Thank you to all of you who have been letting me know how much value you are finding in my words and in this blog, it’s lovely to hear from you, thank you!

This is more on ‘How I Manifested my Car

Hi Hemal,

read your blog on your Jag manifestation, which is great by the way,
and wanted to ask how you feel now compared to how you felt knowing it
was coming?

It’s just my experience of the ‘knowing’ the car was
coming was actually the best bit – it felt great – because the car had
come in to my experience but I had no means of paying for it. I can
look back now and identify that the’ knowing’ it was going to be mine
was the most thrilling part. Because having it feels different, very
good but different. That OMG this could be mine feeling is hilarious as
you dare to imagine and pretend you are driving it. Would you agree
from your experience?

Now I have it, it’s like second nature, now I look at the Aston Martin DB9 and get excited!!

Hemal: Yep I know what you mean, it’s the flowing of energy which is the important part, not the
thing you’re after, they’re just kind of metaphors for you to flow
energy towards lol

It’s the moulding of the thought and the energy that’s meant to be the fun part and the manifestation a consequence of it

Amie: Thanks for confirming what I felt into an even simpler and clearer understanding of this process!



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