Law of Attraction Book being written, Questions from YOU are wanted!

Hi Everyone,

I am collaborating with someone on a book that is being written about the Law of Attraction and HOW IT APPLIES TO YOU.  I’ll explain more…

With this project the idea is we want YOUR QUESTIONS, your questions will determine the topics, the chapters and the questions (more on that below).  It will be based on the Asking of the people. 

That is why I am sending this message out, I will post this on my Blog and various other places to ask people to send in questions.  Based on the consensus of the questions the chapters will be drawn up, the topics within them and the questions within them.


We would like you to send in any question about anything that you have, below I have listed some topics.

Over the next week to two weeks I will take the questions received and draw up the ones that keep being asked – representing the Asking of the consciousness, the people.

The intention of the book is for people to know that the answers are always around, and everything is ok and life is good, it’s to be at peace with everything and it is all orchestrating itself perfectly

The book is being intended as a quick easy to read book, something that can be carried around and read easily, but one that is valuable in the answers it provides and its message that everything is alright.

Feel free to use the list below to give you ideas on questions you’d like asked, the list below only has examples, it is not exhaustive, and its only purpose is to stimulate YOUR questions.  The list below will not necessarily make the book unless those or other questions/topics are asked.  It is intended to be an answer to the questions in the collective consciousness.  Your vibration raises when you are soothed on something or you feel better about something, this book is intended to play a part in that.

We are thinking this book will be very very impactful, there will be many questions and we are going to be busy

There are several ways you can send your questions:
-You can post your questions in the comments below
-Message me via Facebook (Hemal Radia)
-Email me at (this has just been setup, I’ve tested it and it seems to work fine!)

Where and when I can I will reply back a quick message of thanks to acknowledge receipt.  Messages sent to me will be confidential.


  • Law of attraction
  • Money
  • Sex
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Family
  • Life
  • Death
  • The afterlife
  • Terminal illnesses
  • Spirituality
  • Religion
  • The future
  • The past
  • Global warming
  • Governments
  • Human rights
  • Aliens, Space
  • Environment
  • War
  • Peace
  • Anything else….


  • If there is such a thing as abundance, and I can have what I want, why am I experiencing so much lack in my life?
  • How do I get to meet my soul mate?
  • Whilst I age – i.e. pass through time – does my body have to ‘age’ too?
  • How much can I really achieve in my life?
  • Is there such a thing as ‘luck’?  How do I get ‘lucky’?
  • If this is such an abundant world then why do we see so many people in the world on TV suffering?
  • Can we stop or even reverse Global Warming?  Why would we ‘create’ such a thing?
  • What is my purpose in life?
  • And anything else….




‘Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting’ Book Review

WHO THIS BOOK IS FOR:  I’d say in my opinion that it is actually suitable for most people interested in Law of Attraction, especially people that are new to it.  If you are looking for something deep deep deep deep then look elsewhere, but a lovely fun read.

This is a HIGHLY recommended book, it is easy to read, fun, conversational, and covers a lot of good content.  It is also the reason why I have chosen it to be the first review I do. You’ll find that most reviews I write will generally be about liking what I am writing about as I’d choose to put things on here that either I like (and most probably use or have used) or that others can benefit from.

I read this book around 2003 and read it a few times and loved it.  Lynn Grabhorn is from the Abraham school of Law of Attraction, so to speak, and that essence is there in her writing but this book is perhaps easier to read than Abraham Hicks, for someone new to the topic at least, in terms of terminology and style .

This book is around 300 pages and if you’re new to Manifesting and Law of Attraction it will get you on your way and on the ways to think.  Whilst The Secret was great for the masses (and the ‘layperson’) in creating awareness of Law of Attraction, I feel this book covers a bit more on the ‘how’.  Whilst The Secret (I’m talking about the DVD, not the book, as that’s what I’ve seen) was inspirational, I feel this book gives quite a bit more on what you can do.  Some aspects of The Secret are getting oriented toward action (again, my interpretation from the DVD), whereas this book is more towards vibration, which has more leverage (the actions will naturally be inspired from that if you are feeling good and lined up to what you want).

