I read your blog, by the way congratulations on it; it was very helpful for me.
I’m writing to you because I would like to ask you for some advice on how to apply the secret correctly when I feel like the universe isn’t responding.
My situation is the following, I’m from Colombia but I lived in London for 6 years, last April my visa run out so I had to leave the country. Since I came back from London I haven’t found any job, I’m talking about 10 months by now.
To begin this new year, I decided to focus all my energy on going back to London to work, that’s what I really want in my life. I love London!
In January I heard about The Secret so I got the film and I have watched it few times. I have been applying what the people on the video have advised.
My problem is that sometimes I feel like I’m giving up, I try to keep positive all the time but I get so frustrated because I don’t see any changes in my life. I contacted my old employer in London regarding to a job possibility but I haven’t got any answer from him, that’s what makes me so sad.
My question is what can I do while I feel like the universe isn’t responding?

Normally one feels things aren’t happening or ‘the universe isn’t responding’ when:

1 – The desire (for what the person wants) isn’t so strong and the energy isn’t flowing so much, eg when they only have a passing fancy for what they say they want, that doesn’t seem to be the case in your scenario
2 – The person is feeling ‘not good’ (resistance) and that is resisting what energy they are flowing, they are not ‘allowing’ or ‘letting it in’.  The have done the Asking through their desire, but they’re not in vibrational harmony with what they want to let it enter their life.  It’s like someone can ask for money, but then they’re not lined up to it if their thoughts and feelings are on the lack or absence of money

Usually for most people it’s the latter of the two.

By getting yourself to a good feeling place, flowing desire and good feelings about what you want (number 1 above), that will deal with the second one too, because if you are feeling good you are ‘allowing’ what you want into your life and not resisting it through bad feelings.

Also do bear in mind that sometimes once you have lined up vibrationally it can take a moment for things to manifest on the physical level, there can be a ‘buffer of time’, however I would focus on what you want than on time or anything else, because if someone starts thinking about the time element they are taking their attention off what they want (and onto time, which is not something they need to think about, the timing and orchestration is the universe’s job)!  It’s important to focus on what you want and let the universe orchestrate the rest, remember it is abundant, infinite, and is pure potential waiting to manifest.


There are many ways to work on the feeling good, there are many processes around, many of which you might be familiar with, I’ll go through some in a moment.

Something else to bear in mind, when someone is working on a goal or outcome for a period of time and then it doesn’t happen, they sometimes compound any resistance towards the goal with resistance ABOUT not getting the goal.  So not only thoughts about the goal, but thoughts about not having the goal yet and in the time or way they wanted are added to it, and then time and other factors can add resistance to their original thoughts about the goal. 

It’s like someone not attracting money, on a vibrational level there will be resistance, but after a while not only might they have their original resistance but also resistance about not having the money in the time/way they thought/expected, which adds to whatever was there before.  And then the subject can become more uncomfortable, which is not required at all.

The solution is to focus on what you like about the goal, and what
feels good about it, what you want, what you desire, what you
appreciate/love about it, etc.  And then build and build and build on it.  Practice the thought of it happening and via Law of Attraction it will attract more thoughts of the same and the vibration will get stronger.  It will become your dominant thought/vibration on the subject and will draw it’s physical equivalent to you.

So the important thing is not to pressure yourself about it (thus not bringing that into your vibration), but instead focus on how it would be to have what you want.  Remember as a child when you’d play a game and you’d be SO focused on the game that time just flew by?  Yet if you thought about the time and how quickly it was going you perhaps wouldn’t enjoy the game as much?  Play the games of enjoying your Now.  Time is a human concept, not a universe one, the universe (and what you want) will orchestrate itself in the best way regardless of human perceptions, and the fastest way to what you want is through powerful good feelings about what you want, you are then in harmony with the universe and All-That-Is

Do know that your desires are the universe’s desires, the universe is acting THROUGH you, so know that what you want is absolutely fine!  The universe WANTS that for you!  Otherwise it wouldn’t feel good!  It speaks to you through your emotions!  It WANTS you to create what you want.

