For a few weeks a friend of mine and I had been talking about creating a group on Facebook and we came up with the title of the Universal Law of Attraction, along with some other friends who I’d want to appoint as ‘Officers’ on the group.  I had said as I was busy on this blog and various other projects that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to create it but would be happy to contribute to it if someone else created one.  I had also done an intro for this group if it went ahead.

A couple of mornings ago I got home from the gym and saw this group had been created!  And my friend had put my photo on the top page of it! 🙂  (I was a bit humble about it at the time but I’ve gotten very used to it)
She said to me she wanted me to keep the picture on there as I embodied the spirit and the essence of the group, this is something I had said to her recently, for me what I do is about the message and the creation aspect than anyone or any teachers, it’s about people’s own divinities.  There is more information about this on the group.

So if you’re on Facebook and/or you’d like to check it out, click here or click the pic below

In time I may perhaps create a community here or something else
community related even linked to from here,
we shall see, it will depend on what I sense the Asking is and what is best overall, and if you have thoughts and ideas on this feel free to let me know.




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  • That’s great! I’ll have to look for it. Facebook is one of my favorite places.