SUMMARY:  This is a HIGHLY recommended book on Manifesting and Law of Attraction, it is easy to read, conversational, and covers quite a bit of good ground

You can order it on the Books, Audios, DVDs etc page




How Do I Know What I Want?

Mohamed: (Paraphrased) I think that the most important point is to know what you really want,
It’s really difficult, for me at least, to know what I do want…

Look at it like a lump of clay you are going to mould, and your
questioning about what you want will enable you to get clarity in
closer sculpting/creating what you want

So you ask what you don’t want to get what you DO want

you’re finding that you don’t have clarity on what you don’t want or
what you do want, i.e. nothing is coming up, ask yourself what’s
about the decision? i.e. if you don’t have a preference of
what you do or don’t want, then why is it mattering? i.e. what are your
preferences ABOUT
the decision itself?
And they will give you criteria
and wants and don’t wants to work with

So you might say, ‘I’d
really like to decide what job to get, but I can’t think of what I like
or don’t like’
Ok, so why are you thinking about it, why is it even a
consideration, why is this even coming up for you?

‘Because I’ve
got to get a job, money, furthering myself etc’
Ok, money, furthering
yourself. What does furthering yourself mean? What does money mean to
you? And as you get clarity, also work then on getting onto the
feelings of those things

So say you’ve gotten clarity and you’re
saying ‘I want $x income a month and I’d like to have my own business
within a year’
, so ask yourself: How does that FEEL? What are the
essences to it?

So you could say ‘Well I’d feel so secure and
safe and actually a little rich with a consistent income, I’d feel
stable, in fact maybe even excited about the way things were going. I’d
certainly appreciate things a lot. And about having my own business,
wow, I’d be excited, that’d be so thrilling’
, so you have some FEELINGS
and essences, these are what will bring the universe to orchestrate
things with you, it responds to your vibration, and your emotions are
an indicator of that
Keep yourself around those feelings (and not on
the lack of them) and things around will you will move and you will
notice them and that will perpetuate more good things happening and so

Have fun  🙂

Hi Hemal
Thanks for your response.
I have to make a step in this road, I have to decide
what I do want to be, because I feel so scared when I think that I may
keep thinking without taking an action until it’s too late.

So ask yourself what are you ‘scared’ of? i.e. you are fearful of
something you don’t want, use that to define what you want. You could
make a list of what would happen if you didn’t do this or that or what
could go wrong or what’s wrong with the various options, then use that
to define what you DO want, and that’s where the power will be

right now you feel comfortable taking some action then feel free to do
so. There is nothing wrong with taking action. The preference is to
line up vibrationally (with emotions) but it is also about lining up
with your beliefs, so if currently you’d feel better in taking some
action then feel free to do so. Ask yourself what would feel better
right now, whatever that is

Absolutely you want to make a step
in the road, what I mentioned above was a way of getting clarity on the
journey ahead of you. So you could take other action steps, or you
could take clarification steps (and when you have clarity you will feel
inspired and the actions will come very naturally anyway), either way
you will experience things which will give you more clarity on what you
do want and what you don’t want and you will be getting closer to what
you want.

And if you are in a place of fear, just work on
feeling slightly better, whatever that is. You have reached out and
asked for guidance/opinions, give yourself credit, you have taken
actions and done some things about it. Even if you hadn’t received
answers, give yourself credit nevertheless. And work on gently feeling
better. You don’t have to wait for the reality to change for you to
feel better, there are things you can feel better about right now,
which will change your reality anyway. But focus on your feelings about
it, and if for you that involves actions then so be it, it’s really
about what works for you.

As an after-note to this interaction, Mohamed kindly wrote to me to thank me for it and posted it on his blog at Route 1900 for March 24 2008


Universal Law of Attraction Group on Facebook

For a few weeks a friend of mine and I had been talking about creating a group on Facebook and we came up with the title of the Universal Law of Attraction, along with some other friends who I’d want to appoint as ‘Officers’ on the group.  I had said as I was busy on this blog and various other projects that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to create it but would be happy to contribute to it if someone else created one.  I had also done an intro for this group if it went ahead.

A couple of mornings ago I got home from the gym and saw this group had been created!  And my friend had put my photo on the top page of it! 🙂  (I was a bit humble about it at the time but I’ve gotten very used to it)
She said to me she wanted me to keep the picture on there as I embodied the spirit and the essence of the group, this is something I had said to her recently, for me what I do is about the message and the creation aspect than anyone or any teachers, it’s about people’s own divinities.  There is more information about this on the group.

