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My Law of Attraction article is FEATURED on the LOA Carnival!

Hi Everyone,

I am proud to say that my "Using ‘the secret’ that is the Law of Attraction" is the featured article in the current Law of Attraction Carnival!!

The current topic is Back to Basics and you can find it at which is on Dean Lacono’s blog called Law Of Attraction for Beginners

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Dealing with Mixed Emotions and Raising Vibration (in a Relationship)

Xio talks so much about you and she said you have been a wonderful resource.
At this point in my life I feel that I still haven’t found what I am looking for in life, I am very blessed I have a wonderful daughter who
is MY LIFE, but with my husband on the other hand I feel very empty we have
been together for almost 16 years.  I wish him the best, sometimes I feel
that I might love him but them when I am too close to him I don’t. I
don’t know what it is , I wish I could tell you. It might be too much
anger. I thought maybe through the law of attraction I can find answers
to my issues. Thank you Hemal


I will list out what I think are the most important parts in this:

-At this point in my life I feel that I still haven’t found what I am looking for in life
-I am very blessed I have a wonderful daughter who

-but with my husband on the other hand I feel very empty
-I feel
that I might love him but them when I am too close to him I don’t. I
don’t know what it is , I wish I could tell you. It might be too much


Let’s start with them, though not in that order

I feel
that I might love him but them when I am too close to him I don’t. I
don’t know what it is , I wish I could tell you. It might be too much

In reading that, of course anger suggests that either something has happened and/or you have anger about something else and blame him.  Whatever it is is not crucial, because whatever you feel and for whatever reason you are feeling it, and you work with your experience.  When someone feels something they will also tend to see more of it (have you bought an item of clothing and started seeing all the other people that are wearing something similar? lol)- we tend to see and attract more of the same of what we are feeling.

So ask yourself, how do you feel about the relationship?  Is it worth making peace with the ‘anger’ so you can focus on more of what you want?  You see, it’s not about the relationship, it’s about doing this for yourself.  If someone leaves one relationship and does not change how they think/feel they will attract similar situations in another (or other friendships/relationships) because whilst they have moved physically, they have not changed their vibration.  So they feel ‘Why does this keep happening to me?’ or ‘What’s God/The Universe got against me for keeping on punishing me?’  It’s totally to do with vibration.

I’ve known people who have moved countries to ‘get away from things’ and because they are thinking the same things they attract similar scenarios.  And of course there are many times where this doesn’t happen either, because the new environment stimulates them differently and they don’t have the same thoughts/feelings as before, but as in all cases, the common denominator are the thoughts and feelings of the individual.

So work on the anger for yourself, and this relationship – or whatever else – will be an expression of You.

Ask yourself does the anger hold any purpose?  When we get the learnings from a situation we tend to feel better and better about letting it go (the emotions) and moving on.  Actions are not necessary, changing our feelings is the most important (and actions can come as a consequence of that), but for many people having conscious learnings helps them to ‘let go’. 

So someone might say ‘If I could say "No" rather than saying ‘Yes’ all the time I’d feel I don’t need to have the emotion (whatever it might be) to protect me‘.  So if they have the learnings (in this case to be able to say ‘No’) they can let go of the emotion, which is the most important thing.

So ask yourself, ‘What do I need to think, feel, do so I can let go of the emotions?  I know that when I make peace with the present, when I soothe the emotions, when I feel ‘less bad’, when I feel ‘better’, I know that then not only am I feeling better but I know that I am more in harmony with the rest of the universe in supporting me with what I want’

When the universe is in harmony with you things will orchestrate themselves, things even beyond man-made laws and what you may think it’s possible, things will happen which you didn’t expect, things will surprise you, maybe people will say things to your certain way, or some things will happen, these will be things even beyond what you can consciously imagine and it’s not your job to figure out the ‘how’

We will talk more about ‘feeling better’ in….


-but with my husband on the other hand I feel very empty
-At this point in my life I feel that I still haven’t found what I am looking for in life


These both seem quite similar in that they suggest an absence of certain feelings; good feelings, things that excite you, things that make you feel alive, things to move towards, etc.

