“Hemal Radia’s Quotes” by Fawny Frost

Fawny Frost has taken my quotes which are regularly messaged out to members, and are on a thread in the forum, on the Appreciation Group on Facebook and created an inspiring video with beautiful scenery and lovely music!  She tells me that she herself took ALL the photos that are in this video!

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“Your Dream is Alive” (Quote)

“Whatever your dream, it never died. Your dream has always been alive in your vibration and still is to this day. Your vibration – just like the Universe and the spiritual part of you – always expands, it never contracts. Even when you think you have done something wrong or made a mistake, you have never grown smaller but have expanded, always. You are expanding vibrationally in each moment with the choices and preferences you make in your life.”
~Hemal Radia~

Recipe for the Day

“Recipe for the day: Take one dynamic dream. Add faith and belief. Sprinkle plenty of hope and expectation. Stir together to create a delectable combination. Allow to incubate and grow and serve with inspiration. Can be stored afterwards, just requires regular re-heating (focusing), but will always expand and grow and there will always be more upon re-heating (focusing). Can keep and expand as much as much as you like, it only grows, never grows smaller; there is only expansion and growth. Popular dish; you may find that more around you want what you are having.”
~Hemal Radia~

What you Want Already Exists


“When you visualise what you want, do it because you LOVE the imagery & it FEELS GOOD, not because you are ‘trying’ for something – different vibrations.” by Hemal Radia

That’s a tricky one. Can you say more about it. You say I want to be in a place where I visualise what I want because it just makes me feel good, right?  And what happens next?  Things will start moving towards me?  Thanks for that 🙂

Aviram Kalish


Absolutely, focus on the FEELING because that is the indication of your vibration, and your vibration is what attracts vibrational matches via Law of Attraction.

Oftentimes what happens with people is they think so much of a goal and get so ‘attached’ to it (which on some level can imply on a focusing on the lack of it) and create so much pressure and tension for themselves that they restrict their own flow.  And of course if someone is tense and feeling pressure, that is not as supportive of a fluid attractive vibration as might be the case otherwise.  Whereas when you are in a good feeling place and appreciating and loving your experiences, what you want can’t do anything other than come into your experience, in you being in that wonderful place you are a powerful attractor.

When someone is ‘trying’ for something, by implication their attention tends to be more on the outside on the object itself rather than on themselves.  Instead, it is about you BEING from a certain place which in itself is attractive to you HAVING.

Do you remember a time when you were so lost in the moment and enjoying it so much that you weren’t keeping track of things?  And ironically when you looked around, things were taking care of themselves and what you wanted was happening?  And if it wasn’t, you didn’t really care because you were so in the moment?  This can also be what they call present moment awareness and detachment.

Want what you want so that you flow the energy and allow it to come into your experience, and enjoy your now so that you don’t ‘need’ it and allow your energy to flow (otherwise you are pinching your energy flow).


I am the happiest...


The quickest and easiest way to change your vibration is through your thoughts.  People talk about actions and that is one way.  A quicker and hence more leveraged way is to work with your thoughts and your feelings.  When you use them to change your vibration you are aligning yourself to what you want, and your indication that you are aligning yourself is by HOW YOU FEEL.  That is the communication from the deeper part of you that you are on track, just like a compass is used as a guide.  That is your internal compass, your internal guidance, to everything that you want.  If you feel better, then you are getting closer.  If it feels worse then you are a bit off-track.

So, when you focus on the imagery that feels the best you are most on track and most aligned in your vibration.  Do it because you love doing it for the sake of it rather than because you are trying to have something, because the implication in trying for something is that you are thinking about that thing rather than fully in the moment and enjoying your now as much as you can.  It’s a subtle difference and we do not always have to be perfect at it, life is a continual journey of improvement, growth and expansion.

You are not meant to forsake your goals, your goals are there for a reason.  They are your desires and your stimulants to flow energy.  But you are also not meant to beat yourself over your head with them because if you do that then of course you are feeling worse and that is your indication that you are taking yourself off track.

So you are being stimulated for what you want and your attention is in
your now, present moment awareness and not ‘attached’ to what you want,
you are open to what is on its way and know it will be what is best for
you, and in thinking/feeling that you are opening yourself up to many
possibilities also.

