Sometimes it is just about Giving Yourself Space


It can be easy at times to forget how breathtakingly amazing you are…

There are times when you may have confusion and much and many pulling at you.  Remember to give yourself some space.  You are of little value to yourself or others if you are out of your groove.

It is about getting yourself away from the things that are taking you out of your flow so that you can stabilise yourself, and ground yourself, and build a platform to grow from.

If you have read my Find You & You Find Everything: The Secrets to the Law Attraction book you will know that your divine nature and your ‘godliness’ is a natural aspect of you, other than when you resist it and take yourself out of your flow.

Negative emotions, doubting yourself, perceiving yourself with low self-esteem, self-chatter about what is wrong and other behaviours like those are how you resist your divinity.  If you take all that ‘stuff’ out of it, magic happens.

Whether it be about doing something different, distracting yourself, making a list and working through it – whatever it is, step away from it.  Create the space so that you can get into your flow.


It is not that you have to ‘create’ your flow, it’s just that you have to ‘allow’ it.


It’s like when you go down a slide at the playground.  You don’t have to create a slide.  You just have to reduce the resistance so you can allow something that is natural to happen.

This is the same with your flow and the manifestations you are wanting.  When you think what you do you naturally ‘allow’ that which is already yours…

You have mind blowing capabilities beyond your wildest dreams.  Allow them…


Hemal Radia is the author of “Find You & You Find Everything: The Secrets to the Law of Attraction” as well as a ‘super’ coach/mentor and speaker.

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You are Amazing


Making Money Doing What You Love, with Law of Attraction

> I am in a Law of Attraction Master Mind group and we are discussing the money aspect of our chosen path. We have been challenged to contact someone whom we admire that is doing what we wish to do and ask them a question. I have chosen you and the question is: What would you say about creating an income from someone's passion? If you feel that this something you can share with me I will be so grateful.
I thank you for your time and wish you bright blessings, Chessie, creator of "Evolution lf Self; Journey into Body, Mind, Spirit Balance"

If someone follows their true joy, that joy in itself has a very attractive vibration.  It will bring people to it that are a match to it.

What prevents many people from creating an income from what they love are their beliefs about it. 

Consider the following questions:

– Do I believe it is possible to make money from this?
– Do I believe that *I* can make money from this?

– As I think about doing this thing that I love, how do I feel?  Do I feel a conflict in relation to something else in my life, such as with creating money, or with something else?

– What other thoughts come up for me about this thing that I want to do?

It may not necessarily be that you always have to have positive answers to the above questions, it can even be that you just ALLOW the possibility of it (i.e. not block it).

If everything is energy in this Universe, then the possibility exists in everything.  The only thing that stops you is your vibration – which is composed of your beliefs about it.  Oftentimes, many of these beliefs are from past programming, maybe thoughts about 'traditional' ways of making an income etc. 

Regarding this last point about 'traditional' ways of making an income, some people, who are looking to start their own business, have been very used to making an income through a 'regular' job and when it comes to them starting their own business and following something they love, they may have beliefs about it not being right to do something that they love, that work and money are not meant to be enjoyable, etc.  These are all beliefs.  And beliefs can quickly be changed.

On the other hand, you can have beliefs that it is fun to make money, it is fun to do what you love – in fact that it's the best way.  That by you enjoying what you do, you are offering something so much more, and the money naturally comes from that also.  If you were giving someone so much joy and pleasure through the vibration of joy that you share, as you think about it, people would find it impossible not to give you money for it.

Some people believe they are not worthy to do what they love and make money from it.

In the joy of what you feel for what you are doing, the worthiness is inherent in that.  The value and the 'worthiness' is in the joy.  The vibration is the most important aspect that you can transfer on.  If you have that, then you are 'worthy'.  I wrote a blog post a couple of years ago about "It's not about the Actions but about the Energy behind those Actions."

In you questioning your worthiness, you are diluting the value that you offer.  Allow yourself to think of yourself in the grandest of ways and with the greatest contribution possible.  Activate the most powerful vibration within yourself.  Do it in the most loving of ways and in ways you resonate with, relative to your beliefs.  Allow your beliefs to expand and grow and for you to (vibrationally) 'grow' to this possibility for yourself.

In light of the above, as you think about it now, how unnatural would it be to NOT make money following your love… 😉