So if you’re on Facebook and/or you’d like to check it out, click here or click the pic below

In time I may perhaps create a community here or something else
community related even linked to from here,
we shall see, it will depend on what I sense the Asking is and what is best overall, and if you have thoughts and ideas on this feel free to let me know.




The Power of what you WANT in your Creation Process

So if you’re intending to use Law of Attraction to attract ‘more of the same’, it helps if you’re thinking of….

What You Want

The Universe (and your mind) doesn’t work by exclusion it works by INCLUSION, so you don’t think of the things you don’t want, you THINK OF THE THINGS YOU DO WANT.  If I said to you don’t think of a blue elephant in a pink tree, you had to think about it to ‘not’ think about it didn’t you?  The Universe (and the mind) cannot ‘exclude’ anything you give it, so think of what you want.

Whenever you think about something, whether it is something you want or don’t want, your vibration will reflect that.  The Universe works by inclusion, by what you include in your thoughts and vibration, whether it be something you want or don’t want, it will match your vibration of whatever you are thinking about.

So, you don’t say "I don’t want this, I don’t want this, I don’t want this" etc, you say "I want this, I want this, I want this, this and this and this, and oh this would be so nice" and so on, and practice the habit of doing that, of thinking of WHAT YOU WANT, and Law of Attraction – ‘Universal Manager’, God, Source, or whatever you want to call it – will take care of the rest.

It’s like the dating game, now we’ve heard people say "But (what a fine start that is lol, you know after a ‘But’ you’re going to get something that’s not wanted) I don’t want this and don’t want this and this, oh no, can’t have that," and we say yes, but WHAT DO YOU WANT?  As you focus on what you want, and not contradict it (with ‘don’t want that’) you attract more thoughts like it and more experiences like it and the momentum is in that direction, that IS the Law of Attraction – you attract more of the same.

So you might meet someone who doesn’t quite ‘fit’ in every way and so you say "Oh this Law of Attraction doesn’t work, I got this this and this and this and this but I didn’t get this, it just doesn’t work" so you get back onto it and tweak and adjust to what you DO want. That’s what life was meant to be, a continual never-ending stream, ‘you never get it wrong’…

The Process that is Life

You have experiences…
Including things that give you an indication of what you don’t like
Desires are born from those experiences, which initially you’re not vibrationally aligned to what you want as at that stage they are usually about what you don’t want….
These create your preferences for what you DO want.  That’s why it’s called ‘contrast’, it is giving you perspective to make choices for what you DO want
And then it’s your job to get up to speed with what you DO want, by thinking thoughts, feelings FROM that place and being and living from it, vibrationally at least….
And the actions will be inspired as a consequence of that, you will be at the right time right place or will do something that later brings it to you, far beyond what you may consciously have be able to plan…

So….you will have acquired that which you want
Thus creating a new vibrational platform for new desires, there will be new things you don’t like and like before, from this new perspective more preferences will be made and desires set…
You will line up to these desires too just as before…
And you will acquire these
And so on….

Your Real Journey

Now whilst it may seem it was about ‘acquiring’ and ‘having’, your real journey has been the process you have been going through in having desires and lining up to them, that will have been a journey in itself for you and on a vibrational level you will have expanded, as will the Universe through your expansion.

You are Always Creating New Platforms, New Perspectives

So, you have desires and it’s your job to line up with those desires with your thoughts and emotions and that creates a new vibrational platform from which there will be new perspectives and choices and vantage points that weren’t there before.  Don’t you think when you make your first million you will see things a bit differently?  It’ll be a new perspective, a new platform?  With new desires and preferences emanating from you?

