How Are You Preventing the Natural Manifestation of What You Want?


People talk so much about ‘creating’ and ‘manifesting’ that it is really about the ‘allowing’ of our spirit, our ‘magic’, which leads to our physical manifestations.

I find myself often mentioning this on the Manifesting Excellence calls (like yesterday) that it is very much the case that what we want already exists and it is about the allowing of it into physical manifestation.  One of the easiest ways to manifest is to ask yourself how are you preventing the natural manifestation of what you want?



You (I presume) don’t have to think twice about the manifestation of your next breath or your next meal or seeing the brilliance of daylight tomorrow. These are all very much embedded (in your beliefs and energy) as part of your world. These are very ‘normal’ to you.

That’s the thing. Many people see their manifestation as something which is ‘beyond’ normal. They almost have to skip their belief system (which believes it is beyond normal to have this thing that they want) than to actually make it feel very ‘normal’ and natural to have what they want.

They see what they want as outside of their beliefs and they go against the current and ‘hope‘ (despite their beliefs) that it will happen.  Do you hope that the sun comes out tomorrow or that you’ll be able to breathe in the next minute?  You don’t need to.  Because you expect it.



What are your beliefs about what you want? Is it meant to be difficult? Rare? Are you going against natural laws of abundance in thinking this? Why would you want to think of what you want as rare or difficult? Why not think of it as natural and something that will naturally come into your life one way or another (let go of the how).



Over the years I have manifested many things and when I’ve gotten what I want the way I’ve done it (and there are many ways of doing it) is by working on my beliefs (frequent thoughts) and having what I want to be very familiar and natural – in fact so familiar and natural that I pretty much don’t even have to think about it (aha, that ‘letting go’ phenomenon!)


How are you thinking about YOUR goals?  How do they feel to you?
How have you manifested some of the things that you have manifested?
Share your thoughts below!


Hemal Radia is the author of “Find You & You Find Everything: The Secrets to the Law of Attraction” as well as a ‘super’ coach/mentor and speaker.

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Sometimes it is just about Giving Yourself Space


It can be easy at times to forget how breathtakingly amazing you are…

There are times when you may have confusion and much and many pulling at you.  Remember to give yourself some space.  You are of little value to yourself or others if you are out of your groove.

It is about getting yourself away from the things that are taking you out of your flow so that you can stabilise yourself, and ground yourself, and build a platform to grow from.

If you have read my Find You & You Find Everything: The Secrets to the Law Attraction book you will know that your divine nature and your ‘godliness’ is a natural aspect of you, other than when you resist it and take yourself out of your flow.

Negative emotions, doubting yourself, perceiving yourself with low self-esteem, self-chatter about what is wrong and other behaviours like those are how you resist your divinity.  If you take all that ‘stuff’ out of it, magic happens.

Whether it be about doing something different, distracting yourself, making a list and working through it – whatever it is, step away from it.  Create the space so that you can get into your flow.


It is not that you have to ‘create’ your flow, it’s just that you have to ‘allow’ it.


It’s like when you go down a slide at the playground.  You don’t have to create a slide.  You just have to reduce the resistance so you can allow something that is natural to happen.

This is the same with your flow and the manifestations you are wanting.  When you think what you do you naturally ‘allow’ that which is already yours…

You have mind blowing capabilities beyond your wildest dreams.  Allow them…


Hemal Radia is the author of “Find You & You Find Everything: The Secrets to the Law of Attraction” as well as a ‘super’ coach/mentor and speaker.

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You are Amazing


What You Want Happens When You Live Your Now


Too often people complain that Law of Attraction doesn’t work or that they are not able to manifest what they want.

When I ask them some questions it quickly becomes apparent that they are wanting something that they are not energetically lined up to.

When you think about what you are wanting, are you describing it as “over there” whilst wanting it and not thinking of it as “over here”?  There is an implication in your definition of it that it is not here and it is “over there”; this is reflected energetically which perpetuates the gap between you and what you want.


When you are in your flow, in your groove, in ‘alignment’, you don’t think of it as being “over there”.  There is no sense of gap and oftentimes you are so in your groove there is only a sense of here and now – you are the centre point of the Universe from your perspective.


