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– When you do the visualising and feeling it, it is getting you into alignment and the allowing of what you want – the getting into the frequency of what you want
– Two ships getting into alignment analogy
– The goosebumps are an indication of you expanding energetically.  Other indicators could be tears, face colour flushing etc
– It is not about how often you think about what you want, it is about getting into the allowing of it, however it takes
– The reason sometimes when you step away from what you want that it comes into your life is because you are no longer resisting it
– It can be helpful to do energetic practicing with something that you are not energetically familiar with
– Example of when people have a lottery wins and they as an identity haven’t changed and they sabotage and lose what they have
Focus on the flowing of the energy than on the goal
– Let go of the attachment to the physical outcome, focus on the energetic aspects and use the physical outcome to do that

– Having a regular practice to build your energy around what you want
– Getting more specific and expanding your energy on each subsequent session you have with yourself
– As you integrate with your goal it becomes more and more real for you
Creating energetic platforms which lead you to further insights about what you want
– As you get into the energy of what you want you will experience insights, inspiration, synchronicities etc
You are energetically ‘voting’ for what you want…when there is enough of a consensus within you, you will have what you want….

– We can be out of our flow if we are ‘continuously’ asking
As energy, you are constantly expanding, you cannot stand still
Asking is good!
There is an ebb and flow – asking-alignment-asking-alignment etc
– Look at it as having PREFERENCES for what you want
– Is there a nervousness/anxiousness/fear of trusting oneself?
– What would happen if you got it wrong? What would happen if you ‘failed’?
– When you listen to those outside of you, you are getting further away from listening inside of you
Those outside of you have no idea of your connection with yourself energetically – only you can know what to do to close that gap and enable that connection

– We are the physical manifestation of energy
– Although everything is changeable and malleable with our thoughts, why are you wanting to make those changes? What is the intention/sponsoring energy behind it?
Is there an easier way than what you are asking, the path of least resistance?
– Can you be the pioneer in the sport/discipline who achieves despite the perceived ‘shortages’?
– Regarding working with an ailment/condition:
– Is there a reason for me having this? Did it serve me in some way?
– Does it still serve me? If so, how?
– Unconsciously taking on behaviours/emotions earlier in life which we perceive serve us
– What are your beliefs about creating this change/healing yourself?
– What are the positive and negative consequences of this change? Are you ok with it?
– As you let go of the old notions, you create space for the new…

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