Or when you have your soulmate?  Or when you have your body how you want it?  And you will have new desires from there that you couldn’t have had before because this is a new perspective and you will have new things to line up to, and it continues, and that’s what life and the creation process is meant to be about.  It’s not ‘Oh I’ve made it, now I don’t need to do anything ever again.’  Your purpose here on the physical IS the creation process, the universe WANTS you to expand to your desires and it expands in the process too, you are meant to have desires.  When you don’t you will find there is not a lot of energy or life flowing (isn’t there a statistic that when many people stop working and they don’t have things to look forward to or do that their life expectancy isn’t so high?). Your purpose in life is joy, the details of that is up to you, you have freewill and choice in that.  Your desires and wants are what flows life through you

Milk the Feelings of What you Want

Going back to the title of this post, focus on the things you want and you like, pick them out, like a shopping catalogue.  So if you have people around you whose company you are not enjoying, pick out the things you like about them, or if that’s not easy, pick out the things in your life you are liking, and build from there (it will grow and grow, when you think a thought and hold it you attract more of the same).

If you are in a job  you don’t enjoy, find the aspect you DO like, or once liked or what was so good for you at some point, perhaps it provided money at a time you needed work?  This appreciation will be different to a vibration of lack.

As you pick out things you like, do focus on them, play with them, use your imagination, play games with them.  When you have the money in the bank that you want what will you buy?  And what will it be like? Milk those thoughts for emotional and vibrational value.  FEEL them.  When you make the most of the now, even in just your thoughts and feelings and without changing anything or anyone around you, all sorts of possibilities open up….



< >Visionboard

What Matters Most….




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“What do I do when others are negative….How do I ‘Allow?'”

"I find your profile and website both interesting and inspiring, thank you. I am also a fan of Esther and Jerry Hicks' works and The Law of Attraction. In one of their books, it has a section on LOA and then a part called The Art of Allowing. For some recent months I have been following LOA and learning a lot about 'allowing', particularly with a few people that are close to me that share completely different beliefs and values. I have learnt to accept them for who they are and love them unconditionally. But, recently one particular person has been extremely negative, stressed and angry. Seeing as I spend quite a lot of time with this person, it is really hard for me to watch them and 'allow'. What do you suggest I do? I have been meditating on the situation, asking for guidance and focusing on a peaceful, loving, relationship. and sending love and healing to this person when i can.

I have learnt some valuable lessons about myself and my ego, and I am learning a lot about patience at the moment. But, I don't want to watch this negativity anymore!!

Have a wonderful day
Love and light."


It sounds like you are 'tolerating' than 'allowing', it's a subtle distinction.  On some level there is that element of 'that which you do not like' in your vibration. So one thing you can do is soothe it such as:

-Oh I know that this person can be unbearable sometimes, but they have so many other traits which I like about them
-I know there is a reason why they are in my life and why I’d like them in my life, and that is …….
-This person isn’t always like this, at other times they are so <positive qualities>, and I love this about them and this and this and this and this and this and that and this

Also (as mentioned in the lines above), focus on the things you like about them, even if small, and as you focus your attention grows on them, and whilst you're focusing on what you like (and growing) it's not so easy to focus on what you don't like.  When parents say they ‘worry’ about their children because they ‘love’ them, whilst they mean it in a very well intentioned way, ‘worry’ and ‘love’ are two different vibrations [on the vibrational scale], you also know this because they 'feel' different (of course, depending on how each person represents those words internally, but generally speaking).

Vibrational matches

Focus on the vibration of what you want.  Even if it’s not on these people, focus on the qualities you like IN OTHERS if you have to, but just get your attention onto what you like, it doesn’t even have to be about those people that you mention, such that when you come back to them and are around them you will see them from a new perspective and there may be a different vibration you have about it.

When you have a different vibration about something you tend to:
1 – Draw different aspects from the same scenario (eg the same people)
2 – Attract new people which are a match to the vibration

Or a combination.  But the key thing is you are always attracting a vibrational match.


It's all relative to where you're going and and where you are

The thing with sending love, healing etc, is if that works for you then great, the only thing with those things is they imply that there is something that needs to be healed, loved etc, i.e. something on some level that needs healing – which implies something isn’t how you want it or 'should be'. So if initially it works then great, it will get you further up the vibrational scale than where you were, and at higher vibrations you might want to come to it from a viewpoint of what you like and how you'd like things to be and imply that in your thoughts, actions, feelings, etc and forget about why you came to do this or why you’re doing it.  Focus on the aspects that you like because that’s what you do, not because you’re trying to change something or there was something you didn’t like

There is no right or wrong though, so if sending healing or sending love works for you and it feels better, then use that as your indication, your guidance.  It is all relative, relative to what you are working on and where you are coming from and the person that can give you that answer is yourself and your own guidance, which is your emotions.


