What if ‘The Universe isn’t responding’?

I read your blog, by the way congratulations on it; it was very helpful for me.
I’m writing to you because I would like to ask you for some advice on how to apply the secret correctly when I feel like the universe isn’t responding.
My situation is the following, I’m from Colombia but I lived in London for 6 years, last April my visa run out so I had to leave the country. Since I came back from London I haven’t found any job, I’m talking about 10 months by now.
To begin this new year, I decided to focus all my energy on going back to London to work, that’s what I really want in my life. I love London!
In January I heard about The Secret so I got the film and I have watched it few times. I have been applying what the people on the video have advised.
My problem is that sometimes I feel like I’m giving up, I try to keep positive all the time but I get so frustrated because I don’t see any changes in my life. I contacted my old employer in London regarding to a job possibility but I haven’t got any answer from him, that’s what makes me so sad.
My question is what can I do while I feel like the universe isn’t responding?

Normally one feels things aren’t happening or ‘the universe isn’t responding’ when:

1 – The desire (for what the person wants) isn’t so strong and the energy isn’t flowing so much, eg when they only have a passing fancy for what they say they want, that doesn’t seem to be the case in your scenario
2 – The person is feeling ‘not good’ (resistance) and that is resisting what energy they are flowing, they are not ‘allowing’ or ‘letting it in’.  The have done the Asking through their desire, but they’re not in vibrational harmony with what they want to let it enter their life.  It’s like someone can ask for money, but then they’re not lined up to it if their thoughts and feelings are on the lack or absence of money

Usually for most people it’s the latter of the two.

By getting yourself to a good feeling place, flowing desire and good feelings about what you want (number 1 above), that will deal with the second one too, because if you are feeling good you are ‘allowing’ what you want into your life and not resisting it through bad feelings.

Also do bear in mind that sometimes once you have lined up vibrationally it can take a moment for things to manifest on the physical level, there can be a ‘buffer of time’, however I would focus on what you want than on time or anything else, because if someone starts thinking about the time element they are taking their attention off what they want (and onto time, which is not something they need to think about, the timing and orchestration is the universe’s job)!  It’s important to focus on what you want and let the universe orchestrate the rest, remember it is abundant, infinite, and is pure potential waiting to manifest.


There are many ways to work on the feeling good, there are many processes around, many of which you might be familiar with, I’ll go through some in a moment.

Something else to bear in mind, when someone is working on a goal or outcome for a period of time and then it doesn’t happen, they sometimes compound any resistance towards the goal with resistance ABOUT not getting the goal.  So not only thoughts about the goal, but thoughts about not having the goal yet and in the time or way they wanted are added to it, and then time and other factors can add resistance to their original thoughts about the goal. 

It’s like someone not attracting money, on a vibrational level there will be resistance, but after a while not only might they have their original resistance but also resistance about not having the money in the time/way they thought/expected, which adds to whatever was there before.  And then the subject can become more uncomfortable, which is not required at all.

The solution is to focus on what you like about the goal, and what
feels good about it, what you want, what you desire, what you
appreciate/love about it, etc.  And then build and build and build on it.  Practice the thought of it happening and via Law of Attraction it will attract more thoughts of the same and the vibration will get stronger.  It will become your dominant thought/vibration on the subject and will draw it’s physical equivalent to you.

So the important thing is not to pressure yourself about it (thus not bringing that into your vibration), but instead focus on how it would be to have what you want.  Remember as a child when you’d play a game and you’d be SO focused on the game that time just flew by?  Yet if you thought about the time and how quickly it was going you perhaps wouldn’t enjoy the game as much?  Play the games of enjoying your Now.  Time is a human concept, not a universe one, the universe (and what you want) will orchestrate itself in the best way regardless of human perceptions, and the fastest way to what you want is through powerful good feelings about what you want, you are then in harmony with the universe and All-That-Is

Do know that your desires are the universe’s desires, the universe is acting THROUGH you, so know that what you want is absolutely fine!  The universe WANTS that for you!  Otherwise it wouldn’t feel good!  It speaks to you through your emotions!  It WANTS you to create what you want.

