There are times in life when a lot has happened, or is happening, and we don’t know what to do.

It can be very ‘noisy’, whether with your own thoughts or with the noise from other’s opinions.

In this post I will share a couple of steps you can take in addressing this and getting more in tune with yourself.


1 – Quieten the Noise as Best as you Can.

Identify what your internal ‘noise’ is about if you can. What specifically are your fears, anxieties, expectations?  Sooth them.

If it’s about other’s opinions then the same here, why do their opinions matter to you?  What ‘hold’ do they have over you?  Loosen (and then remove) your perspective on that hold.

Step into your power and what you want.  Take the other person (or people) out of the equation.  It could be a parent, a partner, an ex-partner you have a child with – anyone, do not make them a reason for taking yourself out of your power, your divinity.


Your divnity never foresakes you. But you foresake it based on your beliefs and perspectives about yourself and your life.


If you feel you are in a helpless and hopeless situation you will see the helplessness and hopelessness in the situations around you and not the possibilities.  The possibilities present themselves when you change your state of consciousness.

Oftentimes we are not conscious of what is making us feel that way, but there are ALWAYS reasons for why we feel the way we do, and we do not have to feel that way (if you would like more on this, consider joining Manifesting Excellence or working one-to-one).

You will give up your power because you will believe that the situation is bigger than you are – it’s not.


2 – Reconnect to What you Want and Who You Are

When we get ourselves out of our flow it is usually because we are focusing on what we don’t want or what we fear.

Fears, anxieties and other negative emotions distort our natural intuition and instincts (including the solutions we require) as well as our sense of who we are and what is important to us (That’s why sometimes we make bad decisions when we are out of our flow – decisions are commensurate with our state at the time).

What is it you want?
How would you like things to be?
How will you know when you have them?
Get as specific and clear as you can.

Who are you?
What do you believe in?
What is important to you?


There is no situation in your life that is bigger than you are. Have you forgotten that you are the divine expressed in physical form?  What can be more powerful than that?

Step into and realise that.  Do not make something else outside of you bigger and scarier than you.  That is you creating projections – like the big shadows you would see when you were a child and would scare you.

Instead, step inwards to your own power…
To what you love…
To who you are…
To what you believe in…
Your values…
To the things that matter to you most…
The life that you want to have…
How would you like it to be? 
Why does this matter to you so much?  Step into it.  Take the steps now in making this happen…


Have you noticed that all the solutions above take you closer to your heart and spirit, and everything else – such as fears – take you further away from it?

Share any thoughts or comments on this below.


1072462_71375635 - vector heart illustration





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  • Janice says:

    Lovely post, sometimes we need to be reminded that fear holds us back from everything. Thank yopu for sharing 🙂

  • Hi Hemal!

    I love this: Reconnect to What you Want and Who You Are. I took a week off & went on vacation by myself just to do this. Get away from all the noise & everybody else & reconnect with my own self & my own voice.

    Great advice! 🙂

  • Marla says:

    the heart image is very beautiful, Hemal. I seek connection, closeness, spontaneity, true feeling
    emoting. I am STRONG. I am LOVE. Bless you, Hemal.

  • Hemal Radia says:

    Thank you, Marla!

    That is very beautiful what you wrote. Yes you absolutely ARE! Thank you 🙂

  • Aakash says:

    As usual Hemal Sir…..excellent post……….:)

  • Kate says:

    Great post, Hemal. Turning within is where the peace resides, I suppose the chaos too, lol

    • Hemal Radia says:

      Lol, Kate!

      Even when within and when we have chaos, there are probably aspects which we CAN turn to, whether it be love for our partner, children, pets or whatever else….look/feel towards that which is stable and to our core (besides working through anything, if possible), that at least can give a compass and a direction to head towards.

      Thank you 🙂

  • Maria Kirleu says:

    Thanks for sharing. Your posts of guidance and encouragement seem to arrive with perfect timing to nudge me back on the path to my “wiser self”.

  • Chuck says:

    Those hit the nail into the coffin! or so to say….. i have used those 2 so much in past year or more.

    Silence they say is answer to every problem. I find it sooo true. In the beginning it felt so stupid to believe Silence is the answer but i am SOOO sold on it now 🙂

    Doing what i really want and love was also something in the past i muddled with other judgements and tried to drive to get external things by changing my internal and now I STOPPED doing that and everything seem to fall into place.
    thx for your post.

    • Hemal Radia says:

      Yes Chuck, the two go hand in hand also, thanks.

      Sometimes silence can seem ‘passive’, but it’s actually realising that silence – or more-so ‘allowing’ – is the most powerful thing you can do because it’s allowing your spirit, who you are, which is everything there is. So whilst ‘silence’ can seem like nothing, it can be everything lol. I’ll just add a caveat that it doesn’t have to be silence or meditation, there are other ways to ones allowing, such as distraction, fun techniques/processes etc and it’s more about ‘allowing’ your spirit, your instincts, your intuition etc.

      That’s great, thanks for sharing!