Think about the time when you totally loved someone.  Whether they were in your life at that moment or not, think about that time when you had a whole-body experience in feeling the emotions and so much love and appreciation for this person.  Notice how you are so full of emotion that it was timeless and space less – there is only the here and the now.

The ‘gap’ of something being “over there” often appears when someone isn’t fully happy about what is “over here”.  They are not fully at peace with the way things are or how their present is.

Make peace with the present.  This is a way of closing the gap energetically.


When you are truly in your flow and BEING from where you want to be, energetically, paradoxically you actually aren’t thinking about your goal (not from a ‘lackful’ perspective anyway), you are too busy enjoying your present.


You will know this from your own experiences.  It almost like when you don’t ‘care’ about the outcome (it’s not that you don’t care, you do value it, it’s actually that you have less anxiety and negative emotions – ‘heaviness’ – connected to it, it feels lighter), you are too busy living your now, and ironically you are the most attractive to what you want at that point anyway.

What experiences do you have with this?
What examples do you have on when you have ‘let go’ and found yourself very attractive to the things that you have been wanting?

Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.


Hemal Radia is the author of “Find You & You Find Everything: The Secrets to the Law of Attraction” as well as a ‘super’ coach/mentor and speaker.

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Sowing the seeds for what you want

Do You Ever Find Yourself Out of ‘Synch’ With Yourself?


Do you ever find yourself out of ‘synch’ with yourself? Do you find yourself sometimes pulled in different directions, perhaps having mixed emotions about the same thing, or not quite sure what is important to you?

On yesterday’s Manifesting Excellence call (the audio of which is accessible in the archives there) I talked about why this could be happening and what to do about it.  I will share some of the aspects of it here and if you’d like more of the context around it you can access the call.



You are a collection of thoughts, emotions, beliefs (collections of thoughts), identity (more collections of thoughts!) and so much more.


In our lives we ‘choose’ (even if it is unconsciously) all sorts of thoughts, emotions and behaviours to fulfil intentions (even if at the time the intention is unconscious and outside of our awareness).


For example someone growing up early in life in an uncomfortable situation with their parents or siblings, or someone later in life in an unhealthy relationship situation, may choose to have ‘anger’ as a protective mechanism.

However what happens later in time when they are out of the early family dynamic or the relationship situation and the anger is no longer needed?  What if they are then around friends or a new relationship and this anger manifests itself in an unhealthy way?

This is what I talked about yesterday – that behaviours, thoughts and emotions we have can become outdated and out of context and then become not only unhelpful but can potentially also be counter-productive.



All behaviours, thoughts and emotions we choose are with an intention in mind, even an unconscious one (I shared on the call yesterday, and more next week, on how to access this).  Over time the context or situation may change and the thoughts, behaviours and emotions that we believed once served us may not be necessary any more – in fact they can be counter-productive.

This applies behaviourally and also when someone is looking to manifest what they want.  If you are having thoughts of your past or anxieties about losing your job or that your partner is not being loyal or money worries or concerns about your health condition, in likelihood it is counter-productive to positive outcomes you may be wanting.

Realise that everything has a behavioural (or thought or emotion etc) side to it and an intention.  A behavior taken on at one point for an intention may get separated from the original intention or the behaviour may not serve that intention any more, like the examples mentioned above.

Another example is someone who eats chocolate (behaviour) because it makes them value and feel good about themselves (intention).  But time goes by and as a result (in a simplistic model of this, putting aside any other contributing factors) they are now gaining weight and looking very different and the behaviour (eating chocolate) is now incongruent with the intention (feeling good about themselves/valuing themselves).

It is the same on a thought level.  The reason you have not (yet) manifested what you want is you have thoughts, consciously and unconsciously, which are incongruous with where you want to be.


What thoughts, behaviours and emotions do you currently have that do not support you?
What was the original intention when you took them on? 
And where are you now heading (intentions about your present or future)?

Share your thoughts and questions in the comments below.


If you’d like to know more about this and access yesterday’s call you can download the audio of it by clicking here to access Manifesting Excellence.