So you have perhaps built some resistance about the subject as a result of what has or hasn’t happened, so you could say some things to yourself, starting off gently around where you are, and building it –

-Well, I know this maybe hasn’t worked out how I’d have expected or wanted, but I know the universe works in great ways
-I do know that the universe is abundant and infinite, and that it can deliver me what I want
-I’m sure there are so many places in London that would love me to work with them, and places I’d love to work too
-The Universe, or Law of Attraction, is like a Universal Manager, it’s got everyone’s phone numbers and addresses and it can orchestrate everything.  It can match me up with someone who is looking for someone just like me
– There are bound to be people out there looking for someone like me just as much as I’m wanting to be working with them
– I know I bring wonderful qualities, and people would just love to work with me
– I know things can happen magically, I could be led to just the right place or person or website which leads me to what I’m wanting, or they could be led to me, or both
(the latter is always the case, it’s always a co-creative vibrational rendezvous)
-I know that it can do all this and more, and the way I do it is by lining up my vibration through my emotions and feelings
-I know that if I get excited about what I want, it’s coming to me, it’s getting closer and closer and it’ll manifest on the physical, and maybe even surprise me as I won’t be thinking about it because I’ll be so busy feeling good and in the present moment

Now ask yourself, when you’re in London….

-Where would you be staying?  What would it be like? 
-What sort of work will you be working?  What would you be doing?
-How would it be to see the friends you have in London?  And the friends you’ll make?  What will it be like?
-What other things might happen that you haven’t even thought about, all those wonderful things you’ll experience which you don’t yet even know you will?
-And how will it be to living the life in London, and with all that visa thing in the past because you know you’ve got it and it’s all secure and safe and you know you’re in London?
-Now imagine that for a while, imagine your life in London, doing the things you do, with the people you’re with, the places, (the weather!), and everything else, allow yourself to daydream about it and allow your thoughts to wander, about your life in London.

Allow yourself to get very very excited, let the wave of that emotion carry you, compel you, inspire you.  Let it compel the actions you take, which will be as a consequence of how you feel, how unstoppable the momentum is.

It can initially start as a trickle and you don’t have to force it, each thought will attract more of the same if you keep your attention on it.  It’s like when you daydream and the thoughts attract more and more thoughts, it’s so easy as it’s a natural process, and it’s easy because it feels so good and you love to think about things that feel so good.

As you think and feel the thoughts more and more, by virtue of Law of Attraction, they will attract more thoughts and feelings of the same, and they build and build and build and build, and they manifest on the physical level.  By Law, you attract the vibrational match of your thoughts, and if they’re dominantly on you having been living your life in London….

And remember not to give yourself a hard time about it, the how will it happen, when will it happen, be so fixated on how good it feels (the thoughts you create and feel), and you loving how good it feels.  The paradox is feeling how good it feels such that what happens on the physical level doesn’t matter because you’re feeling so good, and ironically that is the vibration that will manifest it on the physical level!  Because you won’t have resistance about it not happening, and you’ll be feeling good about it happening  🙂

I’m expecting a postcard from London…  (which is near where I’m at currently  lol)




Attracting Someone Specific using the Law of Attraction

Attracting Someone Specific using the Law of Attraction

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I want to ask about attracting someone specific using the Law of Attraction.  I read your article on how you really wanted the Jaguar and got it!  Amazing.. anyways I really hope you can help me because I think its fate that I have this opportunity to seek advise from you.. I really like this young man and I know he is the one for me but he has not shown much interest back yet.. although I know deep down we are going to be spending the rest of our lives together can you please help me or guide me how to use the Law of Attraction to manifest my dream to be together with him forever.thanks very much.. I would really appreciate it if you could help me….


When having a scenario of attracting someone specific, you focus on what it would feel like to be with this person. How does it feel? What are the qualities? And you think, you visualise and FEEL from that place. You FEEL excitement.

I know you feel this is ‘The One’. There are many ‘Ones’. The Universe (God, or whatever you want to call it) is abundant – including this one that you have found.

Let go that it has to be this one in that you are allowing this one – or any other that feels and has qualities at least as good to be in your life.  By you ‘forcing’ this particular person, it could push against it. The way you know is how you feel.

The Universe is not scarce or limited. It will provide you everything you want. But it will find the best ‘form’ of the essence that you are offering – it can be this person or another but it will reflect back how you feel. If you feel wonderful, in love, looking ahead to a wonderful future, having all the things that you think about and more, it will reflect that back.

