.

This is the last chance to access this information for 2014.

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The topics covered on the calls will include:

– Manifesting by Letting Go of Old Energy
– Overcoming ‘Clutter Blindness’
– Identifying ‘Unconscious Clutter’ You Didn’t Know You Had
– Incomplete and Unresolved Situations Take Up Your Energy
– What Are You Tolerating That is Silently Draining You?
– How to Determine if Something is Old Energy to Let Go of
– How to Easily Create Space For What You Want
– Focusing Techniques for 2015 Goals
– And Much More!

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“365 Love Jar”… isn’t this Beautiful?


Below are details and photos of what a guy in Ireland did for his girlfriend and how he did this…

Starting with the finished product….


An explanation of how it works on the back…


How it works – close-up…


The three colours represent the themes that the handwritten notes will be.

Starting off…

“I started with an idea of an old-style US mason jar. I’m in Ireland, so it was quite hard to get my hands on one. I finally found a place in Dublin that sold them and bought the largest one there – and it was a beauty. It holds 1892ml (half a gallon), which gives you an idea of its size – as I need it to fit the 365 handwritten notes.”

230 notes in… and it is beginning to come together…

5 6

“My little work station after 230 notes written and folded. At this stage, the wrist was starting to tire from the writing – but the jar was starting to take shape. I was especially pleased with how the colours were playing off against each other. Just 135 to go!”


And here it is completed…


“I designed and printed a logo for the front, but the glasswork writing on the jar protruded so far out that it was impossible to attach the printed sticker without it creasing.”

She was… happy.  She was ECSTATIC. There may have been tears – although that might have been partially to do with the amount of endless reading and unfolding she has ahead of her…”

(Courtesy of Imgur)


On that note… what creative and spontaneous ways can you show those you love and care about what they mean to you?

Too often days and lives pass by and we wonder where the time has gone.

What you saw above is an example of showing someone how much they mean to you… whether it be your partner, your children, your parents, someone elderly, ill, or anyone else.  The main ingredients needed are your love, care, creativity and expression.

When it comes to romance, when we meet someone new there is an excitement and thrill, there is a joy in the discovery and exploration of another… there is great stimulation for our brain and a feel-good chemical (dopamine) is released.

As time goes by there is usually less ‘new’ to discover (about the new partner) and oftentimes people do not feel the same ‘thrill’ (less dopamine stimulated too).

The key is the creation of new and thrilling (relatively speaking) experiences… things that excite you (together).

Romance is not something that finds you, but something that you joyously find someone else (and yourself) with

When I teach about manifesting I talk about the thrill of the flow of the energy and this (literally) breathing life into you… that is very different from something ‘stale’ or something you are trying to ‘fix’.  It is a very different energy.

So, whether for others or yourself, what surprises can you create that excite you, that make it exciting to be alive?  (And it doesn’t necessarily need to cost money, even if you are on a low budget, it is more about CREATIVITY and the SPIRIT of what you create)

We have a whole fresh, shiney new year coming… I will be sharing lots of content this month on Manifesting Excellence in best preparing you for it, including:

Manifesting by Letting Go of ‘Old Energy’ – How you attract and create by letting go, including many things you have around you right now which are holding you back that you may not be aware of!

Making 2015 Your Best Year Ever – Plenty of ways of using what you have achieved this year and in the past to create the best platform for your best year yet.  We often go into new years with the best of intentions but our energy ‘out of whack’… how to harmoniously bring everything together so that we THRIVE.

There will be much more added to this.  If you aren’t already on Manifesting Excellence then click here to join.