VividLife invite Hemal as a Featured Contributor


I have been asked by spiritual and personal development online magazine VividLife to be a featured contributor for them.  At times they promote Hayhouse authors and events and have daily views of around 15,000.I have also been asked to appear on Hayhouse author Sharon Quirt’s Life With Direction VividLife Radio show this Wednesday, 9th February.  At times, this show has had over 200,000 listeners.We will be talking about how to “Find You” and what is possible for YOU!  Too often we get despondent with things and we lose our way.  My book has been inspiring many since it has been out (I am hearing stories all the time from people for whom “things have been happening”).  We will talk about exactly that, about ‘Finding You’ in this interview.

You can listen to the interview online at 2pm EST time, this coming Wednesday.  The show information will come up here.

Hemal and VividLife