Sometimes it is just about Giving Yourself Space


It can be easy at times to forget how breathtakingly amazing you are…

There are times when you may have confusion and much and many pulling at you.  Remember to give yourself some space.  You are of little value to yourself or others if you are out of your groove.

It is about getting yourself away from the things that are taking you out of your flow so that you can stabilise yourself, and ground yourself, and build a platform to grow from.

If you have read my Find You & You Find Everything: The Secrets to the Law Attraction book you will know that your divine nature and your ‘godliness’ is a natural aspect of you, other than when you resist it and take yourself out of your flow.

Negative emotions, doubting yourself, perceiving yourself with low self-esteem, self-chatter about what is wrong and other behaviours like those are how you resist your divinity.  If you take all that ‘stuff’ out of it, magic happens.

Whether it be about doing something different, distracting yourself, making a list and working through it – whatever it is, step away from it.  Create the space so that you can get into your flow.


It is not that you have to ‘create’ your flow, it’s just that you have to ‘allow’ it.


It’s like when you go down a slide at the playground.  You don’t have to create a slide.  You just have to reduce the resistance so you can allow something that is natural to happen.

This is the same with your flow and the manifestations you are wanting.  When you think what you do you naturally ‘allow’ that which is already yours…

You have mind blowing capabilities beyond your wildest dreams.  Allow them…


Hemal Radia is the author of “Find You & You Find Everything: The Secrets to the Law of Attraction” as well as a ‘super’ coach/mentor and speaker.

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You are Amazing