There are many ways to feel better about things, firstly it starts with making peace with the present, making peace with the Now, which we touched on in the previous section.  Sometimes it is not easy to think about ‘feeling good’ until we have dealt with feeling ‘less bad’ and making peace with the Now, and then comes a point when we have to focus on ‘feeling good’ so as to get our attention off the ‘feeling less bad’ we were moving on from.  So for now, let’s assume that that has been done,

So, ways to feel better can include:

-Think back to times when you DID feel good about your husband, when you were excited, when there were many things happening and you were looking forward to what was ahead.  Not necessarily because you want to make this relationship work (or not) but because you are looking for things that felt good, that is the only criteria in this

-Think about the aspects that you don’t think your husband is reflecting at the moment – let that be an indication of the aspects that you’re not focusing on WITHIN YOURSELF.  Start thinking and practising the thought of having those aspects in your life

So for example if you say you don’t feel loved, practice on how it feels to be loved.  When you change how you feel about yourself you change how others feel about you too and either you will draw those aspects from those people or you will attract people will reflect those aspects to you, at the end of the day everything you attract is a reflection

-Think about what the future might hold, or I don’t know what your choices will be in terms of the relationship with your husband in the future, but think about a relationship you are in in the future and how it feels, how is it to have the things that you want.  Again, this is just another way of practising thoughts that feel nice.  You are just using the frame of having something in the future as a way of allowing yourself to feel things a certain way. You could imagine it now, you can imagine it in a relationship in the past – it doesn’t matter – the most important thing is that your attention is on things that you WANT

-You can make a list of the things missing right now, whether in your life or in a certain relationship, and use that to identify what you DO want, and then practice feeling as if you would have them, feeling FROM having them

When you have lined up vibrationally you will not pay attention to the things that you used to, you will start to see things in a different way, you will see others differently in time, you will start to see the qualities of what you want in your experience, and that in itself will attract more of the same (Law of Attraction).  You will not be attracted to the same types of interactions as before, because the interactions that you are attracted to will be more in harmony with what you want from your new vibrational persepctive.


A wonderful example of this is:
-I am very blessed I have a wonderful daughter who

Notice how that statement feels compared to everything else (the previous statements for example), there’s a certain lightness, a certain light, easy – perhaps fun – feeling, a very different vibration.  You know that there is no ’empty’ feeling here.  This feeling is very very easy and very natural to you, you are working on getting your vibration about other things to this sort of place.

Another way of describing this vibration is ‘pure’ i.e. it is not contradicted, what I mean by that is it is not mixed, there is no doubt, it is very clean and pure and you know EXACTLY how it feels – by how it feels – and there is no doubt, and when you talk about it to others they feel it too.



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Love & Appreciation

When one is celebrating and appreciating they cannot be complaining or looking at lack, it is a totally different vibration and different on the vibrational scale.

If you look at the things you like or love in a person and have your attention on that it is harder to think of the things you don’t, and from that place of love and appreciation it grows, not just for that person but for everything else.  You appreciate another thing, and another, and another, and another, and it grows and grows, you start finding things happening, little coincidences, people calling you up to say hi, or people smiling at you or being friendly, or making new friends, or chance encounters, or little things that tell you that the universe is reciprocating your appreciation and love.

For you cannot have appreciation and love without attracting more of the same.  So at first whilst it started by focusing on appreciating some qualities, it has expanded to so much more, and given you real life physical evidence to appreciate.  It started with you placing thought and feeling first, by having faith and trust, and unconditionally holding that thought, saying that ‘I will hold myself to this not because it has to be in my physical reality but that it feels good and I love being here’ and with no resistance about it having to be in your physical reality, and just feeling good about it, it happens so easily around you.

And through your own connection you inspire others, they love being around you because ‘it just feels nice’, they feel inspired, and they may not be consciously thinking about things but they find themselves appreciating others a bit better, loving a bit more, being a bit more patient, being from a place of gratitude, from love, perhaps even loving themselves more, and they may not even be thinking about it, but they’re just feeling good as a result of the contact with you…all because you started out on focusing on some nice qualities…..


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