Just focus on what feels good. If things appear not to be ‘going to plan’, let go of thinking of this particular person and let it come to you in the best way. If you believe in God, the Universe or anything else, it’s all the same thing – have faith in the bigger picture, and stay feeling from a wonderful place so what you want can find its way to you.

I m so happy that you replied to me.. you are absolutely right.. i will focus on the qualities and not the one person…. the right personcould be him but its the qualities that i m so drawn to and i know, i know like I know he is coming soon into my life…may god bless u always.


You could be fixated on this guy, and not know how he is about marriage, but there might have been another guy standing right next to you who is at least as ‘perfect’ for you and is ready and willing and wanting to be with you but you never saw him because you were looking at this other guy.

So focus on what you want to feel and experience and let the form take care of itself – it can happen in the most wonderful and magical of ways.

And also take it as a sign that the fact that you’ve experienced something tells you that you are thinking/feeling in a good way and are on your way.

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“Attracting Someone Specific using the Law of Attraction” Hemal Radia copyright 2008

(Eating disorder and) Loving oneself

I’ve had this eating disorder for like a year or a little bit more and I’ve always been a very negative person.
I’m taking antidepressives and all that stuff.
always thinking things like: if I eat this I’ll get fat, or if I
already ate something that I wasn’t supposed to eat, then I’ll get
very depressed and mad and I’m only thinking: Oh my god why did I eat
that? Now I’m going to be fat forever, I’ll never be thin, I’m a
complete failure.. etc.
I’m so tired of thinking this way and I really want to recover and end this suffering forever.

Again, thank you and best wishes…

– Michelle

Ok, ask yourself what it means to you if you were fat? You’d be ‘ugly’?
‘unattractive’? ‘unlovable’? Ask yourself what it would mean. Do you
think some people wouldn’t like you in the same way?
The eating (the behaviour) is a symptom about how you feel about something.

Ask yourself, how do you feel about yourself? 
that if you don’t totally love yourself (and many people don’t lol) you
will always be doing things to make up for that through your actions
and to have other’s affections
, and people may still not like you. You
could be the most beautiful woman in the world but if you don’t love
yourself, people will feel that on a deeper level
If you love
yourself, you will attract people into your life that match that
. And
even if there are people that don’t like you, it won’t matter to you
because you will have the most important connection in the world, with
. And from that connection you will inspire others and they
will love being around you
, because you love yourself, and they love
learning to love themselves too

Your outward beauty is an
expression of who you are on the inside. If you don’t love what’s
inside you’ll be working very hard on the outside to ‘make up for it’ 🙂

know when someone has a baby or a pet? You know what it’s like and the
love there? They love the baby and the pet pretty much unconditionally.
Don’t beat yourself up, get used to liking things about yourself, start
gently, and you’ll find there is more to appreciate. That’s how love
works, sometimes it happens all at once, or sometimes you find
something you like about someone, and as you think about it you find
more and more things you love, and so on

Ok, something to think about  🙂


Hey thank you so much…
you are totally right… I’m so glad I messaged u
thanks … I’ll work on it…

– Michelle



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10 Thoughts on Abundance

  1. The Universe is TOTALLY abundant, it is a willing and waiting canvas for your desires.  It is so abundant and so unconditional and there is such freedom that it will even allow you to have an abundance of scarcity if that’s what you choose to resonate with.  The Universe is abundant, scarcity and ‘limit’ are man-made concepts
  2. Realise that abundance is much more than money.  If you think of it only as money you are only thinking of some of the possibilities.  Abundance finds itself to you via the path of least resistance.  Be open in your expectations and let the universe deal with the ‘how’ and how it gets to you.
  3. Abundance is attained by tuning in to what you have (than what you don’t), no matter how big or small, and more of the same is attracted, and it grows and grows.  You’re letting the universe reveal the abundance to you that’s here, you start by knowing that it’s here (practicing the thoughts and vibration that you know it)
  4. It’s not about quantity, you focus on the quality of your essence, your thoughts and feelings, and the Universe matches it in terms of the quantity, the numbers and ‘the how’.  It will pay more attention to your vibration rather than the number you keep visualising.  It will be about your vibration ABOUT the numbers than the numbers themselves
  5. The Universe can provide you with limitless abundance in all areas, it IS abundant, how much of that are you bringing in through your beliefs and what are you willing to see?  What are you ‘allowing’, what are you letting in via your expectations?
  6. Remember that what you want is always hereAll you’re doing is turning the unseen into the seenEverything you want is around you.  When you think it’s not and you are trying to attract something that’s ‘not here’ you can be creating a separation in your mind between you and what you want, there is no separation, there is only connectedness in this universe.