> “And what happens next?  Things will start moving towards me?”




Nothing needs to happen other then you get into alignment with it for it to enter your lifeWhat you want is outside of your door ready to come in.  The moment you had the desire, it was ready, the Universe had what you want all ready for you, starting with it in vibration.  Your job is to get into alignment with it via your vibration so as to let it in.

It’s like the radio station is playing what you have been asking for, it is your job to get into the frequency of it to receive it, ‘that’s all’ you need to do.  And of course, the way to that is by being (and feeling) a vibrational match to what you want and you are in the frequency and then before you know it you will be seeing it in your life.  Take your attention off whether it’s here yet, instead put it on the enjoyment of your process and your journey and when you’re not looking you’ll turn around and realise it’s been there staring you in the face.

Falling star

“Battling with an Ex”

Thanks Hemal for taking the time to respond to my comment, that makes me feel really good 🙂

I have been trying soo hard to be positive and think good thoughts, and i know that we create our own reality but all I am wanting is to be happy and my ex and his entire family are not going to let me be. In fact, it seems that if it’s obvious that I am happy they seem to go out of their way to make me miserable. I just went thru a 2 yr custody battle and won (without an attorney non the less isnt that awesome!!) That was one day i truly felt the power of positive thinking because I went in there and told 100% the truth even though I could no longer afford an attorney and WON!!

But it seems this win has lit a fire under them and now they are trying 10x harder to make things difficult for me. I’m talking EVERY SINGLE DAY there’s either something popping in my inbox from them, prank calls, prank text messages, something coming in the mail, its really getting me down and I’ve even started to gain weight from it all and you know how that is on us women, that is making me even more depressed lol!!

So, I guess what I am asking is, how do I manage to maintain happy and positive in spite of the constant attacks? I certainly don’t think I am bringing this on myself am I? It’s making me miserable and I am already slipping into a depression which is what my ex wants me to do. I fell he just won’t stop until I am destroyed and I know you cant tell from not really knowing me but I am spiraling fast 🙁 Any words of encouragement will be gratefully appreciated.

Thank you again for taking the time to read this and for your lovely daily posts, they mean so much to me, more than you will ever know!!

Much respect,



Hi Shannon,

Firstly, I wrote a post on my blog about a year ago which may resonate with you,
As a Single Parent How do I Handle my Ex?

My sense/hunch is that [by your attention to it] you are getting sucked into a fight so to speak. You are focusing on winning this battle and in doing that your attention is in pushing against them and hence you are attracting more of the same, that is just a sense on my part, but you will know best.

The thing to ask yourself is what are you doing all this for? The answer is probably to do with your child and your life, how would you like things to be?  Focus on the positive essences about that (rather than on a battle – which implies being in a battle and attracting more of the same), the things that are important to you about it, regardless of your ex and his family. Take your attention totally away from them and make it about what YOU want and what feels good to you.

Would you be ok with you getting what you want and them getting what they want? That may not be feasible or possible, I’m just asking the question in terms of would you be at peace with them having what they want? Don’t make this about what they get or what they don’t get, make it about the things that feel good to you and are important to you, regardless of them.

Because if you are having the emotions of a scrap, then regardless of them, if they go away then you will attract someone else to fill that space to match the vibration you are giving out (to have a battle). Make it about the essences that feel good – such as the beautiful life that you will have with your child, the things that you will do etc etc – i.e. make it about YOU and totally about YOUR reality, and then others can be drawn to it that match it.

I think the reason you get down is to do with with your attention on them rather than the attention on you.  And of course when you think about them there are emotions which are unpleasant and suck you in…and you think more about it…and it gets bigger, and so on.  Then you have manifestations such as the things that they are doing. And it may not be easy and of course things like ego and pride may come into it, but allow yourself to step away from that situation. Realise anything in life is about YOU, not about anyone else. As you have focused on them and the things that they have been doing it may have angered you or saddened you and of course it created more attention from you on them and it wasn’t allowing you to let it go out of your life.

The way to do that is to envision a life that you would like to be having when all of this is over and feel it now, thus that things can then orchestrate in line with that.  Put the same emotional emphasis to what you would like than on where you are leaving.  What is dominant in your vibration is what you head towards.

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