If you're feeling something uncomfortable, question your thoughts/beliefs around it. In likelihood, there will be a presumption of limitation or scarcity or something in what you are thinking if it feels that way. The more and more you are in tune with 'you' and the Universe, the more elegantly it flows. 'Resistance' is what creates the discord. Alignment and easing into 'who' you are flows easier and easier.

It doesn't necessarily mean that things are always smooth, that's part of the journey and gives you emotion, desire, perspective, for choices you make towards your alignment. It doesn't have to be a perfect journey, but ideally make your response to it as best as you can, that serves and helps you to your alignment.

~ Hemal Radia




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  • Theuns says:

    Hi Hemal
    I am Theuns The Creator or brain child of the “Gratitude” Gameand Friens of Steve Vernon,
    I want to Thant you for all the great promotion work that you done already for us, Steve Info me what you do.
    I love what you say in your post,
    “It doesn’t necessarily mean that things are always smooth”
    I it was Smooth we would not be able to learn any thing from the universe.
    love to Talk to you Soon. 🙂

  • Hemal says:

    Thanks Theuns!
    Look forward to us connecting 🙂