Alignment and Congruency

Are You a People Pleaser?


Are you a people pleaser?

Do you find yourself taken off your own path and busy trying to keep other people happy?  Do you find that when you start something you want others to value it too?

On yesterday’s Manifesting Excellence call I answered a question which many will resonate with (paraphrased for confidentiality):

“Why do I feel so afraid to follow my own path?  I’m trying, but I start feeling guilty about everyone else.  I want people to like what i like and then get down when they don’t.  Then I start thinking I should change something to make them like what I’m doing.”  (excerpted)


Does any of this resonate with you?  Do you find yourself out of your flow or “up and down” because of others?

Here are some questions to ask yourself to look into this:

1 – What emotions come up for you if you don’t do what will please others?

Identify which emotions are you ‘attaching’ to this dynamic with this person.  The first step is awareness, after that you can do something about it.

For some people it could be emotions, for example, around abandonment or survival.  These can be strong in ‘attaching’ them to others.  You want to be around others from the natural expression of your own spirit and empowerment, not from a place of ”need’ or validation.


2 – What would happen if this person wasn’t in your life?

What would you feel?  What would be missing?  This is not for someone to not be in your life, but for you to be aware of the emotions you have attached to this dynamic which are taking up space and energy from what you want.

In having awareness of this you can release these emotions and have space for the relationship with this person that you DO want – that is if you choose to have anything to do with them and if it is healthy for you to do so.


3 – What would happen (or not happen) or what would you feel if you followed your path?

Do you need any validation or confirmation from others about what you do?
What would happen or not happen if you didn’t get this validation or approval from others?
How would you feel about it?  How does it make you feel about yourself?  What thoughts come up for you?
What if others are against what you do?  How does it make you feel?  What emotions come up in you?


What experiences have you had or are you having in relation to others?
What have you found has worked for you in dealing with it?

Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.


If you’d like to access the audio of the call yesterday where I answered this in detail you can access it at Manifesting Excellence.


Cockatoos and Macaw

When it Gets Hard to Trust Yourself or Know What’s Right


There are times in life when a lot has happened, or is happening, and we don’t know what to do.

It can be very ‘noisy’, whether with your own thoughts or with the noise from other’s opinions.

In this post I will share a couple of steps you can take in addressing this and getting more in tune with yourself.


1 – Quieten the Noise as Best as you Can.

Identify what your internal ‘noise’ is about if you can. What specifically are your fears, anxieties, expectations?  Sooth them.

If it’s about other’s opinions then the same here, why do their opinions matter to you?  What ‘hold’ do they have over you?  Loosen (and then remove) your perspective on that hold.

Step into your power and what you want.  Take the other person (or people) out of the equation.  It could be a parent, a partner, an ex-partner you have a child with – anyone, do not make them a reason for taking yourself out of your power, your divinity.


Your divnity never foresakes you. But you foresake it based on your beliefs and perspectives about yourself and your life.


If you feel you are in a helpless and hopeless situation you will see the helplessness and hopelessness in the situations around you and not the possibilities.  The possibilities present themselves when you change your state of consciousness.

Oftentimes we are not conscious of what is making us feel that way, but there are ALWAYS reasons for why we feel the way we do, and we do not have to feel that way (if you would like more on this, consider joining Manifesting Excellence or working one-to-one).

You will give up your power because you will believe that the situation is bigger than you are – it’s not.


2 – Reconnect to What you Want and Who You Are

When we get ourselves out of our flow it is usually because we are focusing on what we don’t want or what we fear.

Fears, anxieties and other negative emotions distort our natural intuition and instincts (including the solutions we require) as well as our sense of who we are and what is important to us (That’s why sometimes we make bad decisions when we are out of our flow – decisions are commensurate with our state at the time).

What is it you want?
How would you like things to be?
How will you know when you have them?
Get as specific and clear as you can.

Who are you?
What do you believe in?
What is important to you?


There is no situation in your life that is bigger than you are. Have you forgotten that you are the divine expressed in physical form?  What can be more powerful than that?