    Know that you are as magical as the universe is as you are a part of it, you are like the drop that is in the larger ocean that is the ‘universe’.  And the universe isn’t bringing something that isn’t ‘here’, it's only 'not here' in your conscious physical perspective, everything and all possibilities exist here and now and you are connected through your thought and vibration.  From the universe's perspective time and space do not exist the way that you perceive them from your conscious physical perspective, in its perspective there is the here and now and all possibilities exist there.  You are connected to everything you want, and even all the things you will want that you don’t yet know you will want

  7. Do you worry about breathing quickly so you don’t run
    out of air?  That’s sometimes the case with people and money or other items.
    They hoard and store it ‘just in case’.  What does ‘just in case’
    imply?  It implies a vibration of something that might happen that you
    don’t want; this might not help your energy  flow.  What happens when
    you don’t let blood flow?  It clots.  What happens when you don’t let
    things flow in life?  Resistance can build (depending on your vibration
    about it – you will know by how you feel, if you feel good then that’s
    fine).  Do what feels good, let your feelings be your guide to what to ‘do’.
    Just like when you have a piece of fruit compared to something else
    which is not supposed to be good for you, you can ‘feel’ which is
    better for you, oftentimes we don’t trust or pay attention to it due to
    other noise we have going on.  The answers are and always have been here

  8. The Universe is constantly expanding, that’s what you are here to do, to expand, grow, and the universe expands THROUGH you. The universe WANTS you to expand, to go for more things, so it can expand too.  It's a win-win, that's a concept the universe works on.  Scarcity leads to win-lose relationships, abundance leads to win-win relationships.  Scarcity is 'How big a piece of the pie can I get'.  Abundance is 'In our coming together how big do we want to make the pie so we all get big pieces'

    There is never-ending expansion and growth, NEVER-ENDING.  That’s why no matter what you have there will always be more, and it’s about the process and the joy of the journey, it’s the joy and energy you flow through your journey, what challenges you experience and what goals and desires you determine as a result.  The ‘challenges’ are what help you define what you want and be clear, and then your focus must be on what you want than on what you don’t

  9. You don’t have to look at what’s (or what’s not) in your bank account to have beliefs about abundance in your life.  Use your imagination.  Realise the things you DO have in your life, whether it be the smile you got from a stranger today or the fact there was a beautiful sunrise.  It’s really about what choices you make about how you feel about things, rather than the things themselves.  The universe hears your vibration and matches that signal
  10. Remember it’s not just about money and wealth.  The Universe can provide you limitless answers to questions.  The planet currently is asking quite a few questions, whether it be about the environment or otherwise.  The planet (i.e. the people on it in this example) is getting clarity about what it wants and what it doesn’t, and the desire and motivation is building for it.  Every time someone does something ‘not-green’, that adds to the clarity and desire.  But it is not lined up to the solution.  There are an abundance of answers and solutions that reveal themselves in lining up to them by ‘being’ and focusing on what you want (the solution), rather than the problem.  The ‘problem’ helps define and get clarity and desire, lining up with and 'being' from the solution allows it to come into the physical whether as an idea or inspiration or as an actual physical manifestation

You Always get what you Ask for

A few thoughts for stimulation,

  • Everything that you have Asked for is ready and waiting for you and ‘all’ you have to do is let it in.  Through your decisions and preferences you have already (vibrationally) stated what you want, the universe has heard you, just need to let it in by getting yourself to a feeling place in line with what you want so that you are a vibrational match and it can enter your life.  ‘I don’t want to be broke’ stimulates desire and preferences, you need to line up with ‘I have money, lots of it, it flows easily to me, the universe is abundant’ etc to resonate with that reality

  • The universe is a vibrational one, it does not make exceptions for you, it doesn’t not give you what you want just because it’s you  lol, you can manifest what you want as much as anyone else can.  But what if others want ‘the same thing’?  You have to remember it is an abundant universe and has the resources to give you what you want and everyone else what they want and more.  It can bake more than enough pies for all.

