I’ve had this eating disorder for like a year or a little bit more and I’ve always been a very negative person.
I’m taking antidepressives and all that stuff.
always thinking things like: if I eat this I’ll get fat, or if I
already ate something that I wasn’t supposed to eat, then I’ll get
very depressed and mad and I’m only thinking: Oh my god why did I eat
that? Now I’m going to be fat forever, I’ll never be thin, I’m a
complete failure.. etc.
I’m so tired of thinking this way and I really want to recover and end this suffering forever.

Again, thank you and best wishes…

– Michelle

Ok, ask yourself what it means to you if you were fat? You’d be ‘ugly’?
‘unattractive’? ‘unlovable’? Ask yourself what it would mean. Do you
think some people wouldn’t like you in the same way?
The eating (the behaviour) is a symptom about how you feel about something.

Ask yourself, how do you feel about yourself? 
that if you don’t totally love yourself (and many people don’t lol) you
will always be doing things to make up for that through your actions
and to have other’s affections
, and people may still not like you. You
could be the most beautiful woman in the world but if you don’t love
yourself, people will feel that on a deeper level
If you love
yourself, you will attract people into your life that match that
. And
even if there are people that don’t like you, it won’t matter to you
because you will have the most important connection in the world, with
. And from that connection you will inspire others and they
will love being around you
, because you love yourself, and they love
learning to love themselves too

Your outward beauty is an
expression of who you are on the inside. If you don’t love what’s
inside you’ll be working very hard on the outside to ‘make up for it’ 🙂

know when someone has a baby or a pet? You know what it’s like and the
love there? They love the baby and the pet pretty much unconditionally.
Don’t beat yourself up, get used to liking things about yourself, start
gently, and you’ll find there is more to appreciate. That’s how love
works, sometimes it happens all at once, or sometimes you find
something you like about someone, and as you think about it you find
more and more things you love, and so on

Ok, something to think about  🙂


Hey thank you so much…
you are totally right… I’m so glad I messaged u
thanks … I’ll work on it…

– Michelle



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