In 'allowing', you are allowing others to be who/what they are, who they want to be etc  – without pushing back, and you are allowing of yourself too.  It's the pushing back that creates discord and attracts more of the same, it's soothing it and being at peace with it and focusing on what you like, what you appreciate, what you love, that attracts more of that too.  The Universe is a place that gives you total choice and freedom.  There is no assertion – such as asserting on another how to be, there IS attraction, the Universe matches based on vibration.

It's what Life was meant to be about

Life is about these sorts of things, that’s what it’s meant to be about, there you are going along minding your own business and something happens – at that moment you have desires for what you would like.  However because your attention at that time is on the thing that happened, you have your desire, but your beliefs (dominant thoughts) are not lined up to it because you’re still thinking about what happened.  The contrast in what happened creates the desire for what you want.  Your job then is to soothe yourself away from those thoughts of ‘what-is’ and work your way up the vibrational scale to WHAT YOU WANT, and you will find that things around you will change.  99% of manifestations are created before you see them on the physical – your job is to focus on that 99%, the emotional journey that you practice before the manifesting, let the Universe take care of the rest.  In that journey you use your imagination and play with your thoughts (and off ‘what-is’), in fact your journey becomes smoother because your thoughts are more and more about what you want – by virtue of Law of Attraction the momentum builds (so long as you don't contradict it with your thoughts) – and soon enough you turn around and see things are a certain way… 

Your job is to keep your vibrational mix about what you want (and FROM what you want) than on what happened or what is, it’s to play with your thoughts, use games (/processes – but seeing them as games is more fun and you have a better vibration about it) and your imagination to form your reality

The Law of Attraction in Action!

Over the last few days I have made some wonderful friends and I thought I’d mention them here so you could check their blogs out, etc.  We have found we very much resonate from the same place and will look to refer to each other where possible

– I have mentioned Faydra Rector-Sargent in recent posts, she is in San Francisco and her blog is  Faydra & Company, she and I both share very similar perspectives on many things it seems and have enjoyed referring to each other, I put some posts up from her in the last few days which I know many of you have enjoyed (thanks for the feedback, it’s lovely to hear from you!  I appreciate my wonderful friends!)

– Malathy Badri is in India and her blog is Laws of Universe which very much talks from the perspective of the Universal Laws, vibration, and much much more, all of which I love.  I am looking forward to interacting more with her and finding sharing opportunities where everyone can benefit

In having someone in London, someone in San Francisco, and someone in India, and many others (I have made LOTS of lovely friends all around the world and have had a lot of synchronicities, I happen to mention these above as I am referring to their lovely blogs), it’s a reminder that the Universe works irrespective of time, space or distance.  The only thing that inhibits it orchestrating your dreams for you are your perceived limitations on what you think it can do.  Your new soulmate,  your new business partner, your new nutritionist, your new friend, your new book or idea is ready and waiting for you, you just have to let it in by lining up to it vibrationally, and you do that by practicing thoughts about it and from it…..



There is No Such Thing As A Lack of Anything

This is from my friend Faydra Rector-Sargent, the permalink for this on her blog is

One of the most important concepts for you to know and believe to create the life that you want is that there is absolutely no lack of abundance of the things that you desire. Part of the problem for people who do not have the things in life that they want is that they believe there is only so much of what they want out there to have. This usually is exampled in money for most people or oil, as the government would have you believe.

There is so much negativity attached to the desire for more money and it cracks me up. There is no more reason to be sorry for wanting money than to be sorry for wanting oxygen. You wouldn’t stop breathing for a while because you felt guilty for taking in more air than you should. You wouldn’t voluntarily give up your wellness because you feel guilty for not being sick. The same is true for money. Money is only a source of energy or currency; it isn’t any different than anything else. We could be trading jelly beans for the things that we want instead of money. IF that were the case, the Jelly Belly factory would be the US Treasury.