So you have perhaps built some resistance about the subject as a result of what has or hasn’t happened, so you could say some things to yourself, starting off gently around where you are, and building it –

-Well, I know this maybe hasn’t worked out how I’d have expected or wanted, but I know the universe works in great ways
-I do know that the universe is abundant and infinite, and that it can deliver me what I want
-I’m sure there are so many places in London that would love me to work with them, and places I’d love to work too
-The Universe, or Law of Attraction, is like a Universal Manager, it’s got everyone’s phone numbers and addresses and it can orchestrate everything.  It can match me up with someone who is looking for someone just like me
– There are bound to be people out there looking for someone like me just as much as I’m wanting to be working with them
– I know I bring wonderful qualities, and people would just love to work with me
– I know things can happen magically, I could be led to just the right place or person or website which leads me to what I’m wanting, or they could be led to me, or both
(the latter is always the case, it’s always a co-creative vibrational rendezvous)
-I know that it can do all this and more, and the way I do it is by lining up my vibration through my emotions and feelings
-I know that if I get excited about what I want, it’s coming to me, it’s getting closer and closer and it’ll manifest on the physical, and maybe even surprise me as I won’t be thinking about it because I’ll be so busy feeling good and in the present moment

Now ask yourself, when you’re in London….

-Where would you be staying?  What would it be like? 
-What sort of work will you be working?  What would you be doing?
-How would it be to see the friends you have in London?  And the friends you’ll make?  What will it be like?
-What other things might happen that you haven’t even thought about, all those wonderful things you’ll experience which you don’t yet even know you will?
-And how will it be to living the life in London, and with all that visa thing in the past because you know you’ve got it and it’s all secure and safe and you know you’re in London?
-Now imagine that for a while, imagine your life in London, doing the things you do, with the people you’re with, the places, (the weather!), and everything else, allow yourself to daydream about it and allow your thoughts to wander, about your life in London.

Allow yourself to get very very excited, let the wave of that emotion carry you, compel you, inspire you.  Let it compel the actions you take, which will be as a consequence of how you feel, how unstoppable the momentum is.

It can initially start as a trickle and you don’t have to force it, each thought will attract more of the same if you keep your attention on it.  It’s like when you daydream and the thoughts attract more and more thoughts, it’s so easy as it’s a natural process, and it’s easy because it feels so good and you love to think about things that feel so good.

As you think and feel the thoughts more and more, by virtue of Law of Attraction, they will attract more thoughts and feelings of the same, and they build and build and build and build, and they manifest on the physical level.  By Law, you attract the vibrational match of your thoughts, and if they’re dominantly on you having been living your life in London….

And remember not to give yourself a hard time about it, the how will it happen, when will it happen, be so fixated on how good it feels (the thoughts you create and feel), and you loving how good it feels.  The paradox is feeling how good it feels such that what happens on the physical level doesn’t matter because you’re feeling so good, and ironically that is the vibration that will manifest it on the physical level!  Because you won’t have resistance about it not happening, and you’ll be feeling good about it happening  🙂

I’m expecting a postcard from London…  (which is near where I’m at currently  lol)




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  • Angel says:

    I read this post… and it is exactly what I am going through right now. My lifelong dream was always to become a runway model, however the issue I have is that i am not even close to being tall enough since I am only 5’2. So i am using the LOA to grow and be 5’9 in order to pursue my life long dream and passion. I am remaining positve.. i have changed my life around as though I am already 5’9, i keep lving and believin that I am 5’9. I just feel that since this is what I want the most of my life, there is now way the universe won’t give it to me. It has to give me what i want… and that is to be tall and walk the catwalk of the victoria secret fashion show in 2010. I keep visualizing and believing… it has yet to happen but i feel and know that its coming to me soon! I keep having the attitude of gratitude because I love everything about myself and my life. Therefore… I know my vibration is aligned and I know what i want is happening.