Miracles in Your Life from your Present Reality

The only reason your reality isn’t the way you want it to be is because on some level you are keeping a vibration of that which you don’t want

When you think of what you want, it is on its way.  At that moment you are emanating the vibration that is a match to it.  When you then doubt and question it or look at what is around you and how separate or different or far away you are from what you want, you are mixing up your vibration, and thus the ‘pull’ on what you want isn’t the same

Allow yourself to dream, allow yourself to fantasise about what you want.  Don’t put pressure on yourself, allow yourself to gently build the vibration of what you want.

If it is a car, a lover, a house, money in your account or whatever else, go to it from a place of inspiration and how good it will feel to have it in your life, rather than a place of ‘needing’ it and how it will fix things in your life and how you believe you will as a result be able to do things you believe you cannot do right now.

When you are wanting to attract something to ‘fix’ something you are in likelihood starting from a place (and vibration) that is not a match to what you want.  Want what you want because it inspires you, because you love it and are in love with it


But how can you get there when you need to pay the bills?  Or that your lover has just walked out on you?  And that you feel terrible as a result of something like this.  Gently take your attention away from what has just happened Sooth your vibration around that.  Make peace within yourself with what has happened.  It is not the end of the world, even though it may seem like it at the time.  It is one of life’s contrasts, although knowing that may not make you feel better at the time.  But thinking of it as the worst thing in the world is not going to solve it or make it better either.

Make peace with what happened (or is happening).  Realise there is far far far far more for you in life, it’s not over, there is far more ahead for you.  As you gently do this your feelings and attention will shift towards what you want.  Towards the future and what you want and where you want to be

Allow yourself to daydream.  Allow yourself to think about what you want.  Allow yourself to imagine it in your life, just for the fun of it.  You are doing this for the fun of it, not because ‘you want it’.  Sometimes ‘wanting it’ can have a need.  But have you noticed that when you enjoy something the results take care of themselves?  The reason is that when you are having fun, when you are appreciating, when you are loving (including yourself), your vibration is very pure.  What does this mean?  It means it is very much on what you want and feels good, it is very much in tune with the divinity within you, the God within you.  It is from this place that miracles happen for you.  And miracles DO happen for you

Miracles often happen when we are doing something and we suspend our judgement on what is possible and stay in the moment and create.  For when we suspend our judgement on what we can do and what is possible we are in the moment and creating without ‘thinking’ and ‘judging’, we are purely moulding the clay so to speak.  When we are doing what we are doing for the love of doing it, very present moment oriented, we are creating magic 

You will know this experience from when you have been in love with someone (or something, such as a pet), been involved in an activity (such as painting, playing music etc), or something else where you were totally in the moment, captured by the moment, intoxicated by the moment for the sake of the moment and that’s all.  With no care or attention on anything else but the moment. 

This is where you create your miracles and magic from

When you get to this place, you won’t even be thinking about your reality because you’ll be too busy creating miracles in your life


A Quick Thought on ‘Karma’

Karma can have different meanings for different people.  Essentially it is a momentum of energy that is based on vibrations from previously.  There is only ever the now to work with, and so prior momentum – wherever it may be from – can only be ‘active’ in the now

You can set your course in your now moment, whether it be from prior momentum (wanted or unwanted) or by deliberate intent of what you would like, and that is through your focus of attention on what you would like more of.  As you do that you are creating momentum for that, and you are setting your course

Tatiana the Dog talks to you about Making the Law of Attraction work

Tatiana the Dog (below) would like to talk to you about making the Law of Attraction work and tell you about a “great Law of Attraction blog”

Tatiana tells you how bad stuff was happening to her and how she used Law of Attraction to attract good things

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My good friend Dora Crow who created the video with Tatiana is an author of a book
called Winky & Wonder which talks about children following their
inner messages through the story. Dora also has a blog called Advice 4
Kids by Kids
, you can check both out at,

Do leave a comment below and let Tatiana, Dora and I know what you thought of it

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“Vital questions”

A friend on Facebook, Elmari Fourie, wrote a note titled "Vital questions" with some questions to consider and tagged me on it, I wrote a comment with some quick answers and thought I would put them below for those that value the perspective,

Her note,

"Am I this body, mind and intellect? Do the pleasures of this world give real happiness and peace? Are the objects of this world permanent? Are my actions bringing happiness, joy, peace and harmony to others, or are they bringing them pain, unhappiness and misery? Reflect thus and enjoy peace.

– Sri Swami Sivananda

What a nice way to start the new year. These questions are vital to find out what we really want to gain throughout this year. Inner peace is the most important. With inner peace you can reach all your goals and bring more joy and happiness to this planet.

May you all have a blessed 2009!"


My answers,

> Am I this body, mind and intellect?
Yes you are all of that AND MORE (much much much more, you are far far far more than you can see from a physical body perspective)

> Do the pleasures of this world give real happiness and peace?
The real happiness and peace you find is within, that can be as a result of or despite the world, the choice is what you do within

> Are the objects of this world permanent?
Only as long as you focus on them, put your attention on something else and that becomes 'permanent'

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