WHO THIS BOOK IS FOR:  I’d say in my opinion that it is actually suitable for most people interested in Law of Attraction, especially people that are new to it.  If you are looking for something deep deep deep deep then look elsewhere, but a lovely fun read.

This is a HIGHLY recommended book, it is easy to read, fun, conversational, and covers a lot of good content.  It is also the reason why I have chosen it to be the first review I do. You’ll find that most reviews I write will generally be about liking what I am writing about as I’d choose to put things on here that either I like (and most probably use or have used) or that others can benefit from.

I read this book around 2003 and read it a few times and loved it.  Lynn Grabhorn is from the Abraham school of Law of Attraction, so to speak, and that essence is there in her writing but this book is perhaps easier to read than Abraham Hicks, for someone new to the topic at least, in terms of terminology and style .

This book is around 300 pages and if you’re new to Manifesting and Law of Attraction it will get you on your way and on the ways to think.  Whilst The Secret was great for the masses (and the ‘layperson’) in creating awareness of Law of Attraction, I feel this book covers a bit more on the ‘how’.  Whilst The Secret (I’m talking about the DVD, not the book, as that’s what I’ve seen) was inspirational, I feel this book gives quite a bit more on what you can do.  Some aspects of The Secret are getting oriented toward action (again, my interpretation from the DVD), whereas this book is more towards vibration, which has more leverage (the actions will naturally be inspired from that if you are feeling good and lined up to what you want).

SUMMARY:  This is a HIGHLY recommended book on Manifesting and Law of Attraction, it is easy to read, conversational, and covers quite a bit of good ground

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  • Bhavini says:

    Hi Dear Friends,
    I do agree with Hemal that this book is simply great and I simply love the way Lynn says FEEEEEEL. .gets me excited….lol. .its an interesting book and a MUST read for all those interested in the Law of Attraction…

  • Eva Gregory says:

    I LOVED this book! It is quite an easy read, has a wonderful message (of course!) and Lynn is fun and feisty in her writing. A great book for those new to Law of Attraction.

  • Hemal says:

    Thanks Bhavini & Eva 🙂