The next time you start to feel bad for wanting more money, or more health, or more love -remember, there are plenty of people passing up the opportunity to have these things. If you’d like, you can just volunteer to take their unwanted share. The truth is, that the only reason you don’t have more dollars, more health, or a soul mate is because you either don’t really want them, you don’t believe you deserve them, or you aren’t allowing them in because you don’t believe they’re on the way to you. Tune your frequency to the abundance channel and your desires will come to you in technicolor with the highest quality resolution there is.

The more you believe you deserve it, the more you savor the thoughts about it, the more you anticipate the arrival of it, the faster it will come.



Don’t Focus On The “Who” Or The “How” Only On The “What”

This post is from my good friend Faydra Rector-Sargent, the permalink for it is We found our blogs very much resonated with each other’s and we agreed we’d refer to them.  This post is very much what I’ve always said about focusing on what you want and letting go of the ‘How’ and the details and letting the Universe orchestrate it, I’ve written notes on this years ago and have referred to it in posts, including number 17 in Manifesting and Law of Attraction 101

Here we go….

Whenever you are working to be, do and have the things in life that you want, all you should focus on is what you want and three special words: Abundance, Clarity and Well-being. It is not your job to worry about how you will get what you want or who is going to bring it to you. Your focus needs to be on defining what you want, believing that it is yours to have and allowing it to flow to you. I know that to some, this sounds way out there, but at any level, this is all you need to get what you desire.

When you add to what you desire the additional desire to have abundance, clarity and well-being in your life, you are asking to manifest the tools that you need to create your own life. If you desire a new career and you focus on receiving clarity in your life, you will begin to see opportunities where there had been none. You will see people in a new light and you will attract circumstances and people who are beneficial in reaching your goals.

When you desire wealth and you focus on abundance, you will see more than just dollars in your account. You will see everything you want is on sale, coupons, free items, you may win the lottery, you will sense satisfaction with what you already have. These are signs of abundance.

When you desire health and you focus on well-being. You will see your relationships improve, your health regenerate and your awareness of your body and mind increase.

All of this happens by naming it and claiming it with the power of belief and clarity of what you want.


In understanding this law of attraction, there is something else you need to understand. You are only able to attract into your life, that which is like you. You can not will another to you. You can not apply this law to a specific person. If you do and they come it is only because they were on the same level of attraction. I can’t want Brad Pitt, believe he is mine for the having and know that he is on his way. I can; however, desire my soul mate, identify his qualities and know that he is on his way and with the belief that I am abundant, have clarity and well-being, know that I will have what it takes to recognize when he presents himself.

If you set your sights on a person and spend time desiring that person and they do not respond, you are misfocused. If you only allow the possibility that the person you identified is the only thing that you “want”, you are off base. You need to redefine your wanting.

I often use a simple term when I am working out what I want. I simply say “this or something better”. This is my out for knowing that I am not nearly as smart as the universe and therefore in my infinite unwisdom, may think I have it all figured out, but clearly, I do not. So, I always add “this or something better” This, coupled with the moment by moment desire for abundance, clarity and well-being means that I can’t go wrong. I have not made the wanting an all or nothing scenario.

See, if I did the all or nothing scenario, I would only be focused on the “how” or the “who”. I can not truly know the number of ways to achieve what I desire, so by putting out there that I am willing to receive that which I hadn’t even considered (but that may be more fabulous than what I thought I wanted) I am setting the stage for the universe to have a field day in bringing me some great stuff.

Remember Garth Brooks’ song Thank God For Unanswered Prayers? That is an example of the universe knowing better than you.

It is hard in the middle of a tragedy to believe that there is something better. The death of a loved one, a divorce, the loss of a friend or any loss seems unbearable and it seems that no good can come from it. I know that for me, it has brought something good.

Sometimes it is a lesson that makes you better the next time around. Especially in love.

So, for tonight I say this: I desire with all my heart a connection with the universe that allows me clarity, abundance and well-being. In my request, I desire to use that clarity, well-being and abundance to expand myself and the universe in a positive way. I know that all I want is mine to have and that all that I want is here and on its way to me. I deserve the things that I want because I am fabulous and I use my fabulousness to make others fabulous. I desire to connect with people who share the same interests and values as I do and I seek to allow others to be who they desire. I desire to go forth into the world looking for only that which makes me happy. This or something better……