For everyone that wants to be a singer, an audience is waiting.  For
everyone that wants to write a book, readers are waiting.  For everyone
that wants to fall in love, there is someone waiting to fall in love
with them.  For everyone that has a desire for a business, there are
customers waiting.  It’s the moulding of the thought and intention that
gets you to that place where you have manifested it on a physical level.

The way to get from the initial intention to being in front of the
audience or the lover or customers is through moulding and working with
the energy and expecting and seeing yourself with it, it’s lining up
your thoughts and feelings with it

  • Know that when you are Asking, and have a desire, what you want is already out there, all possible realities exist

  • The universe does not take part in contests for first, second etc – that’s a scarcity model where only so many can have what they want, the universe deals in abundance where everyone can have what they want, for they are all part of the universe and it lives through everyone

Contests and ‘competitions’ are human concepts and often based on external recognition (i.e. recognition from others), they can stimulate contrast, preferences and desire in the individual – everything serves a useful purpose.  But your most important connection is with yourself and your emotional guidance, not with others, who also have their own guidance.  You following your guidance is more powerful than working with the rest of the world, as your actions and intentions will be from a higher guidance and will consequently inspire the rest of the world through your own connection anyway

The universe does not deal in external recognition (other than your requests and preferences as a result of it), it deals with you being self referential, you being lined up, you being in connection with your Spirit (or God or Universe or You, etc).  It will give you whatever you want, based on your vibration and essences and emotions, but not in your need of recognition from others, in that case it will give you more of the same, more to need (law of attraction)

  • Focussing on your vibration will inspire you to the actions and the orchestration of the universe

The action level works your body consciousness and allows you to hone and get a precise vibration.  It’s not the action that gets you what you want but the alignment in your vibration, the action element gets you to sharpen your vibration.

When you work on your vibration you cannot not attract what you want, it is Law, and it’s quantum physics, the universe won’t make an exception for you  lol, if you’re a match for it, you’ll receive it, always

  • It’s not the goal or the picture you are visualising, that’s just
    acting as a metaphor, a tool for you to flow the energy and raise your vibration and ‘line up’, there are an
    infinite number of ways the universe can get you what you want
    , it’s
    up to you to let go of the ‘what’ and ‘how’ and allow the universe to work with its intelligence and not yours, no matter how divine you think it is   😉

Its intelligence works on many dimensions and you work WITH IT by lining yourself up vibrationally, the universe loves working through you and with you, it loves expanding and it loves you having goals and desires.  When you feel good your connection with the universe is stronger and stronger, that’s why you may notice more synchronicities around that time.  Feeling good is something you can do within, regardless of what is happening in the world, remember – self referential, not external recognition/referential, you get more of whatever you focus on



Law of Attraction: Oprah interviews Esther Hicks & Abraham

Law of Attraction: Oprah interviews Esther Hicks/Abraham

Oprah interviews Esther of Abraham Hicks about the Law of Attraction

If you’d like to download the interviews of Oprah interviewing Esther (of Abraham Hicks) about the Law of Attraction on her Oprah XM Radio show you can access them below.

For those of you that are new to Law of Attraction or Abraham Hicks. this is especially worth looking into. For those of you with a bit more ‘experience’ there’s enjoyment in listening to Esther and Abraham I’m sure.

If I remember correctly, in the first audio Oprah interviews Esther and in the subsequent ones she speaks to Abraham and asks them various questions, including about what or who is Abraham,  Law of Attraction, 9/11, their involvement with The Secret, and other questions.

You can click on them to listen to them online or, depending on your browser, right click on them and Save Target/Link As

Oprah & Esther/Abraham Hicks about the Law of Attraction 1

Oprah & Esther/Abraham Hicks about the Law of Attraction 2

Oprah & Esther/Abraham Hicks about the Law of Attraction 3


How your Dreams can be so close to you Right Now…

You’ve probably heard me say a few times about following your joy in the moment and how that is the way the Universe (or God or Source or The Stream etc etc) communicates to you.  And how that connects you to it’s infinite power, it’s Infinite Intelligence than you working things out logically and rationally. 