Step into and realise that.  Do not make something else outside of you bigger and scarier than you.  That is you creating projections – like the big shadows you would see when you were a child and would scare you.

Instead, step inwards to your own power…
To what you love…
To who you are…
To what you believe in…
Your values…
To the things that matter to you most…
The life that you want to have…
How would you like it to be? 
Why does this matter to you so much?  Step into it.  Take the steps now in making this happen…


Have you noticed that all the solutions above take you closer to your heart and spirit, and everything else – such as fears – take you further away from it?

Share any thoughts or comments on this below.


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How Much are You Using Your Intuition?


How much do you use your intuition?

Those on Manifesting Excellence will know I talk about this, particularly when it comes to manifesting and using the Law of Attraction as well as in everyday life.

You using your intuition is a natural and inherent part of you…not using it is like choosing not to use a hand of yours – it is a natural part of you.

Some people don’t fully trust theirs and others don’t believe they are intuitive or that it isn’t there.  This would be like you not believing that you have a right arm – you wouldn’t use it if you believed that you didn’t have it!


What are your thoughts and beliefs about your intuition?
What experiences have you had in using your intuition?
How would you encourage others who want to use theirs?

Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.


Intuition candle


Want to Stop Battling Yourself and Feel Like You’re Floating on a Cloud?

This Saturday on the Manifesting Excellence call/audio I will be talking about how to get into deep communication with yourself.

We have various aspects within ourselves at any time – aspects which have desires and which can as a consequence get into conflict with each other.

On this Saturday’s call/audio we will be talking about identifying the different aspects within yourself, whether in one area of your life or in your life as a whole.

For most people a lot of this communication is unconscious and outside of their awareness.  Their mind is communicating to them all the time and they are not aware of it.  And oftentimes it is also unconsciously through their body via various sensations.

Wouldn’t it be powerful to get in touch with this communication within yourself – harnessing your conscious and unconscious – to have it oriented towards what you desire?

Most people have many aspects operating within themselves at any time.  It could be self-chatter about what has happened, internal conflicts, anxieties about the future, dislikes, preferences, and and many other thoughts.

These all take up focus (including unconscious focus) and energy – energy away from what they want.  This is why people often do not get what they want.  Their energy is “all over the place” and they do not know this because it is a state they have been doing for so long that they are so accustomed to it!

The thing to do is to identify these aspects and have them work in collaboration, synergy, and even potentially integration with each other.

When people do this with themselves they feel their energies align, their bodies become lighter and “come alive” (as well as the chemical benefits their bodies experience) – the “coming alive” feeling occurs because the aspects of themselves are no longer resisting each other and their “life-energy” can flow through them. 

They are in synergy and alignment, there is no longer friction – which means more energy to take action with, as well as finding more synchronicities and manifestations occur.

Join us this Saturday (or on the audio of it afterwards) by trying out Manifesting Excellence.






Separating Yourself from Something in Order to Solve Your Situation

Sometimes we can be so absorbed in something that we don’t even realise that it is consuming us – it could be anger, sadness, fear, guilt, low self-esteem, a situation – anything that is keeping our energy and us away from who we naturally are.

It is about creating a separation and dissociation from those concepts, some distance, so we can find ourselves and move away from them.


When you create space between you and something unhealthy and toxic you get to redefine yourself, rather than incorporating the unhealthy aspect in the definition of yourself. Create the space, define yourself in new ways taking you forward in healthy and amazing ways.


The first step is the realisation and awareness of something so as to create that separation. Often we don’t know what to create separation from because we don’t realise it is affecting us – we can be too ‘in’ the problem.

Identify the edges – the boundaries – separate yourself from the issue, rather than the two blurring into one.  It’s like having a foreign entity in you and changing yourself to it (in an unhealthy way in this example, as if it was empowering then no need to change it at this time) and no longer realising the separation and difference between you and it.

That is where interacting with others, including if working with someone, can help as we get to be aware of any aspects like this, identify the boundaries, and shine the light on them. We get the awareness and realisation of them as well as the resources to step further into our light.

All great work with ourselves is by shifting our perspectives to allow our light – which is what we truly are, letting the illusions go, and shining our light…


Solving your problems