The ANSWERS TO YOUR DREAMS ARE AROUND YOU ALL THE TIME, yet by not following our joy or impulses and thinking our goals or dreams are further away, by not ‘allowing’ them we can find ourselves not paying attention to your guidance, within all of us, the impulses that guide us. 

Before you go to the grocery store the Universe has already determined who you will bump into and meet by the vibration that you are resonating, the Law of Attraction is a manager (it’s the organising principle in the universe) and you will meet what you are a vibrational match to, it has already determined how you might stop off along the way to do something and be delayed by just the right amount to rendezvous with your vibrational matches at the grocery store, and this can be changed by changing your intention and your focus (and thus your vibration).

The answers to your dreams are right around you  as the universe is abundant and infinite, ‘time’ and ‘steps’ and ‘action’ are human/physical concepts.  Logically and rationally you may believe you need to take step 1, then step 2, then maybe step 3 or 4 and so on.  The universe has the big picture, it’s got the map on all levels and more, it orchestrates based on vibration, not on action or steps.  By you following your impulses, by what feels good, by what feels like joy, it can get you to do something that takes you from step 1 to step 70, and then from 71 to 90 and then to 100 because it knows the routes to take – there are an infinite number of routes – it knows the paths of least resistance based on your beliefs, however that may not have formed part of your ‘action plan’ because you were following that as your guidance rather than your emotions.  It’s like you’re looking at it from one dimension, and the universe is seeing everything from a far bigger picture.  Remember as I say, the universe is not an action universe, it’s a vibrational universe.  And your job is to set your vibration and let the universe orchestrate the happenings, and for you to get out of the way of the ‘how’, at least in that it doesn’t affect your vibration.

Let’s look at an example…

Let’s say you’re starting a business and you want to print 10,000 flyers and distribute them to promote it.  But what you don’t know is the person you sit next to on the train has a business and they have over 100,000 clients of which a percentage could do with exactly what you’re offering and for the business owner it would be a value added courtesy on the part of his business to his clients to make the connection.  So on the train you might see him with a unique briefcase which might inspire you to make a comment or start a conversation, just because you’re feeling happy and you want to share and interact, not because you have any other intentions or know anything else on a conscious level, you’re just following the feel-good vibes.  So you start a conversation and he is enjoying it too (he’s a vibrational match remember, EVERYTHING in your experience is, and if you’re feeling good he’s a match to that, and if he wasn’t pleasant your joy is based on your own feelings anyway, your own connection and guidance, not because you need it to from the ‘outside’)

And so as the conversation continues you both find out about each other’s businesses and the mutually beneficial opportunities.  The business owner tells you it’s funny he bumped into you because he’d been looking for ways of adding value for his clientèle.

He also says he has been getting cold calls but they just didn’t ‘feel right’ and in bumping into you and getting to know you he feels more comfortable working with you and you both arrange to meet and discuss it further.

And it turns out that of the 100,000 clients many become long term customers of yours.

Now how would you have ‘planned’ that out?  How could you have done an ‘action plan’ for that?  I’m not saying don’t, because if that’s what you believe in then that’s what you should do (it’s about being aligned with what you believe, but also enabling your beliefs to evolve and be more free and open and ‘allowing’ too), I’m saying don’t discount the power of lining up with the power of the universe.  You don’t have to be in any groups or religions or have to be ‘in’ something, you just have to line up to it, the stream is Infinite.  You being connected to it in your empowerment is more powerful than being with any groups that aren’t connected. You don’t even have to know Law of Attraction or any other concepts or understand anything else, there are no conditions to it other than you think thoughts that feel good and line up with your joy.  Vibration is Universal, it is independent of language.  And there are an infinite number of ways and paths to where you want to go

How do you know the person you next meet won’t know a medicine or a cure for the ‘untreatable’ illness you’ve been diagnosed with, or won’t know someone that knows someone that knows your ‘soulmate’? 

If you have a vibration of something, the physical manifestation of it must take place on some level, it’s Law.  It does require you to put your focus and your dominant attention on that subject to a place where you want it to be, you have to feel FROM it, and then the Universe will orchestrate the events in your life to reflect it.  Your physical reality is a reflection of your inner reality, not the other way around